Stopping the Fall of Civilization

Here are some solutions…your thoughts?

-alpha beta/gamma principle=middle males rabble rouse low males and use them as tool against high males.

-civi means literate, 5500yrs ago, diffusion from Sumeria/Babylon; priest class at top and specialist variations at bottom in triangle shape caste; the consequence of larger society created by agri techno (10,000yrs ago).

Barbarians in two groups: alpha-robust and beta-gracile, a la alpha beta/gamma principle. Civilization is the beta-gracile of the barbarian tribal competition. Civi beats barbs because strength-in-numbers (specifically outflanking and specialist-focus techno-invention) works best.

A fledgling civi might appear male dominant compared to later phases of the same civi, but civi is gracile and effeminate compared to the surrounding barbs. The whole “matriarchies of the bush and of the past while civi is white male patriarchy that created war” narrative is incredibly fraudulent. The fact its given credence at all expose the extent of the DarkAge we are in.

Civi is in two groups: “Spartans”(barb echo) and “Athenians”(large coalitions of gracile diverse specialists). Athenians, over the long haul, beat Spartans for the same reason civi beat barbs-- large diverse specialist groups do better.

Athenians are in two groups: geniuses and fools; fools outnumber geniuses.

Fools beat geniuses for the same reason Aths beat Sparts and civi beats barbs: strength in numbers overwhelms the better, stronger, individuals.

The “fools” become more decadently “liberal”, because civi’s techno snowball keeps alive new and more gracile “freaky” variations. And, especially, the techno snowball creates easy lives; like puppies that never mature (stunted children). [Chinese proverb: children become weak skinned living under the shade tree planted by their parents.] Ie new nurture types can develop all manner of new chemistries and consequent reflexes --including infantile decadences.

Then the decadence and childishness–through snowballing straws on the camel’s back–tilts over to de facto female emancipation, when the male fashion becomes more immature and stunted than the females. Females raise the price of her fidelity, her loyalty and respect. Some females will raise the price of the quid pro quo while other females indeed even try to mature into males, escaping stunted emasculation to become stunters.

Since men won’t continue working if they can’t win females through their efforts, men stop working. When men stop working, civi naturally falls into disrepair (because of the Vines of Nature doing their thing). female emancipation–the “last straw” (critical mass) of civilization’s success, liberalism–collapses civi.

The surrounding barbarians (and the re toughened up–re ‘robust’ ized, barbarian-ized–men of the felled civi) then start the cycle over again --two groups form and then cleave: robust and gracile, barbs and civis, sparts and aths, etc-- occupying the collapsed or collapsing city like so many vines of Nature.

Each time this has happened the next emerging civilization’s literate elites refuse to teach or even accept (psychological denial)-- or they can’t understand–that a snowballing chain-reaction-- civi success leading to leisure, to soft skin, to female leverage, to bummed men, to disrepair–pulled down the previous civilization’s infrastructure(men working). Most can’t or won’t see that de facto female-emancipation is what killed the “older race of man”. Thus the cycle continues-- civi will fall again.

Each time the cycle happens, it becomes less likely (when female emancipation occurs) that the civi will outwardly fall, because the techno snowball is achieving a type of “auto pilot”. The shell of civi is becoming impenetrable to Nature’s vines, whether men work or not; not to mention, there are few surrounding true barbarians left to push the walls in and start the cycle over.

The human hive kept having false starts, but now the 5500yr old con-game of immatures (“civi”) is finally permanently consummating {organizational symbiosis, or “slush balling”*}. female emancipation happened once again yet this civilization (english-french) still thrives… for now. I wonder how many more times the cycle will repeat until a permanent neo-hermaphrodite / female bio tech hive collective–like a giant termite mound “spore-ing”–spreads its “silver seeds to a new home in the sky”.