Mild Hybrid versus Start Stop system

a lot of new cars now are billed as 48 Volt Mild Hybrid … which made me wonder … isn’t it the same thing we used to have that was called “start stop” system ?

i had start stop on a 2015 Mercedes C300 and it was DOG SHIT. as i was in traffic the engine would periodically cut out and the AC would start blowing disgusting hot air because AC was belt driven by the engine and would only work with engine running.

so i googled it and apparently the new 48 Volt Mild Hybrid systems run the AC electrically, just like a Full Hybrid like Camry.

honestly if that is true then a Mild Hybrid is a pretty good technology. not having to idle the engine while stopped while still being able to run AC is definitely worth whatever extra cost and weight that system adds.

the start-stop was shit because you were trading comfort for economy. well, you could turn it off and only use it in winter when you are using engine heat instead of AC but really they should have just added enough of a battery to run the AC for a consistent experience - and apparently Mild Hybrid does just that.