Proof that Women are IDIOTS

i used to wonder where do women get this idea that after a man has spent his 20s partying he will then achieve a magical state of being “ready to settle down” …

after having a rough time dating women in my 20s … right around the time i turned 30 i decided i will quit dating …

and that’s when all of a sudden women were all over me. i couldn’t understand it for a while but eventually i figured out what happened.

in their minds when i was in my 20s i was the type of guy who lives in a basement and pumps and dumps chicks. but in my 30s in their mind i was suddenly a respectable gentleman ready to make one of them my wife and live happily ever after.

except it doesn’t work that way.

in reality they were simply PROJECTING.

THEY are the ones who are like this.

they are the ones who spend their 20s riding the cock carousel and then after they hit the wall and run out of eggs they suddenly decide to be a respectable woman who deserves a successful and faithful husband who will fulfill her every need and get literally noting in return. NOTHING.

they can’t see the absurdity of this for two reasons:

1 - most of us can never put ourselves into somebody else’s shoes, let alone into the shoes of somebody of the opposite sex.

2 - most of us do not understand how men and women are fundamentally different. we assume the person of the opposite sex wants from us what we want from them - but that simply isn’t the case.

what men want from women: young, innocent, beautiful, trim waist, round ass, perky tits, smells good.

what women want from men: tall, rich, powerful, lean face with a square jaw, deep voice

in other words men want innocence, beauty and fertility while women want power.

this is because ultimately women need men to protect them, provide for them and successfully compete against other men in a dog eat dog world.

however men … literally do not need anything from women. we “need” women like we “need” vodka or cocaine - it’s fun but we don’t “need” those things.

women believe that after they spend their youth partying, getting STDs and Abortions and are finally ready to “settle down” that men on our side will simply mirror their behavior … but we have literally nothing in common with women.

the reason women want to “settle down” after 30 is because nobody wants them anymore, that is - they can’t continue riding the cock carousel. if they listened to their mother instead of reading feminist magazines they would have realized this. instead they read shit that is deliberately setting them up to die alone.

as for men - young men are sentimental and believe in things like love and are willing to get married. but the way men date is

20 year old men date 18 year old women
30 year old men date 23 year old women
40 year old men date 27 year old women
50 year old man … settles down ?


a 50 year old man is 20 years past the point of having once believed in love and marriage …

a 50 year old man either watches porn or fucks 20 year old prostitutes ( depending on budget ) …

while that 35 year old woman who was waiting for him to get ready to “settle down” is drinking wine with her cats and slowly turning into that shrill old lady we all know and do not love …

in other words - men are the exact opposite of women. men are ready to settle down with their high school sweetheart, and then never again. women are ready to settle down after they hit the wall and run out of eggs and nobody wants them.

men do not read magazines about sex, nor romantic novels. men simply go after what we want instinctively. while women are brainwashed by magazines every single one of them run by Jewish Feminist Wh*res.

In these magazines girls “learn” that they need to sleep with at least 30 men before “settling down” and other such pearls of wisdom …

Reality is their first few men are the only ones they ever had any chance of settling down with. By the time they are on the cock carousel the game is already over for them. Men have very low standards for who we fuck and very high standards for who we marry. A woman may be able to get dick in her 40s but she won’t be getting a husband even in her 30s. Which means that as long as a woman continues to ride the cock carousel for as long as she can it is GUARANTEED she will die alone.

Women traditionally did not fuck anybody who they did not consider husband potential, but feminists changed this. In the past women knew that the goal in life is to get married and that they only will get a few shots and have to make the most of them.

Today women are taught by Feminist Magazines to throw away every single shot they realistically had and continue engaging in sex they barely enjoy for no reason other than to secure their own demise. They probably don’t even orgasm most of the time they have sex - they simply do it because some Jewish Wh*re in a Feminist Magazine said they must do it and they can’t disappoint their girlfriends by appearing uncool.

And because they know they will some day have to “settle down” they assume that men on our side will likewise be looking to do the same …

Except they forgot that men, far from being equal to women, are literally the opposite of women.

As a woman gets older she is more and more ready to settle down ( as she runs out of options ) but as a man gets older he is less and less interested in marriage because he is getting more cynical in his view of women and more acutely aware that a wife will simply use him for his resources while getting fatter and uglier every day - bringing absolutely nothing to the table and only cock blocking him from sleeping with actually attractive women …

so the concept of a man “settling down” is in fact total delusion not based in reality. this is why i was never able to understand this mythical concept. women were waiting for this to happen to me, assuming i wasn’t ready because i was young and fit … then suddenly when i had wrinkles, grey hairs and a beer belly they were like - he’s ready !

little did they know - by that point i have already vowed not to date women again.

you got it all wrong bitches. YOU are ready to settle down meanwhile * I * am done with you :slight_smile:

which is sad because many of these girls haven’t even hit the wall yet - they were waiting for ME to become “ready” whereas i was actually ready to “settle down” before i even lost my virginity. but i’m not “ready” anymore and never will be.

yep all by deisgn while importing wonderful friends from 3rd world shitholes w basement level IQs to offset the birthrate / population decline. The longer I live, the more I start to agree w muslim world - you cant give anyone a god damn inch, you give women, or fags or niggers a fucking inch, you end up what we have in the west now… and its only getting progressively worse w every decade, like you said just as you think it cant get any worse they magically make it happen. :slight_smile:

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my perspective ( i didn’t come up with any of these ideas myself ) is that:

1 - Judaism is the original master religion

2 - Christianity was created by Jews for the Goyim and is essentially the opposite of Judaism, designed to turn Goyim into perfect slaves that worship and obey the Jews ( apparently much of Nietzsche’s work is about this )

3 - Islam is a reaction to the above and represents Judaism for Gentiles. It takes from Christianity the idea that anybody can be a Muslim regardless of ethnicity - and it takes from Judaism the position that religion should be about dominance not submission.

ok the above are fairly well established concepts, but the following is my own ideas:

1 - master religion / morality / identity must be reserved for a minority. as Andrew Tate would say " not everybody should be a King " … Islam saw huge success as defined by its explosive growth because it’s basically like Judaism where anybody can choose to be a Jew … but is such growth sustainable ?

what happens when Muslims run out of non-Muslims to slaughter ?

even Jews have that problem of running out of Goyim to plunder and Jews are just 0.2% of World Population while Muslims are already over a Billion and multiplying like rabbits …

2 - the reason Jews hate Muslims so much isn’t just because they need to slaughter Palestinians to clear out the land ( many Palestinians are actually Christian ) but because Jews understand that Islam fundamentally undermines the model of Judaism …

and of course Nazi-ism was as close as we ever got to Judaism for White People. which is of course why Jews hate Nazis the most. Nazi-ism not only took the Jewish value of slaughtering the enemies and turning them into slaves but also the Jewish value of strong ethnic identity, which Islam lacks.

As such Jews saw Nazi-ism as the biggest threat, bigger than Islam, and declared war on Germany.

After Germany was destroyed the Jews then focused on destroying Muslims.

as for the current Atheist Globohomo trend - it is how Jews intend to turn the masses from Christian Slaves to literally COMPOST.

the value of manual and low IQ labor continues to decline … there used to be a time when even the dumbest Negros were valuable slaves, then more recently dumb Christians were still valuable as wage cucks but soon with AI and robots an average non-Jew will be at his most valuable as compost …

the Jews may keep a few Chinese around to maintain the robots …

and a billion Negros or so whose job will be to continue to Vote any rights away from the Chinese while threatening to slaughter them if they don’t work hard enough for Negro Gibs and Reparayshuns …

and just as in America the Jews have Republicans and Democrats fighting each other until everybody loses so the Jews have Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims fight each other in the Middle East.

first America ( which is controlled by Jews ) arms both sides and has them bomb each other then America itself goes in and bombs both sides all over again turning countries like Syria into glass parking lots.

one day Osama Bin Laden is a CIA asset the next day he is a September 11 Mastermind - the narrative always changes.

one day Taliban is our friends against the Soviets the next they are Terrorists and yet the next day again we pull out and “forget” to take $40 billion worth of weapons that just fall into the hands of Taliban again.

and of course after all Muslim countries are destroyed Germany has to accept the refugees from Syria even though it’s on a different continent while Israel is literally next door …

but of course Muslims are used to finish the Job that Jewish Soviet Communists started - namely that of raping German girls


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