Jack Dorsey's "BlueSky" decentralized Twitter Alternative

mainstream media tripping over themselves to let you know everybody is supposedly fighting to get on BlueSky and how it’s so cool because AOC is on there !

recall the same MSM told you everybody was fighting to get the Clot Shot which were in limited supply ! before they started offering weed and prostitutes to people to get the shot and eventually making the shot mandatory ( which Trudeau now says never happened - he says you all took it out of your own free will ! )

anyway all this “decentralized” crap is bullshit. they ALLOW bitcoin to exist because they own most of it. and they ALLOW this BlueSky “decentralized” social media to exist because AOC is on it.

if they didn’t want this BlueSky then Jack Dorsey would be sharing a cell with Julian Assange right now and all the MSM outlets would be writing about how BlueSky is “extremely dangerous to our democracy” and so on …

most likely BlueSky will basically be Mastodon running on some kind of BlockChain backbone - so the ultimate bullshit.

Dorsey is a crypto bro and you can expect all the other crypto fags to be on BlueSky. They will all be congratulating themselves about how smart they are, how stupid boomers are for not believing in NFTs and so on …

blech …

spot on

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I think this is a branding problem for Dorsey because, for example, Mastodon already exists and that’s where all the far leftists went, so they have their own place. There are already crypto social media like Hive. So this would only appeal to the most mainstream audience, and a lot of crypto bros got into it because they mistakenly think it is outside of the power structure[1]. Ultimately, the market share is going to be pretty minimal. No one likes or trusts Dorsey after the debacle of Twitter – both his mismanagement of it and the subsequent buyout by Musk. Yes, I know he basically wasn’t in charge, the Deep State was, but he gets to be the scapegoat for that.

[1] - It was started by cryptographers working for the regime to enable the Deep State to do illegal deals undercover, and it is deanonymized by law enforcement at this point. There’s essentially no evasion of the power structure and this is by design.

the government literally forces makers of internet equipment like routers etc. to implement any and all spying features that government can think of. they do this for all other types of equipment as well like video cameras, printers and so on. cell phones. probably cars by now. this is why they banned Huawei because they need internet built out of hardware THEY have specified rather than what CCP has specified. CIA has their own venture capital fund such that they create companies like Google and so on.

but they don’t even need any of this because in the end no matter what happens on the internet we still have to live in the physical world. you still have to pay property taxes on your home. you can’t live in a virtual home.

i use VPN because for a low price it adds a lot of anonymity but at the same time even with a VPN i don’t do anything that is known to land people in trouble. because theory is one thing and practice is another.

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although technically it’s probably illegal that is why people like Jeffrey Epstein exist. any big company and / or big shot CEO has done something they can be held accountable for. maybe the company evaded taxes or maybe the CEO fucked some little boys. the government can convince anybody to cooperate with them. and if they can’t they can arrange an “accident” for you.

Funny thing about the Epstein hysteria is that in all the media coverage the word “blackmail” was never mentioned once. They focused on the sex crimes which were only pursuant to blackmailing officials, celebs, etc. Epstein and Maxwell were known intelligence operatives. Calling the guy a pedo is missing the point: he was running the most thorough blackmail ring (but probably not the only one) of our time. For whom? Well, we don’t know, since no journalists got that far, but we can probably guess.

It went too far which is why he’s dead[1], and Maxwell is never getting out of jail.

The other remark about security: Remember a few years back they found out that basically all chips made since the 1990s have unfixable flaws that make it possible to gain access to any running computer’s memory. So they’ve probably been monitoring certain people in real time for a very long time. And all the guys with the really low-level programming skills who know how to do that probably work for organized crime or the Deep State, other than retired graybeards.

[1] - or transported to Israel as some theories have it.

last time i saw him mentioned he was referred to as " pervert " …

to me a " pervert " is somebody who sits outside a school in his car and masturbates as little girls pass by, perhaps exposing himself to them …

a guy who has a private island visited by billionaires, politicians, celebrities, intellectuals … many of them visiting DOZENS OF TIMES … that sounds like MORE than a run of a mill " pervert " to me …

i don’t remember this particular story, rather i remember watching some mini documentary about how every device has built in provisions for monitoring / tracking - so for example every time a photo is taken it is stamped with time and location ( alongside other data like ISO, exposure, focal length and so on ) - this one detail by itself may not be much but thousands of such small touches on every little electronic device will collect enough data on you for an expert to figure out exactly what you been up to …

another example mentioned in the documentary was this:

most people have no idea the printer secretly watermarks every document …

and this is just the stuff you can openly read about on Wikipedia …

other story i remember is Google Street View cars hacking into people’s WIFI

or Samsung Smart TV recording people with the camera and mic

unless we go back to stone age Amish / Unabomber style i don’t think it is realistic to fight against this …

going forward almost every single device will have camera, mic and wifi plus you will be spied on by your thermostat and so on …

the crazy shit is how Orwell predicted all this …

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I was reading that they have hooked up ChatGPT with a toaster.
So Schwab’s IOT (internet of things) is coming around.

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cost of computers is proportional to chip area in square millimeters. this is because chips are cut from a wafer which means the larger the chip the fewer can be cut from a given wafer size. currently a 12" TSMC 5nm wafer costs $17,000 for example. this doesn’t include any cost of designing the chips, just the manufacturing cost of the wafer.

for a very large chip like Nvidia RTX 4090 ( which is a bit smaller than a pack of matches ) you can only cut so many of them from the wafer. but a processor powering a smartwatch for example is much smaller, maybe the size of a pea while the processor going into a toaster may be the size of a grain of rice, and this would be a very smart toaster ! like one that has WIFI and some kind of screen.

we’re talking about the size of silicon die here not the exterior dimensions of whatever it is packaged into, such as ball grid array or whatever.

another way to think of it is Nvidia RTX 4090 processor has 18,000 processing cores. a fully functioning processor has other parts than just the core such as memory controller, I/O etc but you would still be able to make A LOT of primitive processors out of same silicon real estate as a single RTX 4090 chip.

from here you can estimate how many chips they can afford to stuff into everything - A LOT !

and if they can - they will.

on my desk right now i have 6 devices with some kind of wireless connectivity and four devices with microphones in them for example. it will only get worse.

as for my car it has cameras, microphones, GPS and internet connection for example.

so in theory it could record everything i say, everywhere i go, everybody i meet and send all that information to the FBI

and in the extreme case it could deliberately drive me off a cliff because the steering is electric and controlled by the computer. even though there is a mechanical link from the steering wheel to the tires the link is there as a backup in case the steering motor fails but if the motor goes rogue i doubt i would be able to overpower it manually.

future cars are likely to lose the physical link between steering wheel and tires completely as it would allow much more nimble steering and better self-driving experience. at that rate eventually 100% of car accidents will actually be remote murder.

actually reminds me of Neuralink where they trained the monkey to play pong then disconnected the controller and the monkey continued to play not realizing the controller is not plugged in and actually the neuralink implant is simply reading the monkey’s mind … well cars of the future will be like that.

you will think you’re driving the car but actually the car will be driving itself and then it will simply go off the cliff …