Suspended from Twitter - 7 days

i commented on this photo:


and said the version on the right looks like a “filthy skank”

that’s it. that’s what netted me 7 day suspension.

welcome to new twitter - same as old twitter.

we are still required to pedestalize hoes.

MIND YOU this photo wasn’t on a woman’s profile - but rather a PUA posted it to alert fellow PUAs of dangers of women disguising themselves behind makeup.

Twitter has no problem with PUAs but it will absolutely not allow any attempts to tame women and stop them from WHORING.

so this is my second suspension already.

first one was for 12 hours and it was when i said that when Trannies grow up and realize they will never have a family “it’s time to kill themselves” …

i didn’t actually suggest anybody should kill themselves but rather that it was simply inevitable …

no matter. Elon’s Twitter is as woke as ever.

between these two suspensions i literally see no difference between new twitter and old.

anyway write your questions for me. i will have some extra time to answer them the next 6 days and 22 hours LOL.

of course we don’t know what they actually suspended me for

i tweeted a lot about Jews … like A LOT

they are probably just pretending this is about the “filthy skank” tweet.