Jayden Bartels as example of why Age of Consent is a Crime Against Humanity

i posted a version of this in “Sex As Human Right” Community on NOSTR …

Jayden Bartels is certainly an extreme example and yet something similar happens to most other girls …

Jayden was born November 1st, 2004 … i was in college at the time …

here is Jayden at 14

at 16

and at 18

in just 4 years she went from being almost perfect at 14, to obviously damaged at 16 to being an unrecognizable shadow of her former self at 18.

you might argue child stars like Miley Cyrus, Lyndsey Lohan etc. self-destruct much faster than other girls … but they all follow more or less the same trajectory.

reality is that many, probably most girls will be past their prime at 18, both physically and more importantly psychologically.

although the gained weight makes her uninspiring to look at it is ultimately the realization that she must have had many men before you that makes her unmarriageable, rather than the fat. though the fat doesn’t help either.

and yet what choice do we have ? all we can do is watch in horror as these girls are destroyed. the only thing that could realistically save them would be marriage, but that has been made illegal.

what happened to Common Sense ? if Marriage worked the same today as it did in the times of Prophet Muhammad then Elon Musk would be marrying a new 14 year old girl every few years while keeping all the previous wives as well to look after all the kids once they got too fat to be fuckable themselves.

today these girls just kill themselves like Kagney Linn Karter did a few days ago blowing her brains out with a shotgun through the mouth at age 36

age of consent doesn’t prevent sex. it prevents marriage. girls are still free to fuck Niggers and Immigrants who will never go to prison because only White Men are ever punished in this Brave Jew World … they are still free to get drunk and fuck in the bathroom at a party … they just can’t marry a decent man ( or any man for that matter ) and start a family.

by the time they have a few abortions will they still want kids ? will any man still want to marry them ?

POSIWID ( Purpose Of System Is What It Does )

we are told that we need age of consent to protect girls. but is it actually protecting them ? if it is then why is alcoholism among women at record levels ?

if you judge a system by what the Jews, Boomers and other filth say it is supposed to accomplish things will only keep getting worse and worse. we have to judge a system by its actual observed effects.

and the effect is that Age of Consent is destroying women by making it impossible for them to get married and forcing them to associate with the bottom of the barrel scum who can’t be prosecuted because it they were held accountable we would run out of space in prisons.

we don’t have to go back to how Marriage worked in the days of Prophet Muhammad - we can develop new solutions - but we have to start by recognizing that we have a problem, that what we have now isn’t working and that it makes no sense.

and we have to stop supporting things just because we are told that this is what good people are supposed to support …

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currently Conservative Influencers are tripping over each other to condemn female school teachers who have sex with 15 year old male students …

more specifically they condemn newspapers who refuse to call this “rape” …

yes it is true that if a male teacher had sex with a 15 year old female student it would be reported as “rape” … so the issue is definitely treated differently when the “victim” is male versus female …

but which one is wrong ?

why are conservatives so adamant about bleating that a person under the age of 18 can’t consent to sex ?

NEWSFLASH ! all animals have sex ! most animals don’t even live to age 18 ! and certainly NO animals have intelligence level of a 18 year old HUMAN. yet somehow they are all able to consent to sex.

also retarded people can legally consent to sex.

but a 17 year old with 160 IQ can’t.

yes the differential treatment of girls and boys reveals a hypocrisy. but who is the hypocrite ? is it the newspapers who call it “sex” or the conservatives who call it “rape” ?

needless to say the conservatives are the hypocrites. the notion that a 15 year old boy is traumatized by sex with a hot woman is a joke. none of these boys ever ended up taking their own lives or so much as becoming depressed about it.

yet Conservative commentators feel the need to “own the libs” …

reality is that nobody consents to being born. nobody consents to having their parents decide everything for them until they are 18. nobody consents to being indoctrinated at school.


it is ONLY invoked when we decide to call somebody a rapist in which case we arbitrarily decide who can and who cannot consent to what.


we didn’t have age of consent in Soviet Union. we weren’t retarded like you Amerians. we also never had any of your other idiotic ideas like the notion that Cholesterol and Saturated Fat are bad for you.

you Americans keep making up completely demented shit and then competing with each other for who can bleat these absurdities the loudest.


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This and the new thread you just started (which mentions how women decline quickly) got me thinking about high school again. I went to a school in an upper middle class suburb and there were a lot of hot girls there. Often, we are told how college is the place where you will meet the best women. It wasn’t true at all by our generation. For me, high school still stands out as the place where I was most surrounded by beautiful women, and I didn’t realize how good I had it or that it would be downhill from there. Honestly, it is debatable whether it’s even worth it to go to higher education in today’s world with the internet and the terrible social situation. Women in college were already badly damaged in the 2000s.

I see this process still today and I’m not sure if it accelerated or is maybe about the same as when we were in high school/college. The young girls I saw at the dance club, many of them are college age, and while some of them obviously still look good, browsing their social media you can see they were better-looking in high school and already have passed their peak. It makes me think back to a girl I knew in HS who was good-looking but she had the reputation of whoring it up. Fast forward to college, I saw her again and at that point she wanted to date me, but she already looked a bit run down at age 21. Some girls because of good genetics manage to evade this process for a while, maybe even avoiding hitting the wall into their later 20s or even 30s but it ALWAYS happens by then at the latest. There’s just only so much alcohol, drugs and foreign genetic material you can absorb before it damages you.

The conclusion I came to is that, at least when we were younger, high school is probably the best time of a man’s life and he doesn’t even know it. Not only because there are no money or career worries comparatively, but also because the social climate is the best you will see for the rest of your life. That’s in spite of the fact that public school is garbage. Now I imagine it has gotten worse, which is why I can’t say if this is still true. I bet going to a woke school and having to put up with propaganda that’s much worse than our school days would be less pleasant. I have young relatives who went to public schools where monkeyshines happen regularly and sexual deviant propaganda is ubiquitous. Back when I was in school racial slurs and calling people faggots were still common behavior, even if frowned upon in polite society.

Also people talk a lot of shit about the millennial generation but there were a lot of fights in school and these younger kids are much bigger pussies than we were. Feminization of men is part of the reason I see zoomer girls going out with or marrying older guys, as they did in the case of one of my friends. I still think you’d have to just about be insane to get married these days, but it’s none of my business.

a lot of it depends on where you go to school and college. my high school was average for girls but my college had no girls at all. we were a 90% male college because it was a notoriously hardcore STEM school. so for me it wasn’t even a comparison. we had NO hot girls in my college and i actually dated a girl from a DIFFERENT college than mine, which was more of an ART school.

that said i have driven through at least TWO college campuses where the girls were hotter than the girls were in my high school. one of them was Stanford where many of the girls are tall blonde almost Olympic level athletes who got there on athletic scholarships and when you drive through the campus they are just jogging everywhere in skimpy outfits … at least on a good weather day … and the other college i never got the name of but it was obviously some kind of a liberal arts school for rich girls, so again the entire street was filled with hot blonde girls … though they weren’t quite so fit and weren’t jogging …

so it really is more about WHICH school we’re talking than high school vs college. both high school and college can be good or bad in terms of girls …

however the reason people think about college being better for sex than high school isn’t so much even that girls in college are legal but that GUYS in high school are too young to interest girls there. girls in high school DO FUCK but they mainly fuck older guys who are in their early 20s and have a job and a car.

this is illegal of course … because that’s how our society rolls … we make things that are natural illegal … then selectively enforce them against people we don’t like … and everybody just goes along with this …

anyway, girls are mostly uninterested in guys under the age of 20 just as men are mostly uninterested in women over 30. there are exceptions to everything of course.

so it isn’t so much that girls aren’t ready until college it’s that guys aren’t. this is why we think of college as sex and parties and of high school as just fights and LGBT propaganda.

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i probably told you i actually broke into my old high school while i was in college, since i was still living a block away from it. i went to the cafeteria to just absorb the vibe there and look at pretty girls … but as i was already benching 300 lbs at that point i didn’t quite fit in and was caught by security - i showed him my high school ID and explained i was feeling nostalgic … he took me to the dean’s office … but the dean was my old Swimming Coach who made me Team Captain so we had a chat for a few minutes and then i went home …

overall i wouldn’t recommend doing what i did. i just got lucky. no girls were giving me looks probably because i was radiating a mix of depression and paranoia stemming from the impostor syndrome knowing i didn’t belong there.

the most effective way to hit on high school girls is probably by being their coach. but also definitely the fastest way to go to prison too.

anyway that’s why people watch Anime i guess, because the best things in life are illegal.

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Speaking of nostalgia, my post was actually inspired by it, and I felt like musing on old times; obviously it’s very contingent upon where you grew up whether high school or college is better. I also was in a STEM program, so while there were good-looking girls at the university, there were virtually none in my classes. But I did meet girls in the general classes, however there are less of those when you get deeper into the program. So at that point I dated girls from other schools.

The point I was actually trying to illustrate, but I rambled too much, is that in junior high and high school girls actually peaked in looks. It was remarkable how much things changed even by college. Not that there weren’t still girls you would date, but basically I was trying to amplify your statement about how quickly women decline on that other thread, which I had firsthand observation of. The “youth and innocence” thing is totally gone by college and there’s no substitute.

There are still good-looking girls on some local campuses for sure, but going and hanging out there mostly doesn’t appeal to me. It’s not even a matter of impostor syndrome anymore, just lack of interest, but you are right that radiating the wrong “vibe” can poison things even if your intentions are good. The lack of interest is not all because of the futility of modern relationships but just practical in some ways: after commuting for years for jobs and leisure I got tired of it and I don’t want to do it as much anymore.

again i will make the same point - it depends.

NOT ALL boys are feminized today. you apply that logic to the wrong one and you might end up losing some teeth. i share locker rooms with high school swimming teams and some of those boys aren’t feminized at all. they watch UFC and talk about women as if they are meat.

so there are general trends and there are outliers.

i imagine if a boy is raised by two vegan lesbians or by a father who is a cop or firefighter the outcomes may be very different.

i will be coming back to that point later.

i think you will be OK if you marry a woman that is richer than you, but of course women SPECIFICALLY look for men with more money than them to even date, let alone marry.

but that is exactly why you need to turn the tables. you can’t let the enemy dictate the rules by which the game is played.

women don’t think about the fact that they are parasites. they call fetus “parasite” instead. they all agree a man should have more money than them but none of them can explain why.

Cernovich played it right and got millions from his lawyer wife in divorce. Now he has kids with a new woman paid for by the old one.

you don’t need to amplify my message bro, even though of course if you disagree with my message we are going to have a fight, but that’s not a bad thing IMO. i am not against people disagreeing i’m against people bringing their years of internalized indoctrination and trying to represent them as “arguments” when they are simply incapable of thinking anything other than what they were programmed with.

so religious people would be the obvious example of this. they think they are “arguing” when they quote the bible, when really they’re just showing that they don’t even know that it means to think. when you combine this with the fact that religion isn’t just insanely stupid but also barbaric and evil and that is why i had to ban it. it wasn’t just because of disagreement. we can disagree on whether Mercedes or BMW is better and argue about it without getting bitter about it ( i hope ! )

as for how fast women fade, now is the time to come back to my previous point, namely that it is highly individual.

the most horrific example of this is not even Jayden Bartels, but Bridget Fonda:

i remember furiously masturbating to her in Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown” but if she tried touching me now i would call the police.

and yet there are also examples to the contrary of women that have longevity and looked great in their 30s for example Jennifer Connelly, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robyn Wright, Eva Green etc.

although even for those women who age gracefully the only difference it makes is that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to appear with them in public when they are 50 and you are 60. you still would have little if any interest in having sex with them versus a mid 16 year old. luckily that is what cheating is / prostitutes are for. your wife only needs to be not so disgusting that you can’t share the bed with her. then you can fuck some teen crack whores on the side.

unless you want children the only real reason to date is so you wouldn’t have to admit to your friends / family / coworkers that you are a gooner.

so really when you’re under 30 and the girls are under 25 there is some genuine desire to mess around even if it means getting hurt in various ways from heart break to getting physically beaten up at a club etc …

but as you get older it just becomes a matter of keeping up appearances. the desire isn’t really strong enough any more to justify the various costs of dating but the social stigma against gooning is still there and most people are driven by the need to avoid stigma in everything they do.

i am judged by everybody for my lifestyle as if it is any of their business. like they can’t get it through their head that just because i goon instead of working i am still better than them because i could replace them if i wanted to but they could never replace me.

it really comes down to how autistic you are. how antisocial. what hurts more - being judged ? or wasting your life on maintaining appearances ?