Switched from Fortnite to PUBG - Battlegrounds

Goodbye Fortnite.

Hello PUBG - Battlegrounds.

it is much harder and a lot less fun but it’s exactly what i wanted.

i wanted a more realistic game.

in Fortnite you can ride a T-rex while wielding a Jedi Light Saber, jump a few hundred feet at a time using any number of mobility items and augments, drive a car underwater, dodge bullets and with 90% of weapons you can be shot in the face point blank and not die.

in PUBG if the enemy sees you first you’re dead. period. they put one bullet in your skull and your game is over.

the reason Fortnite is so popular is because people play games to have FUN and Fortnite is FUN to play. but it is RETARDED.

not that it doesn’t take skill to win - it does. but this skill is NOT TRANSFERABLE to any other game, let alone real world.

i wouldn’t call PUBG “fun” but it is reasonably interesting and everything behaves a lot more like in the real world.

it is still not realistic of course. you can still heal using bandages etc. in a matter of maybe a minute or so, but it is a game, after all.

PUBG makes an ATTEMPT at SOME realism whereas Fortnite makes NONE.

that doesn’t mean Fortnite is a bad game - it is an EXCELLENT game, but it is simply not what i wanted.

i wanted a game that is as realistic as possible while still being enjoyable. PUBG is that.

Fortnite is a game that is as fun as possible … while not being realistic in any way shape or form.

Fortnite is for people who are 100% certain that they will never have to use a real gun in their life. Given the state of affairs with White Genocide and so on - i am not sure anybody can be that certain.