Is "our side" better than "their side"?

short and long answer: NO

i could tear down our side the same way i tear down their side, but nobody would read it.

but nobody reads what i write anyway so i might do it still.

human nature applies equally to everybody regardless of which party you’re voting for.

we only see flaws in the other side because we WANT to see them there.

and we don’t see them on our side for the same reason.

by the way lately i have been blocking people on Twitter almost exclusively from “our side” …

in other words i KNOW the “other side” is lying. i EXPECT it. but when “our side” is lying i am sometimes caught off guard and i don’t like that and end up blocking.

but maybe that was a mistake. maybe instead of blocking the liars from our side i should post my analysis of their lies here, like i already do for “their side”

spoiler alert: there are no sides. there are only different grades of humans.

some are beautiful, some are ugly.
some are successful, some are losers.
some are intelligent, some are stupid.
some are honorable, some are despicable.
some are kind, some are sadistic.

and so on …