Movies that were much better than i expected

RAW ( 2016 )

to be honest with you i expected this movie to be some kind of softcore porn seeing that it’s a R rated French movie with a girl having sex in the trailer …

instead it’s a coming of age story with the twist that it’s a psychological horror film …

and it’s just really well done.

well worth reading subtitles the entire movie. they don’t make movies of this quality in English.

Ex Machina ( 2014 )

again, i expected this to be some kind of a retarded movie about bimbo sex robots and while there may be a little bit of robot sex in the movie it’s really not about sex at all …

it’s actually a modern classic movie about power and manipulation that is also a psychological drama …

Possessor Uncut ( 2020 )

this movie is not for everybody. it is an ALL-OUT horror flick. hence the “uncut” which means that the R rated version is actually the censored version. the “uncut” version is the real deal one.

i watched the uncut but i actually had to turn away from the screen on some shots LOL.

anyway this movie delivers in the gore department but it’s actually not about that. it’s actually a very clever movie about people, society etc.

and like the two movies above it just has a lot of class and style and unique flavor.

Hot cannibal chick…
Hot chick :grinning:
Cannibalism :frowning_face:

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Will try it after I try Aniara.

that movie ( Raw ) is mental illness and sexual deviance themed visual art.

but it’s really meant more for college kids or for watching on drugs.

my kinda movie.

if you don’t think you would like it you are probably right.

when i say Ex Machina is about “power and manipulation” i mean on a personal level not on society level. it does raise ( through conversations between characters ) all those social issues as well as future of mankind but the action itself is on a personal scale. a claustrophobic movie.

EDIT: actually i forgot you like movies about relationships. Ex Machina is basically like Terminator and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind in one movie … a really dark movie. All Alex Garland movies are of course really dark. His name is basically synonymous with darkness. Ex Machina is basically a Romeo and Juliet story … but set in a nightmare from hell.

Aniara is Existentialism, Environmentalism but also touches on many other subjects as well such as Government, Cults, Mental Illness etc. It’s also quite sexually explicit, but only because it’s a foreign film. America being founded by religious people still has that character to this day with their phobia of sex. Aniara isn’t supposed to be sexy but it does have quiet a bit of sex in it.

By contrast Ex Machina IS supposed to be sexy but there is very little sex, because it’s an American movie.

just finished watching “Midsommar”

never seen anything like it …

absolutely insane - pure art !

movies this good should be illegal !

even the picture quality is maybe the best i have ever seen …

first thing i did after the movie ended was go to movielens and give it 5 stars.

Midsommar…looks like horror…I’ll give it a try.
Director’s cut of Midsommar? Or theatrical cut?

Don’t know how you feel about Korean films…I told you of a few…but here is one about police trying to catch a serial killer that was quite good…actually got better as the film went on…and doesn’t end in the usual way.

it reminds me of movies like “2001 a space odyssey” ( long, atmospheric ) “The Lobster” ( social commentary, relationships ), “Ex Machina” ( manipulation, betrayal ), “Aniara” ( Religion, Cults, Death, Doom ) and “Possessor” ( GORE ) … it just goes back and forth between beautiful scenic landscapes and flowers … and guts, brains and eyeballs splattered all over the place … absolutely nuts :slight_smile:

i don’t know which one i watched but it was 2 hours and 27 minutes long ( including the credits in the end ) …

and it’s a very BRIGHT ( literally ) movie … in fact the setting is in the polar circle at summer solstice which means that the sun never actually sets so it’s a horror movie which takes place over a week during which there is really no night at all and most shots are very sunny with just beautiful nature and flowers instead of darkness and ugliness like you would expect in a horror movie … but that’s because it’s not a cheap kind of movie that people think of when they hear the word “horror” … its an art film like you might expect from A24 studios …

yeah Koreans are big on twist endings it seems. i like that.

i’m now sort of dividing films into 3 categories:

1 - mainstream movies that i watch with feeble minded people who can only handle mainstream stuff ( most recently “The Batman”, “The Greatest Showman” and “American Made” )

2 - darker, more artsy movies i watch alone but still in the living room, just when nobody else is awake ( most recently “Last Night in Soho” and “Midsommar” )

3 - erotic or otherwise completely inappropriate movies i watch in a smaller room on a smaller TV ( for example “Nymphomaniac” ( which is a serious movie but with nonstop explicit sex for 5 hours ), or more recently “Cheeky” ( 2000 ) which features nonstop nudity, though is completely unserious )

i would put most Korean movies in the 2nd category.

when i am able to see a movie at the soonest depends on which category it falls into, which category i have a time slot for and the backlog of movies to watch. but generally speaking i do enjoy Korean movies and movielens also expects me to like “memories of a murder” predicting 3.9 stars for me … by comparison it only predicted 3.4 stars for “Midsommar” … so i will probably see it at some point, thanks!

You watch a movie every day?!

haven’t watched movies at all for about 10 years then watched about 50 of them in 3 months then again no movies from black Friday ( when i failed to secure a TV because it sold out ) until recently and currently averaging about a movie per day. some days i watch two. it’s dark for about 8 hours right now so yesterday for example i watched “american made” from about 9 to 11 pm and then “midsommar” from about 1 am to 4 am. of course i’m not a strict night owl - sometimes i’m up during the day so i will miss the opportunity to watch anything.

“Black Swan” was nothing short of excellent

Best i can explain it without spoiling it is that in the movie Natalie Portman’s character battles on multiple fronts both internal and external while simultaneously winning and losing …

Most characters in this movie are complex and Portman’s character is maybe one of the most complex characters in film history …

“Black Swan” is from the same director who did “Requiem for a dream” and it has a similar vibe but it is a much more mature film, coming 10 years later …

Midsommar…what will you give to belong?

And they have…creative uses for those who don’t belong.

“Midsommar” reminds me of “The Lobster” except instead of a black comedy it’s a horror movie.

one thing i didn’t like about the movie is the excessively grainy look.

even after turning sharpness to minimum and all noise reduction settings to maximum it was barely watchable because of the grain.

the idiot cinematographers shot half the movie on a small format 16 mm film and the other half on hand held DSLR and then added artificial grain to match the look of the 16 mm film …

this is in stark contrast to “Midsommar” which has a crystal clear picture because it was shot on Panavsion Millenium DXL2 which is a large format digital 8K camera that came out in 2018 …

when i watched “Midsommar” i couldn’t help but think this movie looks like demo footage designed to sell the latest TVs - it was so bright and colorful yet nothing was blown out … all the detail was preserved …

“Black Swan” was the exact opposite … dark and grainy almost to the point where it’s hard to even see the picture past the grain … but i’m glad i was able to get over it - the movie was worth it.

but the grain was so bad if it wasn’t for Natalie Portman i would have stopped watching. i have done it in the past - i have stopped watching movies because i was unhappy with the picture quality. when the picture is great i am willing to watch even a mediocre movie like Batman or James Bond but when the picture sucks i need a good reason to keep watching.

anybody still using celluloid is a faggot and deserves a kick in the nuts just like people who listen to vinyl records or use vacuum tube amplifiers. the film uses pretty good digital CGI yet they still wanted that low budget film look … UGH

The Northman

i watched this movie for 2 reasons:

1 - i was told on GAB that there are no Niggers in this movie. and indeed not only are there no Niggers but also no minorities of any kind in the film - no Faggots - nothing. just white men, women and children. so that’s winning already.

2 - Anya Taylor-Joy … there are two scenes in which she is wearing nothing at all, so even though they don’t show anything i count this as more winning …

this movie starts off mediocre but has some dark twists towards the end and finishes strong. better than i expected.

So many movies to watch…so little time.

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my concern is sort of the opposite.

i’m going at a “burst” rate right now and at this rate i will run out of movies to watch pretty soon.

some people would slow down to delay this inevitability but i am going with the “it’s not the years in your life but life in your years” approach here.

my personality is to go straight to the top and then spend the rest of my life being depressed about having all the best times in my past. i never employed the “saving the best for last” approach.

i use the same approach when it comes to knowledge as well. i always go straight for the most horrific, most unthinkable truth. most people pace themselves such that they seem to learn something every day yet still make it all the way to old age and death without understanding anything they might not want to understand.

i guess i fundamentally never believed in the future since my sister died when i was a teenager. she died while working on her PHD and she married only a few months prior. she spent 20 years preparing for a life which simply never came. by the time i was her age a few years later i was doing steroids, hard drugs and alcohol not because i was depressed but simply out of belief that life happens in the present, not the future.

but as with all things i got tired of those after about 2 years and my life has been more or less empty since then.

i fully expect the same thing to happen with movies - i will probably be done with them before TV warranty runs out. but sadly not within return period because this time the TV is from Amazon, not Costco and Amazon doesn’t have such a generous return policy. i haven’t even checked what the return period is as i am not planning to return it.

i’m just going to keep watching movies until none are left to watch and then the TV will basically become a very expensive paperweight … but i don’t see any other options.