Masks as the official flag of Covid

Not trying to start a discussion about masking as that’s been beaten to death plus i’m pretty sure nobody on this site is a fan of masks …

Instead want to clear up what i think is a misconception that Masks are about “control”

There is this narrative among conservatives that when they put a mask on you they now control you …

This is a very vague statement that isn’t supposed to make sense just like when conservatives used to chant “support our troops” during invasion of Iraq which was based on literally absolutely nothing.

what masks are instead is a psychological manipulation trick … like a flag. of course Conservatives can’t understand that because they fucking love the flag !

so don’t think of it as US flag think of it as Gay Pride flag. when everybody wears masks the entire street automatically turns into a giant Gay Pride parade.

as i explained to a gym bro - imagine you are a person who doesn’t watch TV, like me - how would you now there is a “pandemic” ? if you watch TV you just turn it on and it’s all “pandemic pandemic pandemic pandemic” but what if you don’t have a TV ? i haven’t watched TV in about 15 years for example.

the answer is you will “know” there is a “pandemic” when you see people wearing masks.

so that’s what masks were always for. it wasn’t about “control” or any other vague meaningless BS - it was a PSYOP.

a mask is simply a SYMBOL of the pandemic, like a US FLAG is a symbol of … who knows what

America isn’t any more real than Covid

but people love symbols ! they love their red and blue team colors. they love their Ford and Chevy rivalry as if there is any difference between the two.

so that’s what masks are - they are a Covid FLAG. when you put one on your face you’re simply saying that you are a proud branch Covidian and that this is Covid country and everybody else better get with the program OR ELSE.

well, i suppose in that way it is about control, but not directly … but rather through psychological manipulation via symbolism, tribalism and mass psychosis.

A mask is the equivalent of a MAGA hat for shitlib faggots.

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