Pretty soon food will be a distant memory

they are currently closing down chicken farms because of “avian flu”

next they will close down more farms for “swine flu”

anybody remember “mad cow disease” ?

say goodbye to eating like a human being ever again.

did you think eating bugs was going to be voluntary ?

maybe instead of “holocaust” people should be reading about the holodomor …

which was a famine Stalin engineered in Ukraine …

history is repeating itself …

Something for you.
You’re a smart man, buy shares in a cricket farm.

You are what you eat.
Imagine the mind screw of eating crickets and locusts…
The degradation it will do to men.
Plus, what of the quality of this protein?
Is this comparable to pigs, chickens etc.?
Or is it like “plant protein”?

Slave populations get carbs and bugs.
Rulers get real food.

i do not consider myself a “man” nor do i have any money to invest but i don’t know if you followed my last twitter account - it was actually investment themed

you reminded me to try and get a new twitter account so i can refollow a bunch of investing accounts because in principle i agree with you that fake meat stocks theoretically should be going up but when i was last on twitter they were going down … but that was before they started setting food processing and distribution plants on fire …

although of course twitter isn’t the only place to research investing the other places just aren’t fun …

so i tried to set up a new Twitter account just now but without using my real phone number because my last 3 accounts or so were banned for “evading a ban” and of course they were all under same phone number so it knows who i am it just waits for my account to start getting traction before banning me - like a cat playing with a mouse

so i set up google voice … and Twitter is saying that it isn’t a valid number

hmm … not sure what to do

it still lets me use my real phone number even though it had already banned like 5 accounts using that number … i’m just not sure i want to do that because it will just ban me again for “evading a ban” …

i also read a post on Quora which suggests Google and Twitter share data which would make sense. the post said if you register on Twitter with Google account it doesn’t need your phone … but then it will know your phone anyway.

“donotpay” offers a “solution” for $12 / month but they are the idiots who said google voice will work and it doesn’t …

any ideas how i can get back on Twitter ? i can join without a phone number but it will eventually lock me out and demand my number to log back in. i would rather get it to accept a fake number but it isn’t so dumb.

perhaps my only option is to use my real number and just self-censor the living shit out of myself ? but at that point it will be so not-fun that i may as well just read Seeking Alpha or something instead.

kind of a fucked up situation.

Haven’t a clue how to get you back on Twitter…
Sounds like you need a new phone number or two.

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well at least they’re nice enough to let us know they will be starving us to death …

Indeed…very polite.
Entertainment while you starve.

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