Leftism as Population Control

An article referencing Calhoun’s rat utopia caught my eye…

OK i finally read it.

It was interesting and worth the read BUT …

But it’s mostly cope …

In our simulation ( as opposed to the mouse experiment ) everything that leads to extinction is ENFORCED by Police, FBI and so on.

remember they arm mentally ill people to go shoot up schools and then stand outside and arrest parents who try to save their children.

they send mentally ill trannies to read to children and arrest patriots who try to protest it.

they genetically engineer viruses that attack the elderly then send positive patients to nursing homes.

they burn down food processing facilities, blow up pipelines, ban people from going to work and so on …

there is nothing natural about any of this. this is methodical extermination.

bugmen aren’t uninterested in sex - they are incapable of getting laid.

to summarize the author is mostly wrong, but the subject is interesting.

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remember these ideas you’re reading are coming from the Manosphere

this is a cult that sells Masculinity in all its forms as their snake oil

i used to follow one fraud who wrote a best selling book on the subject of Paleo Diet and said if he was going to write another book it would be on masculinity …

i thought to myself - how can somebody be an expert in such unrelated fields ? and then it hit me - these people aren’t experts in anything, nor even gurus. they are meme peddlers.

Paleolithic diet was one meme and Masculinity is another meme.

When somebody is selling you a meme they will try to explain all the problems in the world in terms of that one meme. Or as the saying goes " to a man with only a hammer every problem looks like a nail " …

So the dude you linked will naturally try to explain what is happening to the planet in terms of lack of masculinity …

he isn’t the only one. ALL of the “gurus” in the manosphere peddle this view. And everybody in low carb community explains everything in terms of there being too much sugar. and everybody in SJW community explains everything in terms of patriarchy and white supremacy. the TV sees global warming in everything. To trannies everything the fault of CIS scum. To men everything the fault of women. To women everything the fault of men. and so on.

doesn’t mean all the arguments in the article are invalid, but it does mean you have to take them with a HUGE grain of salt …

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by the way you can / should continue to post “misguided” stuff like that so long as you find it intriguing …

i don’t have a horse in this race - my position is whatever i can best support with evidence - so it continuously evolves and adapts.

i can’t even make up my mind on whether i’m White, Christian, Jewish or Atheist, American, Russian or Ukrainian.

i don’t see different opinions as attacks on my dogma. i see them as other people trying to protect their own world view, whether they genuinely believe it or it’s a scam they’re using for money / fame.

Yeah…the comments and articles leave the deliberately planned nature of modern life out entirely.

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exactly. look at what happened to Kanye - he stepped out of line and BOOM ! squashed like a bug.

the author would look at it and argue that people CHOOSE to grovel in front of the Jews because of their low testosterone or caloric surplus.


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Ha! :+1: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Watching this now…surprised YouTube let it on.