Jew explains White Replacement

Really…whites are the least “racist” so life will get tougher for the average Jew among Asians, Indians etc. The big Jew will be fine - just as they are now.

Not so sure the ordinary guy will be protected from violence/ill-treatment from the other races as White population declines.

i once debated this in private on Twitter with a very smart Jew and he said that the rich Jews use the poor Jews as pawns …

i don’t trust the guy who told me this so make of that what you will …

Aren’t Jews the most vaccinated population?
Pretty sure the upper crust didn’t get jabbed/experimented on four times like the rest of them.
I’m sure the rich Jews aren’t out there in the kibbutzim.
So the rich ones will use the poor ones.

Rich = slaveholder; poor = slave.
(Rich) I got so much money, all you (poor) have to dance to my tune.
Can’t see Jews as being exceptions to this.

i heard rumors that they used a different vaccine in Israel.

that Israeli women aren’t getting the infertility side effects of the vaccine that western women are getting.

But then, western women see the infertility as a blessing.
No need for Roe vs. Wade anymore.

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