Porsche Rat Bastards

multiple threads on Rennlist about ~ 2014 Panamera Hybrid batteries dropping like flies and Porsche charging $40,000 to replace them.


hello ? we’re talking hybrid battery here not EV battery. the average cost to replace a hybrid battery is $7,000.

i get it - it’s a Porsche - it should cost more - maybe twice as much - BUT NOT SIX TIMES ! ! !

this model year was particularly problematic. if this happened with a Lexus they would extend the warranty and replace them for free. Lexus has done that kind of thing before.

now i get it - Lexus has reputation for service and Porsche for driving dynamics - you can’t expect Lexus service from Porsche just like you can’t expect Porsche driving dynamics from a Lexus but come on !

they are charging the cost of entire Prius Hybrid for just the hybrid battery ! And again, we’re not talking about 1,200 lbs EV battery like in Model S we’re talking ~ 250 lbs hybrid battery like in my Volvo, or the Prius Prime.

this is wrong. this isn’t “porsche tax” this is trying to rape the customer’s corpse.

let me put it this way. the Hybrid Porsche model is only about $10,000 more than regular model and for that money you get the battery, the motor and the power electronics … which is perfectly sensible and is about the same premium you would pay with Volvo Hybrid over the regular model.

but then they charge $25,000 for JUST THE PART ( or $40,000 installed ) on the replacement BATTERY ALONE.

the job of replacing the battery takes like an hour as well - $15,000 per hour of labor is pretty rich.

ok so the Porsche costs 3X as much as Volvo and they charge 3X as much as Volvo to replace the battery … that’s their logic …


the car itself is 3X the car that Volvo is. it has shit like Twin Turbos, Double Clutch Transmission, Soft-Close doors, Air suspension and on and on …


there is no extra fancy tech in the battery. in fact it is a WORSE battery than what is in any other car because it clearly is less reliable !

Porsche has their head up their ass here. Their argument is perhaps “but you would be charged more by Ferrari” yes but we’re talking about a FUEL-SAVING HYBRD not a V12 fire-breathing monster.

the Panamera is basically an Audi S8 why are they trying to rip the customer off Ferrari style ?

Son i am disappoint ! My grand master plan of getting a cheap used Panamera Hybrid is sputtering …

no amount of gas saving can justify $25,000 battery replacement and the kicker is that there isn’t any gas saving to be had in the first place. it uses about a third more gas than my Volvo and double that of Camry Hybrid.

yes yes i get it - if you are a gooner who doesn’t want to get a job you shouldn’t be buying a Porsche - but i am not asking Porsche to sell cars at Toyota prices. i am just asking them to not rape the corpse of somebody who already bought their car … is that too much to ask ?

apparently it is. well then, i need to come up with some other options.

You already named one of the obvious “other options” in this thread: Lexus :slightly_smiling_face:

Before my most recent car, I owned a Lexus which I purchased used and all the money I spent on it was for routine maintenance, it had no other issues whatsoever, and the service as I can personally attest was to the highest standard.

The caveat though is that I sold it in 2019 and I’m not sure how things look now as I’ve not looked into Lexus in any meaningful way since then, and in the last 5 years things changed a lot in the automobile world !

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my issue with Lexus is all their plug-in Hybrids are SUVs

i want a Plug-In hybrid but don’t want an SUV

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anyway i think the situation will improve as market matures and becomes more efficient.

the main issue is not Porsche - it’s that there aren’t enough qualified technicians to remanufacture and replace these batteries. and that’s because plug in hybrids are still rare in USA.

but that is changing …

for my Samsung phone if i need to replace the battery i have an option of like 10 different brands of aftermarket batteries to go with, all for less than $20 and that’s including a kit of all the tools needed to replace the battery myself.

but that’s because EVERYBODY has a smart phone.

when everybody has a plug in hybrid the situation with replacing batteries should improve …

most plug in hybrids offered 8 years or so warranty on battery and that’s serviced by the dealer so 3rd party / indie shops didn’t have to deal with these issues until recently. once they figure out how to deal with these problems efficiently the costs should drop way down.

all you need is to find some Chinese supplier of cells and have a technician that knows how to test and replace the faulty ones and you could remanufacture one of these batteries for a few hundred bucks worth of parts ( cells ).

the main issue now is finding a shop that can handle a porsche hybrid battery. most of those shops are in California still.

it’s only a NEW battery that is $25,000 and only dealer that charges $15,000 to install it. the aftermarket installation cost is $500, a used battery is about $8,000 and remanufactured one about $12,000 but you need to find a shop that knows how to do this work on your car.

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