My response to Fuck Cars accusing me of hypocrisy

I hope Fuck Cars doesn’t mind me sharing these DMs.

( Fuck Cars is in Grey, i am in Blue )

my response below:

the very clever trick FuckCars is using here is conflating two things which are not the same …

he’s saying if i believe in freedom of speech then i must believe in marketplace of ideas because they are the same thing …

except they’re not …

free speech is vertical. it means “speaking truth to power” in other words those who are less powerful are allowed to “talk back” to those who are more powerful …

example: government experts tell you that Vaccine is safe and effective and you ( a regular person, not government expert ) reply " show me the data ? " that’s freedom of speech, and i believe / support it.

marketplace of ideas is horizontal. it means a bunch of people in a room discuss a bunch of ideas and the best ideas win because they are best. this is obviously nonsense.

in the real world when a bunch of people in a room discuss ideas they quickly figure out who is in the majority and then simply beat the ones who are in the minority with baseball bats, or shout them down.

ideas have no power nor do people have ability to determine which ones are “best” nor what “best” even means.

the only thing that has power … is power.

marketplace of ideas ( as FUCK wants it to work ) is not free speech - it is the opposite of free speech. it is tyranny of the majority.

tyranny can be vertical or horizontal. tyranny means those with power control those without power. power can be financial, military etc. or it can simply come from being in the majority.

this is why for example in America we have the electoral college system, which ensures that smaller states aren’t powerless.

shit-libs hate the electoral college system because you motherfuckers are tyrants at heart and believe in crushing the little guy … and you use excuses such as “fairness and equality” to do it.

well Fuck Cars is clever enough to actually use Freedom of Speech as an excuse for silencing dissent … it truly is clever i am not going to dispute that.

but you under-estimated me if you thought i was going to fall for it !

in other words Freedom of Speech prevents vertical tyranny whereas to prevent horizontal tyranny you need to amplify the voices which would otherwise be too faint … by quieting those who shout the loudest.

AND IN FACT YOU SHIT LIBS VERY MUCH BELEIVE IN THIS when you say that White Men should be quiet when Obese Black SheBoons speak.

you cleverly LIE and call Blacks “minority” even though globally they outnumber whites 3 to 1 and whites are just 10% of world population. unfortunately for you my dear FUCK that shit don’t work on me.

as a Dissident in the Intellectual Elite i am the REAL minority who needs to be protected.

FUCK YOUR MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS - the way you want it to work Its just a shouting competition for who has the most dumb animals shouting a given slogan.

you my dear FUCK are already benefitting from 2 factors:

1 - Nazis like me are banned from your platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. They even banned Kanye West who is one of the most famous and successful black people in history simply because he said he did not hate Nazis.

2 - Reddit is populated by a bunch of Femboy Furries who just want to replace their bike seat with a dildo and ride around their 15 minute city block from one gay club to the next.

Considering you operate in an environment where your side outnumbers the others 10 to 1 no wonder you are supportive of free speech IN THAT PARTICULAR CONTEXT.

You know your side will always out-shout the other in a shouting match that you call “marketplace of ideas” …

and you need outsiders like me or you will have nobody to shout at !

I am, however, in a different situation here. I don’t have 100,000 zombies at my disposal that i can command to attack the enemy by retarded shouting. I have to do most of the fighting myself. In this situation it is again not about a “marketplace of ideas” but simply about who has the stamina to keep going until the other side is exhausted. Which in practical terms means whoever values their time least - wins. Under such circumstances to win is really to lose. If you send 10 brain-dead zombies my way and i out-shout them all then i have lost because they have succeeded in wasting my life and in lowering myself to their level.

and don’t fucking tell me that the idiots i banned were minority dissenters. they were minority on this site yes, but globally they are the majority. if you parrot the same views as are taught in every university all over the planet yours is not a minority opinion and nothing of value is lost when you are unable to speak.

at some point protecting the freedom of speech becomes a matter of reducing the volume of those who are screaming the loudest until others can be heard. currently WEF and their shills ( yes i’m talking about YOU my dear FUCK ) are the ones screaming the loudest, and the ones who need to be turned down.

all my friends are banned from every platform on the internet while you sit there on 100,000 followers and whine about your voice getting silenced by me. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK !

i will continue to ban every piece of shit retard as i have in the past and no in fact that doesn’t contradict my belief in speaking truth to power.

i simply understand how freedom of speech and marketplace of ideas ACTUALLY work as opposed to how WEF goons like you who game the system want me to BELIEVE that they are SUPPOSED TO work …