POLL: What is @kanyewest ? ( our member, not the presidential candidate )

OK we don’t really have a big enough sample size but we need this poll anyway.

essentially what i think of @kanyewest is irrelevant. it’s what others think that matters.

the idea is that every member should make this forum a better place for OTHER members.

please vote !

  • our member @kanyewest is a dumbass and there is no hope for him
  • our member @kanyewest is a dumbass but there is hope for him
  • our member @kanyewest doesn’t like conspiracies but is not actually dumb
  • our member @kanyewest is actually intelligent and his opinions are valuable
  • our member @kanyewest is extremely rational and wise

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One sign that you are speaking to someone smarter than yourself is that you can’t predict what that person will think or say. Highly intelligent people are very difficult for most people less intelligent than them to understand.

as i said this isn’t about me.

i personally think you might be ChatGPT run by the FBI that alternates between repeating what WEF says and repeating what i, myself say ( both here and elsewhere on the internet, such as AudioScienceReview ) depending on whether you think you are about to get banned or not.

after all, advanced technologies like internet, GPS etc were all created by the military and companies like google were seeded with CIA venture capital fund and so on …

so it would make sense that they run ChatGPT and use it for their Hasbara purposes to infiltrate the fringes of the internet using " i know that feel bro " mirroring to gain trust and then disseminate their own propaganda …

there has definitely been some strange behavior from you such as claiming that your IQ is over 200 despite the fact that IQ scale only goes to 200 or your claim that you are rich and then saying you drive a used car you bought for $7,000 and so on …

i’m always happy to see people join even if they are FBI ChatGPT Bots.

i just want to know how actual humans who have been following me or known me for years feel about you, because i have a responsibility to make this site hospitable to them.

PS: i’m not saying you are definitely a Hasbara BOT. there is a 50/50 chance that you are a real person :slight_smile:

My comment about my IQ was facetious. I don’t know what it is and don’t really care. I converse with people whose IQ’s measure in the 180-200 range and have no trouble understanding their ideas and can have productive, stimulating dialogue with mutual contributions to the discourse.

When it comes to IQ, there is a concept called the “30 point communication range” that describes how well people across the spectrum are able to understand eachother when they speak at their fullest mental capacity. A person can understand the ideas of someone with an IQ of 0-30 points higher than his and be understood by someone with an IQ of 0-30 points lower than his. Whether or not the number 30 is accurate, the general concept holds.

This is what gives rise to the “danger zone” in IQ. People with IQ’s in the 130-145 range are significantly smarter than almost everyone else, and they are too smart to be fully understood by the average person. These conditions allow many of them to convince themselves that they are at the apex of human intelligence, and rarely is this belief challenged because it is so rare for them to meet people significantly more intelligent themselves. However, they are plentiful enough that they are able to congregate in institutions like academia and take control and shut out the people who are smarter than them and who are able to prove them wrong. They form a consensus with each other and call it “the science” or whatever and their reputation as the class of superior minds creates a system that militates against opposing ideas, even if they are better. If you are smarter than these people you get treated the same way as the people who are stupider than them.

That is why highly giften individuals burn out and lose interest in society. We live in a society that not only celebrates mediocrity but also actively suppresses excellence beyond what people in the danger zone have elevated as its highest form. If you have something truly profound to contribute you will hopefully go unnoticed, but more likely you will be ridiculed and shamed. That is the thanks you get for being the best. There are plenty of people in this world with exceptionally high IQ’s, but most of them hide away and spend their lives shitposting on the internet.

your main ideas that you think i can’t understand seem to be:

1 - Needing a car for everything is bad city design

2 - Klaus Schwab doesn’t control the world

( 1 ) i assure you anybody who doesn’t have a car can understand this concept. as many college students don’t have cars it is easy to brainwash them into believing this. it is also easy to brainwash them into believing that government should pay off their student loans as well. most users on FuckCars reddit are teenage furries and trannies who ride bicycles because it feels good between their legs. you don’t need even 80 IQ for this shit.

( 2 ) understanding how the world works actually does require intelligence. if it didn’t i wouldn’t bother discussing it or it would be too boring for me. i never claimed to know the fine details of how the machine works, or that Klaus Schwab controls it from the top personally. all i ever claimed is that what Klaus Schwab says is more likely to happen than what anybody ( except me ) says. Alan Watt was pretty good but he’s dead. If you want to know the future your best bet is to ask me, your second best bet is to ask Klaus Schwab or Yuval Harari - is all i’m saying.

If you noticed - i never claimed that Yuval Harari has any power AT ALL. He’s just a historian.

My job is to predict the future, not point fingers to assign the blame for it.

The exact organization of the power structure isn’t important - what is important is is the overall flow of ideas from conceptual form to physical reality we all live in.

From that perspective both Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari are upstream of Media which is upstream of Governments and Voters are altogether irrelevant.

In your delusional world view voters are somehow upstream of Klaus Schwab, which is to say that Klaus Schwab has to live in a world that voters vote on. that is nonsense - it is demonstrably false. instead it is the voters who have to live in the world envisioned by Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari and democracy itself is just a hallucination.




In my world view Klaus Schwab’s relevance is only temporary. People like Klaus Schwab come and go.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the here in now and think it will last forever. History is more turbulent and will continue to be in the future. Nobody on earth has the power to direct the course of human history the way people like Klaus Schwab wish they can.

In my world view God is upstream of everything. You don’t understand God, so perhaps that is why it is so hard to see what is happening in the world.

probably because my IQ is not over 200 like yours :wink:

God is upstream on everyone.
But He allows men, powerful men, to be upstream of other lesser men.

It is obvious…painfully obvious that the synchronicities we see in policy and direction (the almost unanimous response to Covid, the IMF bribes to the reluctant, and death for the recalcitrant - the African leaders who all had heart attacks - who said no to the Covidian rules) are directed from above.

People like Klaus Schwab come and go.

Yes. But the policies remain.
A new singer but the same song.

Read Brave New World and 1984. We’re getting that mix…the grinding away of hope for the young, gender-fluidity promotion, “we are always at war with Russia”.

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