Response to Alkiphron

this is a conversation that started on Twitter but since @Alkiphron is a member here i figure i may as well respond on my own site that way if my Twitter is deleted again ( for like 5th time ) the conversation isn’t lost, plus i get some content for my site …

The reason victory is unlikely is because as i said the path to victory is the same one that Jews have taken to dominance …

But because the Jews have travelled that road they are all too aware of what it takes to succeed and therefore also what brings ruin …

Jews know what it would take for whites to claw back to their rightful place as the master race and have already done everything humanly possible to make sure it can never happen …

That is to say Jews have compiled a list of everything that it takes to win such as:

1 - powerful sense of identity
2 - deep connection to your history and culture
3 - love of children, parents, family
4 - believing that everybody is out to get your people
5 - believing that the end justifies the means
6 - believing that your enemies aren’t human
7 - keeping business and education within the tribe
8 - controlling news, media and culture
9 - controlling key professions such as medicine and law
10 - etc.

and then the Jews literally went down that list and made sure Whites got the exact opposite of all of those things

1 - whites taught there is no such thing as race, no such thing as white people
2 - whites taught there is no such thing as white culture, taught lies about their history
3 - whites taught their parents are racist and their children are trans and that family is just about tax benefits
4 - whites are taught that they are the ultimate evil and everybody else is their victims
5 - whites taught that they must always be considerate of others, even rapists and murderers who aren’t even in the country legally
6 - whites taught that squatemalan goblins aren’t just equal to them but superior
7 - forced integration, affirmative action, racial diversity quotes
8 - any news, media or culture that is sensitive to the issues of white people is “white supremacist” and is “hate”
9 - any white that is racially aware will not be allowed to work in medicine or law because they are “racist”

it is literally the exact mirror image. Jews have ensured that in any area that is relevant to power, identity and so on Whites will get THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what Jews secured for their own …

as Jews tell whites " it isn’t enough to not be racist - you must be actively anti-racist "

translation: " it isn’t enough not to hate other people - you must hate your own people "

so the reason it will be very difficult for whites to win is because the Jews have already taken every possible step to block the path towards victory … by raising white children with Disney, Drag Queen Story Hour, School, Media, Culture, University etc. from young age molded into exactly what the Jews need white people to be in order to LOSE.

Whites are currently the most highly engineered form of LOSERS in history. Jews have used the highest precision of engineering to craft PERFECT LOSERS out of Whites.

from sportsball to drugs and alcohol and depression and xenoestrogens and white guilt and on and on …

yes whites still outnumber Jews something like 50 to 1 but the number one thing that can make a white person get ahead in life right now is publicly berating whites and / or marrying a non-white. while the number one thing that will destroy any person ( white or otherwise ) is publicly criticizing Jews IN ANY WAY.

and the number of whites is steadily going down, not just in terms of percentage but even in absolute terms. frankly the chance of whites winning is close to zero.

the white race is a zombie right now. the body of America may still be white but the nervous system is Jewish.

to build a parallel economy like what Torba is doing would have worked if the Jews weren’t expecting this line of attack - but of course they are. Whites should have nipped Jews in the bud, but they simply kept expelling Jews hundreds to thousands of times, which of course only slowed the Jews down …

Jews will not make that mistake. They know they can’t allow White Nationalism to take root. They won’t sit idly by they will strike it with all they got.