Is Video overused as a medium?

i have been making content for YouTube before i was even on Twitter … it seemed like an exciting technology at the time … and people consume more youtube content now than ever … yet the nature of youtube has changed

whereas in the early days it was about small channels like mine … now it’s all about channels with 100,000 subscribers or more

worse than that YouTube algorithms favor channels that put out content all the time and also as the revenue comes from ads that appear from time to time, it means to maximize revenue videos must be as long as possible

take Gamers Nexus videos for example - they put out about 2 hours worth of video every week. reality is that maybe he has 15 minutes worth of real insight in that 2 hours but because of YT algos and monetization practices instead of doing one 5 minute video per week as we would do in the old days he has to do four 30 minute videos a week.

whenever i watch YT tech reviews i typically find that after a 30 minute video i take home maybe 2 or 3 points that can be summarized in one paragraph.

by contrast reviews from TechPowerUp ( a website that doesn’t do YouTube ) are so much better. they do mostly text with a lot of high resolution images and a few very short videos that are maybe 10 seconds long embedded in the review. their reviews are interesting because they disassemble everything and take pictures of the insides and then test everything and put all the results in tables - you know, the old school way.

yet very little content is made this way these days. it’s all YouTube now. where you basically get some faggot yapping about some BS for half an hour with basically no real insight and people watch this drivel because they have some kind of sexual attraction for the presenter or like his fart jokes or whatever.

the problem is that it costs a fuckload of money to run a service like youtube due to the sheer amount of data that has to be transferred. youtube is basically a monopoly because nobody else can really offer you free 4K and even 8K video hosting with videos as long as 10 hours, not to mention a userbase of billions of viewers. so everybody runs to YT to make shit content which then is also censored and you can’t even down vote a video.

why do we accept this state of affairs ? is it really that hard to read a webpage ? is laying on a couch with a bunch of popcorn really the highest level of exertion we’re capable of ?

and more to the point - should i stay on YouTube or delete my accounts there and focus on this site, GAB and NOSTR.

i have about half a thousand subscribers on YouTube some of which have been subbed to me for over a decade so i’m reluctant to throw that away …

but at the same time the need to have two separate identities and personalities - one on YouTube where everybody can see my face and i have to be politically correct - and one on here, NOSTR and GAB where i can say whatever the fuck i want, but can’t let anybody know who i am …

it’s a pain in the ass.

like i had to delete half of what i wrote here to avoid doxxing myself just now.

i am fucking tired of this.

i want your opinion on Video as a medium as compared to a format like TechPowerUp:

the above is a TechPowerUp review ( there are 8 pages ) that led me to purchase my current gaming keyboard. i also watched at ton of YT video keyboard reviews but i got way more value out of reading the TechPowerUp keyboard reviews.

which makes more sense to you - the YouTube tech review format ( think Linus_Tech_Tips or Gamers_Nexus ) or TechPowerUp format ?

actually i think Gamers_Nexus said they still have a website that duplicates everything they put on YouTube but the website is there just for legacy and they make all their revenue on YouTube …

it seems YouTube is turning internet into the same thing that Television used to be. mindless passive consumption for retards, just with more variety and a more bottom up approach that is able to more effectively tap into creative energy of young people, yet still subject to same draconian censorship as cable TV. basically a more efficient version of Television, rather than a more powerful version of web pages which is what it originally seemed to be when internet video was in its infancy.

it seems YouTube is now about making guys like Jake Paul and Linus Sebastian rich while keeping the masses drooling in stupor, rather than what internet was supposed to be - a medium of information exchange.

i really want to hear your opinion because as a technology enthusiast i am itching to get some photo / video equipment but there is an incredible number of options now and having researched them all i need to know exactly what type of content i am trying to create. namely is it going to be 90% Video centric ( if i keep my YT channels ) or about 80% photo / 20% video focused ( if i kill my YT and focus on web page format ).

let me know what you think.

basically 15 years ago i thought YouTube was the future. now i think YouTube is just Cable TV in drag - it may be the present and the future, but it is it the present or the future for me ?

on other hand i feel like the future FOR ME is going to be on a platform like NOSTR that isn’t dependent on big-tech advertising revenue to pay for the massive bandwidth required to stream UHD video when the same information can be conveyed using 1% of the data in a web page format where that is 90% text, some pictures and maybe an occasional video that is a few seconds long.

what do you think ?

i don’t want you to just agree with me. i want you to think about what i wrote and then tell me what YOU think.

i feel like video is great for porn and cinema.

music videos.

maybe for unboxing and teardown videos.

but to just watch somebody talk for an hour is retarded.

learn how to read nigger.

like if you’re going to be an E-Girl with a Puppy Cam:

then it makes sense to do videos whether they are of you dildoing yourself or installing a GPU waterblock

but if you’re not a kewt azn e-girl and nobody is jerking off to your video ( or at least most people aren’t ) then why bother with video ?

it isn’t that hard to make videos but hard to make them information dense whereas text to some extent is intrinsically dense and so are the pictures ( you only look at a picture as long as you like ).

with a video you could aim a camera at a wall for 10 hours with nothing happening. in fact Kubrick did just that to troll everybody in movies like Space Odyssey 2001 and now everybody thinks he is the GOAT.

with video time is wasted by default and effort is required to save it. with text by default none of reader’s time is used and it actually takes effort to write enough to waste the reader’s time ( though Chat GPT will probably help shitty writers with this ).

video only seems to to make sense when you either enjoy ogling some girl, or you’re spending time listening to music anyway so may as well use video background, or some fast action is happening like a UFC fight or it’s some kind of a FAIL / liveleak type video.

but talking heads … just why ?

on TV talking heads are there to comment on any sort of video footage that is the main attraction of the show, whatever it may be, like some monkey slam dunking a basketball. but on the internet you only need the video of the monkey itself, and the commentary can very well be in form of text caption. no need for talking heads.

yet we choose to watch YouTube instead because we want to be on the couch and passively absorb.

or is it something else ?

what is it ?

Honestly I am shocked that you are on YouTube and haven’t been banned

YouTube started going to shit when Google’s Jewish CEO Sergey Brin appointed his Jewish sister-in-law Susan Wojkike as CEO. It was no secret that she wanted to turn it into Netflix 2.0. She became CEO in 2014, ane right after that the adpocalypse happened and longtime YouTube veterans got fucked and retired. 2017 was when the big purges starter happening and anyone who wasn’t Ben Shapiro or Tim Pool was eventually wiped off the platform.

Any time I have to use YouTube without an ad blocker it’s basically unwatchable. The home page and suggest videos are all garbage that they continue to suggest to me despite me never showing interest.

The thing called YouTube today is a far cry from what it was in like 2012-2015.

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i didn’t know Susan was related to Brin, but i always wondered what makes a middle aged woman qualified to be CEO of a tech company she did not found.

but now it all makes sense.

i feel like they let people like me have YouTube just so we can doxx ourselves there.

they do remove my videos all the time though, but i never lost a YouTube account.

maybe it’s because videos take so much effort to make versus a tweet that removing a video is a much bigger punishment than removing a tweet. it’s easier to make an entire new Twitter account than it is to make one YouTube video.

not sure i ever explicitly talked about niggers or jews or even immigrants on YT … rather they removed my videos about Vaccines … and they removed my videos about IQ …

the real issue though is with the algorithms. they don’t show downvotes anymore because Biden was getting over 90% downvotes on his videos. and they promote videos from guys like MKBHD ( black ) or Linus Sebastian ( race-mixing Jew ) while of course guys like Stefan Molyneux are banned because they don’t advocate being cucked.

as for why Molyneux is banned but not me there are 2 possible explanations:

1 - i am simply not big enough to be noticed like Molyneux was
2 - i was never as preachy as him on YT - my style was always about asking questions rather than providing answers

and that’s due to sort of where we as a community on YT came from - it was sort of like a debate club - it was the opposite of populist - it was very much elitist.

i guess YT doesn’t care about weird guys whom nobody can understand. they need to neutralize people like Alex Jones who explain things in terms any moron can understand and connect to people on emotional lizard brain level.

yet another explanation is in my videos i talk about elites that most people don’t even believe exist … while Molyneux was talking about government which everybody believes in ( even though it isn’t real ).

Molyneux was talking about how government is a Mafia and (((they))) didn’t like this - it was way too easy for people to understand his line of argumentation …

they don’t need to silence everybody who has things figured out. they only need to silence people who have the power to reach the masses like Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux or Adolf Hitler.

now that i think about it i wonder if Rogan switched from YT to Spotify not because of the $100 million Spotify paid him but because YT hinted they were going end him. Kind of like Prigozhin marched on Moscow after Putin ordered him to disband Wagner.

but the biggest reason why i’m not banned on YT is probably that reporting a video is much harder than reporting a tweet. it takes 15 seconds to read a tweet but 15 minutes to watch a 15 minute video. YT probably simply lacks resources to have censors watch videos like mine that only get a few hundred views on average. they have to focus their limited resources on larger channels.

I think a bit part of the reason they are so happy to censor is because of the astronomical costs they must have to bear hosting all that content. I don’t YouTube has ever been profitable for Google. They will use any excuse they can to delete videos they don’t want to pay to host. If advertisers don’t want to play ads on a video then YouTube doesn’t want that video on their platform at all.

that’s a good point … nobody in their right mind would want to advertise on my channel …

although i have monetization turned off anyway …

i think what makes youtube huge is you just open it and you get a wall of recommendations before you enter any search term

this is also what makes twitter etc. popular - you just open it and get a feed

internet at large is not like that. stuff is out there but you have to search for it. people don’t want to search. they want to lay back and be showered with entertainment

according to Tony Northrup ( who shills for SquareSpace on YouTube ) the point of having a YouTube is to get an audience who you can then direct to your site where you have things for sale.

my problem is i can’t direct my YT audience to my site because i say politically incorrect things here.

so what am i supposed to do ?

one thing that makes video suck is it can’t be edited once it has been published.

i can keep editing a blog post forever.

it actually explains to me why live streaming has become popular.

because video IS the best format for anything live. no contest.

so live streaming platforms are legit, but youtube is not.

if you’re going to take a day to edit your video you may as well write a blog post instead.

unless your audience is too dumb to read as 90% of people watching youtube are.