Jilax - Clouds

I have listened to psytrance-psybient-psychill-etc for a few years. I would rank this as probably the best discovery of the later 2010s. Of course I used to listen to electronica going back to the late 1990s when I was still in junior high school, but it has come a long way since then and this subgenre seems to be more recent.

I typically stream from YT channels. Ones I often go back to are:

-Ancient Realms: but he used to have 100s of videos and most of them got deleted b/c of copyright issues. He is still active on Odysee, SoundCloud, etc. The YT channel still has a few vids.
-PsyChamber: Again he has had issues with YT deleting his mixes, especially longer ones.
-ori love

This is because they make long mixes and I like to have soundtracks for when driving to the gym, on errands, exploratory drives and so on.

me and @OldFriendSaysHello were listening to psytrance already around 1998 or so … Astral Projection and Infected Mushroom were the two big names back then, both from Israel …

Psytrance was originally referred to as Goa trance ( referring to a place in India where hippies would go to ) but at some point it was referred to as Isratrance because Israeli acts came to dominate it …

of course me and @OldFriendSaysHello are both Jews and most of our friends were as well so that’s probably why we beat you to it …

well @OldFriendSaysHello wasn’t very much into it, but we did go to a Psytrance rave in Queens, NY together and i had to drive back tripping on mushrooms - not being able to see the road at all

as if not having GPS wasn’t bad enough

i have no idea how we got back at all LOL

the DJs on that rave were from Israel by the way and one of the guys that was with us spoke with them in Hebrew … well, that’s what he told us anyway …

yeah that’s Psyambient - definitely not Pystrance.

at some point the Psytrance craze faded out but Psyambient became more prominent …

in the early days of Psytrance you would get maybe one ambient track on an album but by 2005 or so many artists had an ambient side project …

it seems the Ambient has survived but Psytrance itself is pretty much Obsolete …

not that i miss it i mean i was getting bored of it myself.

i can’t really listen to ambient - i can appreciate the quality of it but i just crave more energy from my music. i also find it hard to listen to psychedelic without drugs.

if it is REAL psychedelic like early Infected Mushroom ( not the POP garbage they make now ) then it is pretty much mandatory to be stoned or tripping when listening to it just like it is mandatory to wear those color glasses in a 3D movie theater.

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i’m too old to go to a rave now but i would definitely be up to drop some LSD ( or any other hallucinogen except DMT ) for old time’s sake even if it killed me - i don’t give a fuck LOL

i just feel like not having used any hallucinogens or even smoking pot in so many years i am losing perspective on where psychedelic music currently is

i would rather die from overdose than turn into a boomer LOL

no DMT though fuck that shit - i took DMT once while @OldFriendSaysHello watched - it was a fucking nightmare - even though it only lasted a few minutes 20 years later i remember it like it was yesterday

when i eventually die i’m going to count it as my 3rd death already. my 1st death was when i drowned and was resuscitated. my 2nd death when i took DMT. To me it just felt like having life sucked out of me - fuck Joe Rogan LOL

not that i don’t want to die - i just don’t want to die and then come back to life exactly where i left off.

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if the road is clear i’m speeding and listening to something hard / fast.

if i’m stuck in traffic i’m listening to an audiobook.

not sure there is any scenario in which i’m listening to ambient.

i can judge it’s quality analytically - i’m just not going to listen to it voluntarily LOL

my listening habits

high energy music - use for cardio only, unbearable in any other scenario
medium-high energy music - use for serious lifting
medium energy music - use for driving and warming up in the gym
medium-low energy music - evaluate for purely analytical purposes

on this scale i would put psyambient as medium-low energy

there is music that is lower energy still but i can’t listen to that even for analytical purposes

So i started microdosing LSD and shrooms recently… and I can clearly see productivity difference… I also did a full blown shrooms trip 1.5 years ago, I have to say it was very mentally taxing but as always once done you are glad that youve done it albeit going through it is pain in the ass. Anyway microdosing has been very solid so far I highly recommend you to try it.

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Now that you mention it, I did listen to Goa Trance, I guess I was not as aware of the distinctions between genres until you pointed it out. On the ambient thing, I tend to have a restless mind and now that I think about it, perhaps the ambient thing was from a subconscious desire to slow it down. I notice that with prolonged exposure to psychedelic music it seems to have effects similar to drugs anyway, at least for the duration that it’s on. Some kind of aural effect.

Anyway, I also listen to higher energy music on the road sometimes. Oftentimes metal but I would also try more aggressive electronica if you know of good channels for that.

I completely stopped doing drugs in my mid-20s, partly because of boredom with it. I got in some trouble for alcohol and having to pay a $10000 fine was a major buzzkill at that time. But the other stuff, I also just grew tired of it. Even weed – the hassle of having to find new suppliers got on my nerves (this was before legalization in many states obviously, but it’s still not legal in my area).

However, recently I’ve been sober for so long that it has crossed my mind to try it again, just for novelty’s sake. But I’ll never go back to doing it like when I was young.

yeah bro the channel is called Spotify Premium LOL

its $10 a month but i think it’s worth it

my problem with YouTube is it forces you to keep the screen on to listen to music, which will kill your battery life as well as the screen itself ( OLED screens can burn in ) plus i haven’t tested it but it’s quite likely that YouTube will eat your data plan faster than Spotify, especially as Spotify can actually save some tracks to your device.

Spotify is probably better integrated with car’s infotainment system than YouTube - carmakers probably don’t want you watching YouTube while driving !

with YouTube … i understand you listen to 3 hour long mixes so you don’t need to look at track titles or skip tracks … but do you have to keep your screen on ? i suppose you can plug the phone into USB power in the car so battery life may not be an issue …

what about in the gym ? do you keep phone screen on in the gym to listen to music from YouTube ?

i’ll be honest i only listen to music on Spotify - i only go to YouTube to share the tracks from there because everybody has YouTube but not everybody has paid Spotify subscription.

i think $10 a month is a fair price for what you get …

Yes it is true YouTube has everything that Spotify has FOR FREE but …

YouTube Music Premium is $10 a month, same as Spotify Premium:

if you know something i don’t please share i would like to learn …

my only problem with Spotify is the social angle leaves a lot to be desired … i can’t even message other people on Spotify whose Playlists i’m listening to without getting a Facebook account to do it … apparently Spotify uses Facebook for the social stuff but i don’t have FB …

YouTube does the social angle better - you can comment and share … but it’s deliberately crippled in other ways ( screen on requirement ) to force people to pay that $10 for the YouTube Music Premium …

isn’t it Ironic that Google’s Android phones tell you to unplug the charger to save power but Google’s YouTube forces you to keep screen on while listening to music … well it isn’t ironic, it’s hypocritical.

i never tried YouTube Music Premium - maybe you should try it and let us know how it is LOL, since you like YouTube so much :wink:

i might consider switching from Spotify Premium to YouTube Music Premium but fairly happy with Spotify right now …

in the past i have been switching back and forth between Pandora Premium and Spotify Premium but eventually Spotify beat Pandora … it just seems to have more ways to discover music …

ultimately i don’t want to JUST be fed music that i am guaranteed to like already - i also want to be exposed to music that i may not like YET but could learn to like … if Pandora can do that then i simply don’t know how to use it, but with Spotify i know how to do it …

then again … i could get banned from YouTube … LOL

Stevie Melani & Sousa - Viera