Slightly Gay Music!

Our friend @marlon isn’t gay but he has recently posted some music that struck me as gay …

since i occasionally post Tranny Porn on this site why not some gay ass music !

let’s make @marlon happy LOL ( i bet he’s actually mad right now LOL )

but let’s face it we are all going to be gay soon. i actually just had a conversation in the gym locker room today about how everybody is turning gay - even normies are noticing !

as for the track below @marlon would probably say something like “just ignore those vocals and it’s not gay then” well … that’s not how we roll here. the vocals are there thus the track is gay even if the music is not.

bass is delicious though !

Lyrics are in Danish!
Haven’t a clue what the singer is singing…

I had to flee from a song just now that was gay, ironically…

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it’s OK to be gay but we have to compartmentalize gay content not mix it with normal content

real diversity is about keeping whites and colors separate when doing laundry