Supplementing Vitamins and Minerals

I would be curious to see what the current opinion is on this. I remember some Twitter threads back in the pre-covid era where you had expressed doubts about supplements and that they may be harmful. On the other hand, you also stated that you used them for long periods.

My own experience is mixed, though I actually still use them intermittently because I had some troubles when using them daily.

Just take fish oil, a good multivitamin without iron, and supplemental vitamin D. Unless you live somewhere sunny and go outside you are probably low on vitamin D.

depends on quality of diet and quality of supplements.

using cheap supplements on a perfect diet would be like putting bumper stickers on a brand new Lambo.

but if you’re driving a 1960s rusted out VW bus then it better have some art on it like this:

and likewise if your diet is shit it will benefit from even mediocre quality supplements.

most fad diets such as a Vegan diet will be deficient and require supplementation.

Carnivore diet will also require supplementation if it doesn’t include organ meats.

Even when a diet is otherwise good the quality of foods may make it deficient … low quality foods can easily have 1/10th the nutrient content of same exact foods but of higher quality.

For example meats will often have too much Omega 6 and too little Omega 3 simply due to the animal being grain fed. And many crops will be low in minerals due to soil depletion and over-farming.

If you can do a blood test to screen for various deficiencies that would be great. If you’re deficient in an X nutrient then it’s a no-brainer - take a supplement for it.

My advice is do a blood test / fix your diet first. Then supplement what you’re deficient in. Try not to rely on multi-vitamins too much. If you want to use a multi-vitamin use only the best and take less than the full dose.

A quarter of a dose of a the best multi will contain about the same quantities as a full dose of a cheap multi but the quality of ingredients as well as the balance / ratio will be much better. You will of course pay more but IMO this is one area where it is not a good idea to cheap out.

A lot of the stuff that goes into cheap multi-vitamins is actual poison that only masquerades as nutrients. and other stuff that’s in there is usually in ratios that are most economical not most beneficial. some of these ratios will only exacerbate existing imbalances in your diet.

Generally Vegans will benefit from B12 supplementation.

Generally Carnivores will benefit from Vitamin C supplementation.

Most people will benefit from Magnesium and Vitamin K2.

Vitamin D and Calcium are both dangerous especially when taken together as they can clog up your arteries. Do not take either one unless you think you may be deficient. Keep in mind that many processed foods are fortified with Vitamin D and / or Calcium. If a blood test shows Vitamin D deficiency then obviously take it.

Most people will benefit from Omega 3 supplementation but most Omega 3 capsules will have extremely poor quality. A cheap Omega 3 capsule will literally be 90% margarine with 10% rotten fish oil.

Some Omega 3 supplements of course can be quite good, for example you can buy Molecularly distilled Omega 3 supplements that are almost 100% pure Omega 3. Those will cost you $$$ though.

Simply eating fish will be cheaper than using supplements and will provide a wide array of nutrients, not just Omega 3. Make sure you’re eating a species of fish that is high in Omega 3 and make sure you’re eating WILD CAUGHT fish, never farmed.

A good way to save money on Fish is buy frozen from Costco. If you are eating canned fish check what oil is used - with most fish canned in oil there Omega 6 in the oil will outweigh the Omega 3 in fish 10 to 1 unless the fish was canned in a special oil like Olive Oil.

You can buy both frozen wild caught salmon and sardines canned in Olive oil in Costco. Frozen would be my preference but i would still take canned fish over cheap Omega 3 supplement.

i probably forgot to mention something important - oh well, that’s life.

high dose Vitamin D is more or less death sentence via clogged arteries, especially for anybody who eats a lot of dairy or supplements Calcium.

on the flip side Vitamin D deficiency is pretty much the cause of death for anybody dying from Covid.

Essentially Vitamin D causes the body to absorb Calcium from food while Vitamin K causes the body to store Calcium from blood into bones.

Depending on how much Calcium is in your diet ( probably too much if you eat dairy like most people ) and whether it is balanced out by Magnesium ( probably not, most are deficient ) Vitamin D will pump so much calcium into your blood that even if you have adequate Vitamin K intake ( most people do not ) there will simply not be enough room in your bones to store it and it will just end up clogging your arteries …

on the other hand if you’re exposed to Covid or Flu ( same thing ) it may be a good idea to take extra Vitamin D to boost your immunity …

generally speaking if you want to fuck around with Vitamin D i suggest doing a blood test first … many people will show up as deficient on the test in which case you can ignore everything i wrote above …

but also some Vitamin D supplements are very potent, for example my Vitamin D supplement is 50,000 IU per pill … that’s 3 months worth of Recommended Daily Dose in a single pill … if your blood test shows you’re deficient and everybody in your house has Covid then this 50,000 IU pill is the one you will want to take but if you mindlessly munch on them like candy you’re literally going to die.

the other thing to note regarding Vitamin D is it takes time to build up in the body. which means if you properly overdose you will be stuck with elevated levels for months. on the other if you are deficient even 50,000 IU pill like mine won’t bring you back to normal levels right away.

with some googling you can find out how to load vitamin D but don’t be fucking around without doing a blood test or you’re going to die.

Oh yeah, my number one supplement recommendation is DO NOT SUPPLEMENT CALCIUM.

and also do not eat dairy and do not eat food fortified with calcium.

even if you have osteoporosis it is likely either due to Vitamin K deficiency or some kind of hormone imbalance.

more Calcium is not the answer.

my theory is the medical establishment is actually using Calcium to deliberately cause heart disease just as they use X-Rays to deliberately cause Cancer and how they feed candy to children to make them Diabetic for life.

One group of people that may benefit from Vitamin D supplementation though is NIGGERS.

Europeans are somewhat adopted to low levels of sunlight but Niggers are not.

Perhaps the trend of pushing Vitamin D supplementation ( and fortifying foods with Vitamin D ) is yet another form of affirmative action …

Either way - beware of Calcium - Vitamin D - Niggers axis of clogged arteries !