No planes hit WTC?

do you believe this fucking clown >

he uses a camera angle from which you can’t see the plane as “proof” that there was no plane …

government pays to promote false theories like this to discredit accurate theories …

in my early days as a conspiracy theorist when i tried to explain to somebody what happened on 911 he was like " didn’t you see the planes on TV ? " and i was like - what are you talking about ? when did i ever say there were no planes ?

well it’s rejects like our friend “Truth Pills” here who ultimately make it impossible to red pill anybody …

because whenever you try to talk to somebody they don’t hear what you’re saying - they just hear the nonsense somebody like “Truth Pills” have told them before, like that there were no planes …

government always have and always will promote false conspiracy theories like this as well as Aliens, Reptilians, Flat Earth, 5G and on and on so that in the eyes of the masses conspiracy theorists all look like idiots …

well certainly “Truth Pills” is an idiot ( or a FED ) but, that doesn’t mean all of us are …

Yup. Most people who talk about 9/11 conspiracies say the stupidest shit ever that has nothing to do with anything. For example, they think that thermite was placed in the towers or that a missile instead of a plane hit the Pentagon. WTF does that have to do with anything? Just look into who was behind 9/11 and who benefited instead of the worthless details of how and you will unravel a conspiracy. When you uncover the corruption and criminality and pure evil of the actors involved, many of whom were and still are involved with our governments and its allies, it will make you want to vomit.

It wasn’t Klaus Schwab by the way. :wink:

This just goes to show how hopeless it is trying to redpill normies. The people who are open-minded to this kind of stuff but not especially intelligent just want to believe in anything other than what they are told. You can get them to believe in anything up to and including that the earth is flat.

unfortunately i have to agree.

people either want to accept or deny.

they never want to think.

they either FEEL the government will protect them or they are AFRAID of the government.

it all comes down to " whose side are you on ? " with humans … are you team red or team blue ?

this is why color revolutions work.

dumb, tribal animals.

and the Elites have all the means they need for manipulating the masses.