Leo and Longevity

Do you know who this guy is? Have you been following the story of his death?

The whole thing is just crazy. I find it plausible that he went on some kind of manic spree looking for drugs he flushed down the toilet, but honestly I have no idea.

Tony Huge was there when it happened, and he has been acting very strange since it happened. He is a very strange guy already, but his relationship with Leo is one of the most bizarre relationships I have ever seen. His explanation about what happened is plausible but the death is still hard to understand given the fact that he was there when it happened.

never heard about either of those guys.

don’t really care what happened.

bodybuilders die all the time because they are mentally ill junkies.

and since they were in Thailand all bets are off …

that said i haven’t used drugs in years and haven’t used steroids in almost 2 decades so @kanyewest if you’re a FED trying to arrange a similar style death for me it’s bullshit

i am currently researching a move to Florida and not planning to kill myself, nor am i planning to use any drugs that could cause me to die.


Lol well if you’ve never heard of them then whatever. The story is crazy. I don’t do drugs either but I loosely follow the world of bodybuilding because it’s so entertaining.

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