Rare cases of Urbanists making a point or being funny

i have to admit the one below made me chuckle:

i do think these guardrails are installed by sadists. they are almost always used in ways that only make things worse.

if used properly they can be life saving but since most people are retards or sadists they just try to figure out ways to kill or maim people with these …

a better solution is to have gravel runoff area like in Formula 1 …

this is legitimately problematic:


if the driver was high on meth he should be forced to take drug tests every week for the rest of his life

if it was a teenager he shouldn’t be allowed to drive until he’s 30

if it was an adult and not on drugs he should never be allowed to own a car again

i agree that some Americans could stand to downsize their vehicles

EGO is unfortunately a large factor when it comes to car buying and most people buy the biggest car they can afford …

i saw a 5’4" / 120 lbs woman driving a Ford Expedition in my gym and it made me sick to the stomach

i’m 180 cm / 200 lbs and when i tried out the Ford SUV range i was perfectly comfortable in the Edge, which is one size down from Explorer which is itself one size down from Expedition

this girl was 3 sizes down from me but she was driving the biggest SUV money can buy ( same size as Escalade )

she was driving a car 5 sizes up from what she actually needed …

if she has 5 kids and her husband tows a boat then yeah i can see why she needs the Expedition and while i wouldn’t tell anybody they have too many kids i do question why you need a boat …

the Expedition gets 20 mpg while Toyota Sienna Hybrid minivan gets 35 mpg. if her husband could give up the boat and she could give up her ego she could cut her fuel consumption almost in half and still have the room for all her kids. the Sienna also costs about $20,000 less as well.

but she doesn’t care. she will gladly pay the extra $20,000 for the car plus the extra $100 / month on gas and another extra $100 / month on insurance just so that everybody knows that she married a guy with money and a boat.