Something i just wrote on Twitter about Israel and Jews

i have written extensively on why Gassing the Jews will not work because the Jews are a bug in the Simulation and you can’t use white-out on the screen to fix typos in Word Processing Software …

i’m a 140 IQ Jew i understand this …

but then you see a quote like below …

maybe it’s not about winning ?

when pure evil runs the world maybe literally anything is preferable to doing nothing.

even if your actions will only make things worse for everybody including yourself and the victims you’re trying to protect ?

after all we’re humans not robots. there is no objective purpose in life. maximizing happiness and minimizing suffering are just heuristics - they aren’t rules.

can somebody tolerate what the Jews are doing in Palestine and still call themselves human ?

i don’t wish suffering on Israel Apologists - i hope they can be put to sleep in a way that is painless and peaceful, unlike how they are exterminating Palestinians.

the ultimate goal is to remain human, and lowering yourself to their level would be ultimate defeat.

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the above is direct copy / paste from my twitter.

let’s see if they suspend me again.

i have in recent days written a lot of “thinly veiled” stuff like this that i knew not only can but probably should get me suspended.

is it smart to do that ? probably not. but it sure feels good.

as for why gassing the Jews won’t work the basic idea is that reality is simply what is mathematically possible

for something to exist and to be mathematically possible is the same thing. math and reality is the same thing. if something is mathematically possible it exists and vice versa.

jews exist because it is mathematically possible for a small tightly knit minority tribe to run the world of dumb goyim who stand for nothing and fall for anything.

when you exterminate the jews you do nothing to alter the math of the situation. you do not alter the laws of human nature nor those of economics nor anything at all - the possibility of the Jews remains even if the Jews themselves are gone.

the other way to understand it is that gassing all the jews is like removing a cancerous tumor - in most cases this doesn’t cure cancer - in some cases it makes the cancer worse.

what causes cancer ? as best we know it is damage to the DNA caused by viruses who use our DNA replication machinery for their own reproduction. you know, kind of like MRNA vaccines …

benign tumors can of course turn malignant and should be removed. but once the tumor is malignant removing it may or may not be a good idea. same with the Jews.

so when you have a benign tumor plus DNA damage you could potentially end up with a cancerous tumor, or something like that. same with Jews.

we could say that flaws in human nature are the DNA damage and religions are the tumors and when you get a certain unlucky combination of the two you get Jews and Israel.

so if we can’t change human nature and we can’t remove the tumor surgically what can we do ? well we can try to starve the tumor.

to starve the tumor we ban religion, ESPECIALLY Judaism, but not NOT ONLY Judaism.

yes other religions like Christianity may be benign now, but they can turn malignant anytime and in fact the only thing that is preventing Christianity from becoming malignant is Judaism already occupying that role.

will it work ? probably not. the only long term solution would be to change human nature which would of course mean humans as we know them become extinct. so the only long-term solution to any problem is death.

banning all religions starting with Judaism rather is something i can whole-heartedly support whereas gassing all the Jews is something that logically makes no sense but emotionally and from the standpoint of keeping one’s humanity is difficult to argue against.