Galshi Revolution - Wolves

Villent - Reason

Bryce Webster & Veela - Burned

The Pom-Poms - Watch Me

i think my definition of “indie” is music that is deliberately OFF in some way …

kind of like a steak that is maybe not done enough in the middle and charred on the outside - not because the cook didn’t know what they were doing but because they deliberately went for that effect …

most of the music i listen to is perfect, which would be like sous vide that is 100% evenly cooked throughout with no variation at all from the center to the corners … and that’s also the type of food i normally eat as well … but i can appreciate when for artistic effect sometimes things are allowed to go “wrong” …

personally i would never have the courage to do something imperfectly - i’m a robot - i only know perfection

but that’s also why i respect others who are able to do what i can’t ( be deliberately imperfect )

you may wonder how can i tell when the imperfection is deliberate and when it is incompetence ? the answer is that’s what makes it interesting … kinda like the difference between sarcasm and stupidity … actually inability to detect sarcasm is one of the first signs of dementia … Boomers generally don’t understand sarcasm … and they sure as fuck don’t understand any of the music i post.

i mentioned it before but when i had a concussion i couldn’t listen to my own music … that’s when i knew what it’s like to be a Boomer - it was horrible. The difference is i knew i was concussed while Boomers actually think they are clever and young people’s music is “bad” …


Sakuraburst — Mother Tree (feat. former hero)

0171 - Follow

Danz CM - I Don’t Need a Hero (Cody Crump Remix)

same dude

I found this song by accident in early days of youtube lol

i was about to say this sounds a lot more Brighton Beach than Miami to me …

so is this the style you would go for as a singer ?