Population trends

2010-2020 population increase and decrease by county ( absolute numbers ):

population increase and decrease by county ( relative percentage ):

flyover country is getting hammered, as well as the north … except north-west

the trend is people are moving down south and west

or rather the numbers of blacks, latinos and asians are increasing

while the numbers of whites are decreasing

blacks are in south-east

latinos in south-west

asians in north-west

whites in north-east

2010 to 2020 by state ( relative percentage change ):

relative by metro area ( interactive map at link ):

Austin Texas ( where Elon Moved ) increased population by an incredible 33% from 2010 to 2020

but Atlanta actually outperformed Miami, Houston and Dallas with impressive 15% showing

NYC also outperformed Los Angeles, thus winning that special Olympics …

this one is from GAB:

it looks like Blax aren’t a huge threat as they’re aborting all their kids since their fathers never stick around …

the real demographic threat is the Hispanics, followed by Asians, both of which increased 1.5X in 20 years … while Blax only managed half a percent increase …