Recent Releases of Any Genre

Markus Schukowski - What It Feels Like ( Zardonic Remix )

EDDIE (feat. Voicians) - Guiding Light

Vondkreistan - Lost Echoes (ORIGINAL MIX)

Senses - Delirious ( with on screen lyrics )

Ytho - Mroczny

Skrillex, Fred again… & Flowdan - Rumble [Official Audio]


don’t expect to top this anytime soon LOL

Lauren Minear - Heartbroken (Haterade Remix)

Sibewest - Drama

Satellite Empire - Eternal Vespers (Blue Stahli Remix)

Direct & CloudNone - Bring Me Back

Skrillex, Missy Elliott, & Mr. Oizo - RATATA

Sysdemes - Bishop

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i like this track ( Tears ) no really i do - it sounds very pleasing.


i have 2 criticisms:

1st criticism: “recent” releases in the context of this thread really means less than about 2 weeks old, because every week Spotify compiles a “Release Radar” playlist for me and if i hear something i like on there i dump it here, and it’s usually stuff that literally just came out.

4 months old track is certainly recent if we are to go by English language definition of the word though, and i am always thinking of how i can simplify the mess i made with too many threads devoted to music, so i am certainly not going to move it. just some trivia about the origins of this thread.

2nd criticism: i like the beat and i like the melody, and they do work perfectly together … yet clearly they can also be separated and each work on their own. in other words while they do work together they aren’t so thoroughly integrated as to be inextricable from each other.

in other words the whole isn’t greater than the sum of the parts. it isn’t less, but it is also not greater. just the sum.

i find it a more impressive hat trick when the parts do not make much sense on their own but then magically everything comes together on a track level and works.

to further explain why i am being such a Nazi about age of tracks it’s because when i was 15 i think i looked at old people and said i would never become out of touch like them …

and now in my 40s it seems like maybe it is going to be impossible but i have to try …

if you train in a gym that has old people the gym will tend to play a lot of really old music like Guns n Roses and even older. This is because young kids can tolerate music that came before they were born but old timers can’t tolerate music that came after they got old …

there is no fighting that biological reality but …

but i suspect they stopped listening to cutting edge music long before they actually became physically incapable of it …

they probably became complacent in listening to their favorite tunes when they were in their 30s and then simply ignored the new stuff without giving it a second thought until now they find themselves in a situation where they can’t find a single track in common with a younger person and they are forced into retirement because nobody can relate to them …

with RIAA lawsuits ( 2005 - 2008 ) it was a sort of an end of an era where everybody listened to all the latest music and i had started falling behind …

by the time streaming music became viable i was very far behind … and WORSE the streaming algorithms kept suggesting stuff i already liked so i remained stuck in 2005 musically …

it was only after adjusting my methods for discovering new music using Spotify that i realized how far behind i had fallen - i had ossified almost to the point of turning into a Boomer !

i am now working extra hard to undo the damage and luckily it seems to be working ! by that i mean music from 2000-2005 is starting to sound dated to me, whereas only 2 or 3 years ago i thought it was bad ass.

i am now seriously considering never listening to anything more than 1 year old for the rest of my life to make sure i never fall into that Boomer trap again …

if i was a woman i would probably be injecting Botox right now to look younger but men can also be too old. except in a man’s case it isn’t about having wrinkles - it’s about the way you think.

cognitive decline is of course to some extent unavoidable but becoming out of touch is only partly a consequence of cognitive decline … and is partly unwittingly self inflicted.

by hanging out with other old people, listening to old music etc people begin to drift into a certain parallel Boomer reality in which only Euthanasia awaits them …

just like you surround yourself with successful people you should also surround yourself with young people …

sometimes i wonder how the fuck do we get these people who don’t know how to use e-mail. well clearly these people hang around other people of their own age - that’s how.

i basically don’t want to end up, in terms of music, like that Boomer who is still using a flip phone in 2023.

my strategy with music is to always be uncomfortable with a focus on the future.

this particular thread we’re in right now - the idea behind it is that being very new is valuable in and of itself even if the music is only mediocre.

the idea is force yourself to listen to mostly only the very latest to counter-balance the natural tendency of the aging brain to favor the familiar.

from that perspective i would probably put the cutoff at 1 year. anything less than 1 year old is good enough for the purpose of keeping the brain fresh.

this particular thread is more of a 1 week timeframe though simply because of where i get these tracks from - a WEEKLY Spotify playlist that they auto-generate from the stuff that JUST came out.

well 2 weeks might be a little too narrow to be honest as the track actual production date and its release date are 2 different things :wink: Doesnt matter though I understand what you are trying to achieve here. I had to switch away from Spotify to Apple Music becasue Ive noticed spotify completely removing songs from my list (not just making it unavailable) simply just removing entries (was years ago) and that was fucking insulting where it was caused by DB corruption or whatever, I dont know, but the fact that it was happening and I was lucky enough to notice my carefully currated lsits void of tracks (some lost forever) was not acceptable. Re new fresh tracks and generational thing, I think most kids mainly listen to garbage regardless just like our generation did and gen before us, thats why I avoid tediously sifting through new releases as masses are retarded and popular music is made for lowest common denominator so all the “hip” and popular tracks that get released are in the RAP genre that is the new POP music no different from Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys of our generation. Thats why Im not worried about not staying “cool” w the times. When a new track is good it does get to me somehow and I do enjoy listening to new stuff in those rare moments, and if you are willing to spend time searching out the gems Im all for it :wink:

yeah i noticed tracks going away as well, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me because of precisely what i was talking about - my focus is discovering new tracks not holding on to old ones.

aside from that i originally started with Pandora, then tried Spotify, then switched back and forth between the two as Spotify was having issues of various sorts but now i’m pretty much settled on Spotify.

i don’t use Apple products out of principle. you say Spotify is insulting well to me Apple is insulting. not Apple Music but Apple itself. i don’t know anything about Apple music - it might be good - no idea.

i know the new apple ARM chips are good but to me an edge in performance isn’t worth dealing with a company that has their head up their ass. Apple and Tesla both make me ill. I straight up do not care what they come up with - i am not interested in ANYTHING they have to offer.

Mercedes also makes their cars for the lowest common denominator - doesn’t mean the cars aren’t good. The quality of the product is more a function of who designs it not who it is designed FOR.

Of course i still avoid mainstream music just like how i avoid mainstream everything but it is just my elitism and isn’t because mainstream is objectively bad. All those retarded Nigger monkey rappers have brilliant producers and recording engineers doing their records anyway.

As for searching out the gems that isn’t what i’m trying to do. I don’t care about individual tracks as much as just having the ear for the latest trends and sound. You know how 80s had its own sound and 90s had its own sound - to a Boomer those do not sound dated at all - instead the new stuff just sounds like noise. I want to make sure that NOTHING sounds like noise to me and everything that isn’t new sounds dated.

that’s my goal.

not discovering the hidden gems.

Dustycloud - Me Veo

@OldFriendSaysHello has a point in that release date isn’t the same as when the track was produced …

the particular link here is just 1 day old, but there are videos of the same track performed LIVE going back more than half a year …

which is though why i said that really anything up to 1 year is recent, but this particular thread is meant to be extra recent …

the other recent stuff must be categorized by genre, artists and so on …

well nothing is set in stone! i am always looking for ways to simplify and streamline the mess i have created here …

Fred Again…, Skrillex, Four Tet - Baby again…