Minimum basic IQ

on Twitter and GAB i block people simply for not having high enough IQ to be worth my time

i will start doing the same here

specifically i was really desperate to ban @Klaus_Schwab_Slave because it was a total waste of my time responding to him but i had to wait until he actually insulted me to finally do what i wanted to do all along, which is to ban him

but really - why wait ?

if somebody is an idiot and i know they will never make it anyway - why wait until they lose their shit and suffer a meltdown ?

when things are absolutely crystal clear to me and at the same time a person is either unwilling or unable to understand these obvious things - why should i waste my time trying to explain these things to that person ?

you can’t teach a dog to play the violin - it is not possible. if i am a violinist and a dog comes to me should i keep trying to teach it how to play the violin even if i know it will never work ? that is insanity.

you don’t have to agree with me - but if you’re going to disagree you need to tell me something i don’t already know. you can’t just keep repeating Klaus Schwab word for word, or rather you can but you have to be able to contribute something OTHER THAN just repeating Klaus Schwab.

if all you can do is regurgitate WEF propaganda day in and day out … you’re going to get banned.

at a certain level of stupidity i simply don’t have the time for it.

you can agree with me or you can disagree with me in original and creative ways.

if you disagree with me in banal and boring ways you are getting banned.

you have to either consume my content or contribute your own. relaying WEF propaganda does not qualify as either one. we can all follow WEF on our own without your help. claiming that it is your personal opinion doesn’t change the fact that it’s still word for word WEF propaganda.

if you really internalized WEF propaganda word for word and now believe these are your own ideas then you are a fucking retard and serve no purpose being here.

you don’t have to love cars. you don’t have to hate bicycles. but you must either have original ideas. or if you do not then you must accept mine.

you do not get to represent Schwab’s ideas as your own.

actually fuckit.

i will ban anybody who uses the term “conspiracy theory” or “conspiracy theorists” in a disparaging way or tries to deny the fact that policymaking all over the world follows WEF agenda.

you can deny that you personally are a puppet of the WEF but you can’t deny the influence of WEF.

if you do - you get banned.

no time for your BS.

i will hopefully formalize the rules in pinned posts in every category eventually, don’t know when though.

but basically you’re not allowed to be a retard on here.


although i support freedom of speech at some point you have to realize that life is short and 99% of people are retards and i don’t have time to listen to them all repeating the same WEF talking points.

my opinion of the average person is so low it can’t be said out loud even on my own website …