same but opposite problem

everybody on GAB is a redneck boomer

everybody on NOSTR is a teen gamer


average IQ on NOSTR disappointing …

yes it’s people who are good at computers but only because they are young - not because they are smart …

there are basically two categories on NOSTR:

1 - bitcoiners

2 - edgelords / gamers / teens

unsurprisingly nobody really of my level on the entire platform …

the entire platform is quite new though - less than half the age of GAB let alone Twitter …

so there is still hope for its future …

sample NOSTR content:

i actually got some likes on a NOTE for once:

11 likes on NOSTR is actually a fair amount LOL


this was in response to Lyn Alden’s run-off-the-mill “bitcoin solves this” type post.

i got likes because my argument reinforces what BTC crowd believes …

but is at the same time genuine ( i believe what i said ) and, dare i say, profound …

i first expressed this to a chick at work 20 years ago though back then it was only a vague idea in my mind …

now it is crystal clear …

it was probably in the 1990s or so when problems stopped being organic and started to become engineered …

basically by the time we got things like robots, internet, GPS, solar panels, genetic engineering etc that is when we started to feverishly engineer problems to compensate for the fact that we were running out of real ones …

this is how we got global warming, patriarchy, white supremacy and all those other imaginary problems we’re dealing with today …

i mean obviously it wasn’t like any magic moment when it happened but rather as we approach the singularity the closer we get the more fake all the problems we’re dealing with become …

10,000 years ago problems were mostly real ( fight or die )

100 years ago problems were somewhat real ( work or starve )

today problems are " oh no i was misgendered ! " or " look that terrorist isn’t wearing a mask ! " or " if we don’t stop eating real food we won’t meet our Paris Climate goals ! ! ! " and so on …

or @kanyewest favorite " why are we allowing cars to use so much space ! this is so stupid ! "

Our problems today are more about the fact that we are rapidly draining the planet of its resources and human civilization will collapse if we don’t figure out a better way to live.

if you believe that don’t you think we should be trying to stop the growth of population in places like Africa and India that each have about 3 times as many people as all white people on earth combined ?

there are more children born in Nigeria alone than there are white children born in all of Europe, yet it is European whites who are told not to have children - not Nigerians !

do you not see anything fishy going on here ?

do you not suspect that there may be more to the story that what Klaus Schwab, the WEF and everybody they control ( universities, media, hollywood etc. ) let on ?

why are white children getting puberty blockers at age 9 when Nigerian women are having 6 - 8 children each and nobody is doing anything about it ?

i am all ears @kanyewest please enlighten me …

the Germans are some of the most cucked Europeans due to losing WW2 to the Jews …

a few years ago i was watching German TV to learn German and they were of course talking about Climate Change …

they were showing European Cities underwater - like famous buildings and statues 20-30 feet under water …

yet the same people who preach this every single one of them own oceanfront property …

and a private jet.

in fact their appetite for oceanfront property is so insatiable they burned down all their neighbors in Hawaii to build more so they can really give their private jets a workout flying to the middle of the pacific ocean and back for no particular reason, well other than to have orgies with children …

here is an idea @kanyewest - maybe instead of listening to people who always lie you should listen to somebody ( me ) who is always right about everything …

Of course we should stop the population growth in those places. I have been to India and it is the biggest shithole imaginable. Everywhere you look there is garbage and a crowd of people standing around doing nothing. The humans there have turned their country into a toxic waste dump. They are a plague.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that Westerners consume way more resources per person on average. Indians live in poverty but their sheer numbers mean that they still trashed the place. If everyone in the third world was consuming as many resources as people in America the planet would be beyond fucked.

Globalists want to reduce everything to “climate change,” as if everything wrong that is happening to the environment has something to do with temperature. That’s retarded.

If you take a look at how we live in the West and the amount of resources that are necessary to sustain that lifestyle it’s painfully obvious that the system is headed for collapse unless there is a major correction in population or resource consumption.

I don’t know how you can deny this.

The only likely outcome is that 99% of people will be reduced to living in squalor and an elite few will continue to live comfortable high-tech lifestyles.

Your plan is to become a part of that elite, correct?

when did i ever deny this ? this is one piece of the puzzle. it is not the whole picture. people who know only this and nothing else end up joining suicide cults.

there are valid ideas behind most horrible movements. communism is a good example. repeating those basic ideas doesn’t make you wise - it makes you a tool. to be wise like me you have to see how reality deviates from the official story.

here is the thing - the rich vs the poor is a communist lie. the reality is that the only productive class is the middle class. both the ultra-rich and the dirt-poor are unproductive. the ultra-rich are unproductive because they don’t need to be - they have the power to exploit the middle class. the dirt-poor are unproductive because they can’t be - they are too dumb to read and write.

but the dirt-poor do have utility for the ultra-rich and that is they can be used to attack the middle-class when the middle-class starts getting uppity about carrying the entire humanity on its shoulders via taxes. remember neither the rich nor the poor pay taxes. the poor don’t pay due to progressive taxation and the rich don’t pay because they have tax lawyers. Trump didn’t pay any taxes in like 10 years for example, but basically all the rich are like this.

only the Middle Class pays taxes and they aren’t happy about this, so the rich keep the poor around and teach them that Middle Class needs to check their privilege and that sharing is caring and so on …

anyway what is happening right now isn’t depopulation - it is thinning out of the middle class. the rich hate the middle class because they depend on it, which is another way of saying the Jews hate white people.

sadly i have no plan. i fucking WISH i could join the elites. if Klaus Schwab ever sends me the check i am going to sell all of you out. you’re a FED aren’t you @kanyewest ? instead of trolling me you should just put me in contact with WEF and give me a nice cozy job at some nonprofit.

whether it comes to power, influence or income those at the very top always play those at the bottom against those in the middle while making it all but illegal to even mention their own existence

the common folk think that Biden has power for example. in reality they wouldn’t be able to name any person or entity that has actual power. Biden is just there to catch the flak for all the policies that people above him come up with.

likewise when college student FOOLS ( like you @kanyewest ) are weaponized against “the rich” ( anybody who has an SUV ) they somehow always forget the ACTUAL rich ( those who have private jets )

and likewise Niggers are made to believe that they are oppressed by “WYPIPO” when actually it is the Jews who are oppressing everybody including the white people and it is the Jews who ran the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

it is the same dynamic everywhere. those at the very top use those in the middle as scapegoats. with the twist that in case of our predicament as a humanity the vast majority of the cattle isn’t even aware of the top existing.

this is why when you begin to attack people for driving cars you reveal yourself to be a tool who has been brainwashed by the system.

yes cars are harmful but a private jet burns as much fuel in a single flight as a plug in hybrid car does in 50 years.

if you weren’t a tool you would be calling for ban on private jets rather than calling for walkable neighborhoods and 15 minute cities.

AFTER the elites have given up on private jets THEN i will be 100% open to discussing how we can transition from cars to alternative modes of transporation.

as you know i have many ideas on that front, but i am not about to push for them while Klaus Schwab, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Sergey Brin fly around privately and buying up oceanfront property.

i want them to lead by example.

get it ?

This has nothing to do with the imaginary concept of money. Money is just numbers.

The earth has a finite amount of resources, whether they be fossil fuels, forests, ocean life, nutrients in the soil, etc. Modern civilization is taxing the earth way beyond its ability to replenish those resources. The way we currently live is unsustainable and will lead to war and famine and eventual collapse if we don’t make it sustainable. The problem is way bigger than cars or private jets or wealth inequality. It can’t be measured in dollars or anything. It is the brute reality of the nature of our condition.

The movie Idiocracy depicts the future as some kind of high-tech civilization in a world thar has been turned into a giant landfill.

The future will be neither high-tech nor a landfill. The wheels will fall off way before then. It will probably just look like India without the people.

no sonny it is not reality of the nature of our condition that we are somehow forced to import hundreds of millions of nonwhites into white countries and then deprive ourselves of things we enjoyed for the past 50 years ( like cars ) because if every Nigerian and Mexican that we imported drives a car it will destroy the planet.

urbanist fools like you be like " how can we create affordable housing ! ! ! cars are making housing unaffordable by using up all the land ! ! ! "

uhm … no.

immigrants, not cars, are making housing unaffordable.

seal the border and housing will be affordable within 10 years without having to build a single new home. boomers will die out and leave millions of empty homes and since whites aren’t having kids anymore anybody with a minimum wage job will be able to afford a home because after these homes stand empty for a few years the owners will be forced to lower prices.

if we simply leave these nonwhites in their own countries they will never be able to afford cars ( problem solved ) nor will they be competing with us for land ( housing crisis solved ).

and yet the same people who tell you all these things about environmental collapse are literally DEMOLISHING parts of border wall that were already privately built and actively working to flood white countries with millions upon millions of immigrants.

the Movie idiocracy depicts the future created by our choice as a society to embrace dysgenics.

for example how is the following for “healthy” :

or how is the following for “stunning” :

Avoiding idiocracy has nothing to do with resource depletion and everything to do with Eugenics vs Dysgenics.

remember in Idiocarcy they watered the plants with Brawndo soda pop.

meanwhile in the real world Bill Gates is currently proposing chopping down the forests and burying the logs in land fills to “capture carbon” …

yes really. in a time of record lumber prices and record house unaffordability Bill Gates is proposing burying lumber in land fills.

yes let’s open the borders, flood the nation with tens of millions of immigrants and bury lumber in landfills then wonder why housing is not affordable …

RETARDATION is the real issue we are facing.

if the elites want me to believe they are serious they have to:

  • stop flying privately
  • stop buying oceanfront property
  • seal the border
  • stop sending food to africa

THEN we can talk about cars and other things that damage the environment

because it doesn’t look like the elites actually believe what they are saying

it doesn’t seem as if their primary concern is overpopulation

it seems their primary concern is exterminating the white middle class by any and all means possible

whites have been fully exterminated in Haiti

whites are currently being actively exterminated in South Africa

and soon it will come to America and Europe

meanwhile some of the most expensive real estate in the world is Billionaire Bunker Island off Miami that is barely a few feet above ocean level:

all the same people who tell us how our cities will all be under water even though the average city is about 200 feet above ocean level are buying property that is less than 10 feet above ocean level