Politics as Pornography

when i watch Porn i can never shake the feeling that i’m watching the news on CNN because of how laughably absurd everything is …

the reason is simple - people who watch Porn WANT to believe what they’re watching, so there is no real reason for producers to make an effort to make it believable … they know their job is simply to give you a theme and let your imagination do the rest to make it real in your mind.

it’s the same when you watch CNN or any other news. if you’re dumb enough to watch that shit you subconsciously want to believe that what you’re watching is real and not the Matrix. for that reason they don’t really try very hard to make any sense either.

the narrative skips back and forth, changes for no reason, nothing adds up, brother’s sisters’s step aunt stuck in the dryer blah blah blah … it’s simple. anybody who is critical of that shit isn’t watching it. anybody who is watching isn’t critical.

i’m not exactly sure how it’s possible to be this dumb but then again i’m in the top 1% by IQ and for me to understand how an average person thinks would be like for an average person to understand how a cat or a squirrel thinks. probably can be done … then again i could probably fuck a goat … but i’m not going to do it … just not something i’m into.

People are conditioned to watch it…to stay “informed”.
I think if you get them to stop watching for a while, they would think more critically.

Well…some would think more critically.

when i was in High School our teachers repeatedly told us that if we want to do well on SAT English we have to read “New York Times” …

well i do agree that NYT has a lot of SAT words … but so does the Wall Street Journal … so why NYT specifically ?

well obviously because NYT is liberal propaganda whereas WSJ is not.

so yes the system is there to “guide” you from cradle to grave. people think education, media, sports, entertainment etc are all somehow separate - but it is one giant system.

each part of the system has a duty to promote the other parts of the system so education will promote sports, sports will promote education and so on. blue-pillers think it makes sense that good people would promote good things but it’s really just the system role playing with itself.

at every presidential debate there is a question about sports teams and MTV will always remind you to not forget to vote and so on. every part of the system serves to promote and legitimize the other parts.

for this reason for any slave born into this Matrix it can be quite difficult to wake up from it, just as in the movie.

i was “lucky” in a sense in that i grew up in USSR and when i came to US my conditioning from USSR caused me to reject American values and Society and that gave me the mental space and distance to look at American society critically which is something people born here for the most part are incapable of doing …

the fact that they would let people like me into the country is actually proof that those who are born here are so far gone that the system isn’t even worried about them ever waking up. this was addressed in “Brave New World” …

and even i would have ended up in team blue pill if 9-11 didn’t happen literally blocks away from me … my car was covered with dust from the towers the next morning … looking into 9-11 is what led me to ultimately decide to stop watching TV …

but for the average Murikan to stop watching TV is unthinkable … the Murikan animal without its TV is like a fish out of water. it needs TV like you and i need air. it has completely outsourced its mind and identity to the system.

My son has two words he uses to describe the modern era:.
Unification and value.
As you both say, the system reinforces itself so there is a blending, a loss of distinction everywhere - LGBT stuff in cartoons, politics in sport etc. It is all one sick stew.
And TV is a system enforcer for achieving this unification.
And now the internet is being absorbed into the system (or rather is already a part of the system).
Then value - the modern woman is a goddess, the modern man an ant - the ordinary man has very little value in this world.

But things are so difficult that surely the most blue-pilled will wake up.

wait … how old are you ? can i still make fun of Boomers ? LOL

well no, the TV is not special, it’s just one head of the hydra.

the central nervous system is somewhere between Jews, Pedophiles, International Bankers and organizations like World Economic Forum, Bilderberg etc.

Internet is just a replacement for television.

actually going to disagree here. women didn’t gain in value with feminism - they lost it. women USED TO have value, but they lost ALL of it.

women used to derive their value from scarcity and child bearing. because young beautiful girls were all married off to rich men they used to be scarce. and because the most reliable investment anybody could make in the past was children women were valuable.

women lost all that. ALL OF IT.

any alpha male can get as many women as he wants for free today. any incel can get as many prostitutes as he can afford. scarcity is gone.

and nobody wants children anymore because your children aren’t yours anymore - they belong to the state now.

women are 100% finished.

as for men - they never had any value in the world.

but now the value of a man is negative ( same for a woman too ). that is to say the owners of the planet will pay good money to stop us from existing.

things aren’t difficult you just need to adjust your expectations. Americans expect things like cars and houses and steak. Europeans only expect bicycles and apartments and some soup. Mexicans expect to have 10 people sharing one room and hopefully some rice and beans. North Koreans would be happy to be able to eat anything at all.


women are 100% finished.

The elite hates them but regular men want them and worship them.

Me? I’m 47.

And the TV will help us to adjust our expectations all the way down.

Prime age for a philosopher !

i think that depends on who you talk to. places like GAB is mostly incels who do worship women because they are virgins. but if you were to hang around wall street bankers for example to them women are as disposable as toilet paper. same for PUAs.

the problem is that women are obviously interested in bankers and alphas and not incels in other words women are disposable trash to all the men that women actually care about and thus women see themselves as disposable trash despite reading about how they are “queens” in their magazines every day.

if they didn’t feel they are trash they wouldn’t need to to be told by other women every day how valuable they are.

women are the biggest victims of the current situation but it’s hard to feel sorry for them since they are squarely responsible for it in the first place.

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well i grew up in Soviet Union so for me it’s not “scary” - just a circle of life.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.

i always say i was born in a Communist country and will die in one too.

And again, it’s not the television - it’s everything - cradle to grave. Starting from Disney cartoons and Kindergarten new generation will be conditioned with the “correct” values and expectations. Children will learn that being selfish ( having things ) is wrong, that sharing ( getting robbed ) is caring and so on.

How can /will the system fall?
Nothing is eternal.
Will the quality of humans produced be too low to keep it going and so it grinds to a halt?
Or will the machine learning (re-branded as AI) be the system saviour?

My son says a society has five things: leadership, laws, enforcers of the laws, common beliefs and people that are indistinguishable from each other.

So…we are evolving to a perfect global western society…everywhere.
The distinctions between music, culture, the decades (70s vs. 80s etc.) are all being blended and unified.

And indeed ZPG (zero population growth) is coming. This will be the beginning of the end. I do not know when ZPG is coming…2030 for China…maybe 2050 worldwide.

This is to me a horror story. :sob: :sob:

this is where i lose most people … okay this is where i lose every single person i ever spoke to …

the system will not fall …

people tell me the elites will “make a mistake” …

please !

the number of mistakes they made on 9-11 is impossible to top. everything went completely wrong. Building 7 fell without getting hit by plane. Pentagon had a hole in it with not one out of hundreds of cameras showing a plane impact etc.

or how about the whole thing where Fauci paid Chinese to develop Covid thing ? the JFK assasination ? Epstein suicide ?

Everybody that is a somebody was with Epstein on his pedo rape island, it’s all in the records, and not one person is arrested while Epstein is Suicided. How much more in your face can it get ? What possible mistake can the system make to bring itself down that it hasn’t already made and nothing happened ?

everything is in your face and yet you talk to people and they be like “nah, 911 can’t be an inside job - something like that is impossible to keep secret !” … well it’s not secret. i mean if it was secret i couldn’t be telling you about it right now, could i ? they refer to their own denial of obvious reality as it being secret. nothing is secret ! everything is 100% in the open. people just don’t want to see it.

i have people on normal forums ask me to explain these things to them i’m like well it’s against the rules on this forum why don’t you come to MY forum and i will answer any questions you have. they’re like no. they want to stay within the boundaries set for them. they know i can’t say anything outside of boundaries on a normal forum and that’s exactly where they want to be - in the box designated for them. they want me to tell them just enough that they could feel smarter than their peers, but they don’t want to know the whole truth.

Hmmm…reaching for copium…

What about elite in-fighting? Any chance of that breaking the system?

read “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley … who was the brother of 1st director of UNESCO and a direct descendant of Charles Darwin.

it was written 100 years ago and it’s all in there.

we will have a caste system like in India. in Brave New World the caste system is based on height and intelligence. in the real future it will also be based on height and intelligence but also skin color. Races will not exist but skin color will. And of course Jews will be at the top.

According to Gilad Atzmon ( former IDF soldier ):

Judaism isn’t a worship of god, but a worship of the Jews.

the Pharaohs in Egypt were white and their religion was a worship of themselves as Gods. the Jews will be the new Pharaohs worshipping themselves while enslaving everybody else.

the average IQ of “humans” will be barely higher than what is the average IQ of apes today and White Jewish ruling class will in effect be gods compared to them.

i don’t really see the problem with any of those things like zero population growth - that’s a good thing ! unification of values etc is a good thing too.

only thing that isn’t so good is that humanity has absolutely no say in any of this yet is delusional enough to think it is free and in charge.

the problem is total inability of of the masses to become conscious or aware of anything. well, not a problem but a little disturbing.

if Elites decided to kill off every living person with cancer tomorrow literally nothing would stop them. the masses are completely indistinguishable from cattle.

well what is going on in Ukraine is interesting … i honestly don’t know why the west and Putin can’t settle their differences. and what are even their differences anyway ?

the bigger issue isn’t that the system will or will not fall but that the system is good. the humanity is the problem.

why do you identify with humanity ? i don’t.

i identify with the elites more than i do with the cattle.

i could discuss any subject with the elites but i can’t discuss anything with the cattle. they do not understand, they get scared, offended, angry, go into denial …

when i look at animals around me i never ever get the feeling that they deserve to be saved. i have been trying to save them for over a decade and i never got a thanks from them - quite the opposite - they exiled me here.

they punished me for trying to save them every step of the way and i am supposed to continue fighting for them ?

i don’t think so.

the system is good basically.

i don’t know why you would want to fight it.

humans are very dangerous animals. you could safely release cows from farms but you can’t just release humans into the wild - they would destroy everything.

instead humans need to be safely put to sleep, and only the Elites are up to this task.

if humans were physically capable of handling freedom they would be free to begin with. the reason they are slaves is because they are cattle and their function is to become sausage.

this puts intellectuals like myself in a tough spot …

watch the excellent movie “snowpiercer”

not to be confused with the TV series …

the movie is about the struggle of the masses against the elites …

in the movie the main character is basically me … which is also an inspiration for my account you know where …