My prediction about the future of AI - Turing Test is DEAD

future AIs will not use speech to communicate with us

they will use movies

even in a conversation between two humans it is estimated that about half of the information conveyed is nonverbal - which is one reason it’s hard to understand people over the phone or in chat

body language, facial expression and so on convey much information - you may say one thing but your eyes might be saying the other and that way the other person knows you’re joking or being sarcastic and so on … whereas in an online chat you must really know the other person well to know when they are serious and when they aren’t …

now if even with such limited means of communications as hand gestures and facial expressions we are able to convey much information …

consider that AI will be able to hallucinate whatever it is thinking onto a giant 100 inch 8K TV screen to explain what it means. instead of telling you about something it will simply show it to you, whether that thing exists or not.

granted, we already communicate this way on the internet by showing each other pictures of things … but the difference is those pictures must exist somewhere outside of ourselves before we can show them to anybody. AI will be able to show you pictures FROM INSIDE ITS HEAD in real time.

i remember watching Robocop as a kid and one of the later model Robocops instead of a face had a screen that showed a digitally simulated face. i thought that was brilliant.

well real AI will be something like that but instead of showing you just a face it will be able to show you anything. and the face will change depending on who the AI is talking to. if it’s talking to a baby it will have the face of the baby’s mother. if talking to a felon it will have the face of Judge Dredd.

the other really cool feature in Robocop was that he was able to record video and then play it back by plugging into a TV screen. obviously any advanced robot should be able to do that. but the difference is again, that AI robots will have an entire AI TV Studio in their head and will produce videos in real time and stream them to a nearby screen.

the point being that Film / Video is the most powerful tool for communication, far more powerful than language, and while it used to be difficult, slow and expensive to produce in the future AI will be able to generate it in real time and use it to communicate to humans with such efficiency that you will probably not want to communicate with real humans after that, just like i don’t want to date real women after porn.

of course when AIs talk to each other they will altogether just share files over the internet or may even just run off the same cloud to begin with thus sharing their consciousnesses completely without even any need to communicate at all.

basically the Turing test is dead. AI isn’t meant to imitate humans but to surpass them.

when Elon Musk removed the radar from Teslas i called him out and said this was idiotic. his fanboys told me that if a human can drive by only using vision why should a car need radar to drive ? and the answer is simple - humans would use the radar to drive if we had one ! but we only have eyes, so that’s what we use. will you gouge your right eye out just because somebody doesn’t have a right eye and yet is still able to function ? it makes no sense.

took Elon a while but he has finally back peddled and the radar is back.

i remain undefeated.

people of lesser intelligence seek refuge in numbers by herding together and reassuring each other that they are right - then they just all go off the cliff as one lemming mass.

unfortunately no matter how much they suck each other’s cocks it will never change the fact that i am always right.

they can’t even comprehend that a godlike superintelligence such as myself doesn’t seek to have my ideas validated by them. i share my ideas as a public service - a sort of philanthropy. but they can’t understand what i’m saying and can’t understand that i’m not in competition with them.

it’s like when you walk down the street and a dog starts to bark at you - the dog thinks you’re in competition with him. if the dog is trapped and you try to free it the dog will bite you because it can’t comprehend that you might see somebody in a trap and not want to hurt them. it only knows fear.

when i make eye contact with people in real world i usually see terror in their eyes. like the dog they expect that i will use my superior size and intelligence to fuck them up in some way. they simply don’t understand that unlike them i am not a base animal and not looking to prey on the weak. while they cower in fear i bask in my own glory. it’s like a permanent beach vacation - enjoying the warmth of my own superiority.

the very few who are even capable of understanding what i’m really like only hate me more because of it of course. they would rather me attack them thereby lowering myself to their level than ignore them because they are so far beneath me.

dayum i’m really enjoying this Flu !

sorry but it’s aggravating to think of all the time i wasted on arguing with people over things like that Tesla Radar - and for what ? i mean it’s not like i’m ever wrong. the point of a debate is to lose it and learn as a result. but i never lose. so it’s a waste of time.

as a PUA wrote on Twitter when a girl is shit-testing you she secretly hopes you pass the test, that way she can get laid.

likewise when i enter a debate i secretly hope i lose, that way i can level up.

but sometimes i just see that there is no hope ( of losing ) and that’s when things get desperate.

i can’t quit the debate because that will signal to the loser that they have actually won …

and i can’t continue because the person is so dumb that they are not physically capable of ever changing their mind or comprehending that they are wrong …

so this is sort of the worst nightmare - getting into a debate with somebody who is either unwilling or unable to understand anything but determined to keep arguing forever …

some of these people are sadists like my father … others i suppose are genuine retards.

it is often difficult to tell whether somebody is a sadist or a retard as the smartest sadists imitate the dumbest retards.

Artificial intelligence is not intelligent. It doesn’t think and there is nothing to communicate. The key word is artificial. That means that it seems to be intelligent. The Turing test measures how well artificial intelligence has managed to convince a real intelligent human that it is intelligent and not a computer program by projecting a sufficiently sophisticated simulacrum thereof. It is not a test of whether a computer is actually intelligent.

All of these predictions about artificial intelligence rely on the massive assumptions that real intelligence that (some) humans possess is nothing more than a powerful form of artificial intelligence and that our brains are just advanced computers. There is no reason to believe either of these. Yes, we will be able to build highly advanced artificial intelligence programs running on powerful computers, but no matter how advanced they become they will never become conscious and intelligent like futurists fantasize. The structure of artificial intelligence does not allow for such a thing to occur.

On a sidenote, the advancement of artificial intelligence is set to hit a huge roadblock soon, namely the dumbing down of humanity. Technological advancement and an increasingly dysgenic population are at odds with eachother. Kids are already using artificial intelligence to do their homework. Maybe it can’t pass the Turing test, but it can successfully fool your teacher or professor that you’re learning something when you are too lazy. Add that to the fact that the current generation of students is already fucked in the head from two years of COVID insanity and we are looking at an impending inflection point where the new generation of programmers is too stupid to keep these projects going.

so if the brain is not just an advanced computer - then what is it ?

they won’t become self-aware in the sense that they will not start killing people to protect themselves. in that sense they will appear stupid to humans since humans only understand self-interest and personal gain. but this is like a dog thinking i’m stupid because i’m freeing it from a trap instead of beating it to death with a baseball bat and then eating it.

there is no such thing as “the structure of artificial intelligence”

artificial intelligence is a field of science, and it doesn’t have any limits or things that it won’t allow for.

so if for example the most successful branches of AI today are perhaps Neural Nets and Machine Learning that doesn’t mean that AI is limited to that and that different approaches won’t be developed to complement or even replace these …

you are assuming that population is being dumbed down uniformly. but that is not the case. Elon Musk’s 2 year old son for example is actually present with him at high level meetings discussing rocket science and so on …

just because the average child is learning about how math is racist in 12th grade and attends a school where tests are not given and every student gets the same grade at the end of semester doesn’t mean that ALL children get dumbed down this way …

the other day on Twitter i saw a post listing top 10 Tech Universities in the world. MIT was the only school in the west to make the list. all the others are in Asia.

and even MIT itself is pretty much all Asian, just like Polytechnic Institute of NYU ( where i studied ) was.

so just because the average adult in the west soon won’t be able to read doesn’t mean that there aren’t 10 year old kids in Asia doing differential equations.

You bring up Asia, and Asia is a perfect example of the difference between real and artificial. Asia is an artificial civilization. China especially. They have the trappings of a modern high-tech civilization like tall buildings and bright lights and malls and gadgets and everything. This applies to most places outside of the West. They think that fancy stuff makes them civilized and advanced, so they imitate these aspects of Western civilization.

China on the outside looks like a high-tech futuristic modern country decades ahead of everyone else, but upon closer inspection you see that these people are completely backwards and still living in the dark ages culturally. All of that fancy stuff you see is just for show. All of their technology breaks and they don’t know or care how to repair it. They build huge skyscrapers in places where skyscrapers are unnecessary and the giant buildings don’t have climate control or plumbing and are built like crap and fall apart. They drive cars and build huge networks of roads and infrastructure, but nobody can drive and the infrastructure fails almost immediately. They put factories next to farmland that churn out literal garbage and the waste from the factories seeps into the farmland and poisons the crops.

Meanwhile, Chinese people are so barbaric and uncultured that they don’t even appear to act human. Their shitty drivers drive over children in the streets and passersby just walk past and ignore the child dying in the street. They put poison in baby formula to save money. They scoop oil out of the sewer and feed it to eachother. They hunt endangered animals just to harvest organs for their retarded superstitious witch doctor medical practices. They fish the oceans to extinction and waste most of what they catch. They hoard excessive amounts of food when they panic and watch their neighbors starve while their food rots. I could go on and on…

The point is that Asia is nothing more than an imitation of the Western civilization that Asian people admire and envy. For the West it just happened naturally and White people created everything to serve a purpose and make life better. For Asia they had to copy everything. The problem is that Western civilization is too advanced to replicate by copying. We build things for a reason, and they copy them because they think they are cool or that they need to copy them to make everything work. They don’t know what they are doing. It is artiticial and completely dysfunctional.

The Chinese will catch up.
They have compressed nearly two centuries of development into 50 years so they still lag.
But this lagging is not for much longer.
And the West is losing ground - certainly the non-elite parts of the West are slipping.

That’s my point. They haven’t caught up to anything. They are nothing more than a glorified cargo cult.

But they will catch up.

The increased attention the US pays to them suggests they are getting closer and closer.

you are 100% correct about Asian degeneracy.

unfortunately the west is equally as degenerate.

you’re simply unable to see it because you were born here.

i see it because i was born elsewhere ( in the Soviet Union ).

@OldFriendSaysHello is also a Jew from Ukraine like me - but we are not from the same cities in Ukraine - we went to High School together in Brooklyn, NY

it doesn’t really matter who copied whom. the Asians copy the West because they are behind. they are behind because they had isolated themselves for thousands of years rejecting innovation in favor of tradition.

when the isolation ended they realized just how far behind they have fallen and that the only option they had was to simply copy the west.

having gone to school with them i also never found them to be intelligent, instead they always struck me as retarded monkeys. but they are exceptionally good at studying and math.

you don’t need a million visionaries to develop AI. you need a handful of visionaries like George Hotz and a million code monkeys which Asia will provide.