It's because "Muh Dick"

conservatives are captivated by Putin’s “muh dick” energy - his manspreading and so on.

it’s the same reason they vote for Drumpf, they call it “dragon energy”

what, did you think boomers have brains ?

senile, poopy-pants Boomers hate Biden because he reminds them of themselves.

and they love Putin because he is a strong “muh dick” leader they wish they were …

i mean it is well known that Conservatism is masculine and Liberalism is feminine

it’s just about the “energy” being projected … it isn’t about substance.

the average person doesn’t have the brains to think deeper than symbols and memes …

there is probably 0.1% of people who look at politics rationally and they are all politicians themselves and none of them vote, except for photoshoots.

it is times like this i wish @kanyewest would come back just so i could ban him again.

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