Nightmarish Meal from NOSTR

when “Rabble”

posted this


i didn’t know he was a Vegan … he really should have done a better job with the caption to make it clear that the restaurant was constrained by his unique preferences …

when other idiots on NOSTR started commenting about how “healthy” the meal was i couldn’t take it and started this thread to break down the nutrition of that meal … which i never would have done if i knew he was Vegan because obviously Vegans are a lost cause.

the very reason i started the thread is because i couldn’t believe my eyes. i couldn’t believe a meal could be THIS bad, and since i never been to China and Rabble seemed to be blaming the Chinese i assumed that maybe this is what “nutrition” China-style looks like.

i then proceeded to analyze the nutrition of the meal comparing it to Hospital Food in America and so on … all of that is still valid, except the context is no longer about Trashing China but trashing Vegans.

when i realized my mistake ( that it’s all Rabble’s fault and not the fault of the Chinese ) i wanted to delete the whole thread but @kanyewest had replied to it already, so now i am forced to just edit it instead. when you read the below just keep in mind i didn’t realize he ASKED to have all of the nutrition ( meat, milk etc. ) removed from the meal.

ORIGINAL POST FOLLOWS BELOW ( edited to remove China bashing ):

this looks like sugar, starch, two flavors of piss, and some leaf.

the closest they have come to a protein is that ounce of peas and the closest they have come to fat is any margarine in that baked thingy.

this is, nutrition wise, American Hospital Food, which was determined by studies to be the worst food served anywhere in America - worse than food served in Prisons - infinitely worse than junk food.

Junk Food ( like McDonalds ) is ROCK SOLID nutrition compared to Hospital food or This. Junk Food has close to optimum amount of protein in it, mostly from Animal sources, which, again, is preferable. and Junk Food has a pretty even balance of carbs and fats even if most of that fat is deep fried soybean oil, but at least some of the fat is animal fat ( which actually contains nutrients like Omega 3, Vitamins A and D and so on ).

this China meal ? simply has no fats at all - just like American Hospital food ( okay okay American Hospitals add a bit of margarine to kill you faster ) and in fact no nutrients … AT ALL.

this meal is ENTIRELY composed of carbs, which is the ONLY macronutrient that is completely unessential, that is - provides ZERO nutrition. about half of Amino Acids in protein are essential and SOME of the fatty acids in Fat are essential as well ( plus animal fat has essential fat soluble vitamins ), but there are NO essential carbs, and the meal above has NOTHING BUT carbs.

the meal above offers ZERO nutrition but a GIANT blood sugar spike ( starch produces almost the same blood sugar spike as sugar itself ) that is damaging to your entire body ( but mainly blood vessels ) and WILL eventually kill you if you keep doing it.

i eat home-made food when i can but if i’m on the go i will first attempt to find a place that serves salmon or fish of some kind, then if that isn’t possible a place that serves steak or eggs, if that is not possible a place that serves chicken and if all fails i will go to 7-11

at 7-11 i buy some combination of chocolate milk, protein shake, protein bar, banana or sandwich … pretty much everything sold at 7-11 has posted content of protein, calories and other macros and they have hundreds of high protein and diet options so you can design your meal with the exact macros you want. i typically go for about 50 grams of protein total for the meal and choose the rest based on how hungry i am and of course so that the taste matches, for example:

  • high protein chocolate milk with high protein chocolate chip cookie
  • high protein chocolate milk with a protein bar
  • vanilla protein shake with a banana
  • protein shake with a sandwich

( make sure the source of protein in your Shake / Cookie is Whey and not Soy ! - it will be listed on the label - if the font is too small you can take a pic with your phone and zoom in )

If you look at the nutrition of a cheeseburger from McDonald’s it’s not really that bad. Take the McDouble from the dollar menu for example:

20 grams fat
33 grams carb
22 grams protein

The macro breakdown is 45F/33C/22P

If you ate eight of these per day you would get 3200 calories with 176 grams of protein.

That’s a decent bulking diet for a natural bodybuilder not doing any cardio.

The proportion of fats to carbs is a little high, but that’s not a huge deal.

You can do better by eating McCrispy’s. They have:

20 grams fat
46 grams carb
26 grams protein

Eat seven of them to get 3290 calories with 182 grams of protein and a macro breakdown that is 38F/39C/22P

Not bad at all. I’d still like the fats to be lower and the carbs higher, but for the most part that is good nutrition for someone looking to build muscle.

They say that eggs and kale are superfoods. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the McCrispy:

it’s not the amount of fat in McDonalds meals that is the issue but the quality of the fat

highest quality fat is animal fat from wild caught fish, game meat and 100% grass fed beef

lower quality fat comes from farmed animals fed grain etc.

and LOWEST quality fat is the stuff pictured below:

OK i’m lying there is even lower quality fat than that, namely when you take that soybean oil and then hydrogenate it or deep fry in it and that’s primarily the fat you will get in McDonalds

Chinese Food restaurants will have EVEN WORSE fat than that still as they will recycle that fat indefinitely … it is so bad New England Journal of Medicine has actually identified “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome” as basically a hangover from eating Chinese Food the day before. Wikipedia used to have an article about it but of course it was removed for being “racist” …

and Niggers in Africa steal transformers from the power grid and use transformer oil for cooking in their restaurants … luckily Niggers don’t know what Electricity is so most of them get electrocuted like so:

there are many such pictures electrocuted Niggers on Bing Image Search …

so yeah when it comes to fats QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN QUANTITY - more so than with even protein ( or carbs ).

most people believe that animal protein is vastly superior to plant protein … but it’s actually only slightly better. there is a much bigger difference in quality of fat ( animal fat infinitely superior ).

the middle ground for fat quality is plant fats from tropical plants such as Cocoa, Coconut or Olive. it is better than vegetable oils though not as good as animal fat.

ideally you shouldn’t have any ADDED fat. you should get all your fat simply from consuming whole animal foods such as whole eggs and whole milk.

just eat whole foods and keep in mind 99% of plants in the wild are inedible and vast majority of plants in the supermarket didn’t exist 10,000 years ago ( they were cultivated ).

so for example grapes and olives clearly existed in times of ancient Greece and Rome but things like Broccoli and Kale did not. that doesn’t mean that Broccoli and Kale are unhealthy but it does mean that humans didn’t evolve eating them.

we didn’t evolve eating Grapes and Olives either but we have been eating them long enough that we would have noticed by now if they were bad for us. on other hand for example Leafy Greens are a novelty and are pimped by Vegans as superfoods while actually causing Kidney Stones …

so just focus on whole animal foods, preferably wild or grass fed, and then throw in some tropical fruits ( like citrus ) and tropical fats ( olive, coconut, cocoa ) if desired. avoid grains and don’t over-do starchy tubers, leafy greens and vegetables - those things aren’t as healthy as vegans make them out to be.

The fat in a McDouble comes from beef and dairy. It’s obviously not the healthiest thing in the world, but it’s still better than just eating a bunch of carbs like that meal in the first post.

i wouldn’t be so sure if i were you. for example when fish is canned in Oil 90% of the total fat comes from the oil and 10% from the fish. people think they are consuming Omega 3 from the fish while they are actually consuming the opposite ( Omega 6 from the oil ).

McDonald’s hamburgers are made 100% from beef

Yeah, the quality is garbage and there is a lot of cartilage and connective tissue and other crap in there, but it all comes from a cow

nothing wrong with cartilage - it’s good for you.

but instead of eating McDonalds just go to Costco and buy a pack of frozen burger patties made from 100% grass fed beef and just flip them on the pan yourself.

all the nutrition in the burger is in the patty.

2 - 3 patties with a cup of coffee is a nice meal for me.

if you want to spice things up you can use pickes and / or ketchup, cheese etc. but only as much as you need to make it go down. you certainly don’t need the buns or the soda.

i sweeten my coffee with stevia.

I don’t eat fast food. I’m just saying it’s not all that bad if you do it right. My diet consists of the types of foods you describe. But I could incorporate junk if I wanted and be fine. The problem is that junk food is calorie dense and the amount you get to eat for dietary purposes is less than the amount you want to eat. I would rather eat whole foods that fill me up and leave me satisfied.

I should eat nothing but McDonald’s for a month and make gains and stay lean just to prove a point.

food isn’t for filling you up - it’s for providing nutrition.

also eating anything to prove a point sounds like something Niggers would do for an Instagram challenge - don’t do it.

just eat quality foods and count calories.