Mid-Wit Alt-Right Whiz-Dumb

decided to start compiling a list of all the dumb shit that mid-wits of the alt-right think are wise.

this will be a work in progress rather than a blog post.

1 - stop masturbating.

everybody on the alt-right seems to agree with this point. no explanation is ever given why. well obviously we know why because you will go blind and then go to hell and burn there for all eternity. no wait, it’s because you need to get yourself a wife and start a happy family ( even though most families end in divorce these days ). anyway, why think when you can simply regurgitate memes ?

2 - go to gym and lift heavy weights.

uhm … why ? no wait, i know ! it is so we can be strong to fight the Jew ! even though the fight will never actually take the shape of hand to hand combat. the fight is part intellectual and part financial and lifting heavy weights only makes you stupider and poorer. if anything the extra muscle mass will make you slower for when you have to run away from Niggers. it won’t make you a better fighter - if you want to be better at fighting you should be doing martial arts not deadlifts. it won’t make you healthier - if you want to be healthier you should eat clean, count calories and hike - not take steroids and eat junk food trying to get huge. gym and weights is a retarded meme. and i say this as somebody who used to bench press 400 lbs.

3 - teach your sons to be masculine.

uhm … masculinity isn’t something you can teach. it comes from testosterone. if you feed your son food sprayed with atrazine he will be a faggot with no facial or body hair and a 3 inch erection. so are you going to feed him organic food ? oh that’s too expensive huh ? then SHUT THE FUCK UP.

4 - teach your daughters to be feminine.

so they can, what exactly ? marry and start a family ? who the fuck are they going to marry ? who is going to be stupid enough to marry a woman or have kids in 2040 when it will be a crime second only to being white ? my advice is if you have a daughter - abort her. there is nothing in her future except wine and cats. at least your son will have porn and video games.

to be continued …