Sadist Toolbox

the two main tools of a Sadist are “Humor” and Playing Dumb.

Sadists are all around us - our Teachers, Parents, Co-Workers, Bosses - the Sadist is a fairly common variety of filth.

They are always looking for a way to hurt you but unlike the Sadists in Hollywood movies they rarely if ever resort to naked aggression … instead they rely on Playing dumb and Humor.

Humor is a socially acceptable way of insulting people. After you insult somebody using humor if they protest you then accuse them of not having a sense of humor, which is in itself an insult. This makes humor one of Sadist’s favorite tools, but of course it requires having some intelligence to use.

Playing dumb doesn’t require intelligence. As a sadist you simply observe stupid people and how they get everybody in trouble with their stupidity and then you simply copy their “techniques” to hurt those around you.

Passive Aggression is a more subtle variation of Playing Dumb. This is where you simply underperform on purpose when people need you to perform the most.

so how do you deal with Sadism then ? it’s actually really simple - do not analyze their actions to try to understand their motivations. their motivations do not matter - only the outcome of their actions matters. look for patterns. do they make people around them happy ? do people who rely on them for help get the help they need ? or do they make those around them miserable and never seem to come through with the help they promised ?

it really doesn’t matter whether a person is genuinely stupid and incompetent or is a passive aggressive sadist or some other variety of mentally ill piece of shit. just don’t deal with them.

the one difference between a sadist and a genuine moron is that it will be harder to get rid of a sadist. morons don’t generally expect that you will be trying to get rid of them so they don’t have any special plans on preventing you from accomplishing that … sadists are different.

sadists anticipate that you will try to get rid of them and dedicate their entire life to making it impossible. here the key is to recognize that if getting rid of a piece of shit is extra hard that means it is more likely they are a sadist or some other type of parasite and in that case it is IMPERATIVE to get rid of them.

the other way you can tell you’re dealing with a sadist is because they use both passive aggression / playing dumb AND humor as means of hurting you. typically a genuinely dumb person would not be able to consistently make jokes at your expense. and a person with a sense of humor would typically not be so obtuse as to constantly fail at everything they are doing.

when a person is at the same time constantly succeeding with jokes at your expense while also constantly failing at everything else they do for you ( but not for themselves ) that’s how you know you’re dealing either with a sadist or a hater.

the difference between sadist and hater is that haterism is focused on a particular subject ( such as you ) whereas sadism has no focus - a sadist will torture children, animals, even inanimate objects … a hater will only torture you and others they envy.

this makes haters harder to deal with because it is harder to demonstrate their sickness to others. best you can do is extricate yourself from their presence.

to summarize there may be different reasons why people hurt you or fail you - the key is to pay attention to patterns and recognize that such patterns are impossible to change. if you see a negative pattern associated with a person - do NOT try to talk to them about it ! everything you tell them they will use against you. keep it to yourself. be prepared for the worst and do not hope for the best.

Is that people are sadists? Or haters?
I think I’ve seen hater behaviour but not sadism…
(due to me being not observant or them just hiding)

My response is always to just get out of the way.

haterism is likely more common than sadism but you have to always be prepared for the worst …

if they only act that way towards you likely just a hater …

but if you see them also acting this way towards others likely a sadist …

when i was young and stupid i would think that this was an accident:

but now i know somebody like my father will sit there all day and wait to open the door at the right time …

think about it - why would you open a door into traffic without looking ? do you want your door ( and arm ) ripped off by some car ?

but a sadist doesn’t care about the door. insurance will pay for the door. he wants to see you get run over by a truck and savor your suffering.

sadists aren’t that hard to spot when you’re looking - it’s just that people simply refuse to see it. they refuse to take off their pink sunglasses. they don’t want to see the darkness of this world.

if you are intelligent you will treat everybody as a potential sadist until proven otherwise.

What’s the difference between a sadist and a bully?

there is probably overlap but when i think of a bully i think of somebody who seeks to dominate and abuse others to compensate for some deficiency of self confidence …

whereas a sadist is somebody who FEELS into others and wants to savor their suffering …

but according to Rob Henderson

bullies have higher social intelligence than their victims …

so perhaps it is some kind of a spectrum that includes bullies, sociopaths and sadists where they are characterized by being able to understand other people’s feelings but either not being able to feel them ( as in case of sociopath ) or by feeling their OPPOSITE as in case of a sadist …

whereas Autists are unable to understand other people’s feelings - we are socially retarded

this way Autists fall victims to Sadists because a Sadist understands how an Autist feels whereas an Autist doesn’t understand how anybody feels, not even himself, let alone how Sadist feels …

so this leads towards a very one-way abuse unless the Autist can study and understand the phenomenon, but it’s hard because everybody keeps denying it …

when an Autist faces off against a Sadist everybody always takes the side of the Sadist because Sadists have high social intelligence while Autists have low, and everyone wants to take the side of the winner or at least the side that is more dangerous …

do you really think the father didn’t know what was going to happen ?

he knew exactly what was going to happen - that’s why he did it.

the way you spot a sadist is they always make “mistakes” but it is always somebody else that is hurt by these mistakes, and usually it’s somebody defenseless like a child or pet or somewhat less commonly their woman.

think about it - why would he put the child on the air bed when it was only halfway inflated ? who keeps an air bed halfway inflated ? it’s always either inflated or deflated. but he deliberately inflated it to just the right amount, and he didn’t jump on it himself because he knew there was not enough air - he put his child on the bed to compress the bed just enough so there is air for himself to jump onto and catapult the child …

and you can be certain he never even had to tell the child that it was an accident - his pathetic whore of a wife did that for him - guaranteed !

any time the wife failed to fulfill her duty of lying to the child about how his father is a good person and loves the child " in his own special way " all the father has to do is threaten divorce and it puts the pathetic whore back in her place …

and here is another “accident”

the basic rule is if you get hurt due to your own stupidity - it really is an accident

if somebody else gets hurt - it is sadism

a sadist will never admit they did it on purpose - but they will usually mock the victim

if they do mock the victim it is 100% proof of sadism

but sometimes a sadist will pretend to be sorry for what they done

in either case whenever you see anybody other than “X” get hurt as a result of a “mistake” by “X” you must always assume “X” is a sadist and get yourself and anybody you care about as far away from “X” as possible.

if it turns out that you were wrong and “X” was just an idiot - you still would have done the right thing by getting yourself and your loved ones as far away from “X” as possible.

get it ?