i really don’t know why they bothered making this video, but whatever they are the artist i am just a messenger …

it said “official music video” so i had to put it into the “videos” category …

obviously i am not a big fan of fat chicks or boring videos but i do like the audio track !

Echos - New Eyes

Fat single mom wants you to change her…good luck…

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under some circumstances a white stepdaughter could be considered an asset - just ask Elon Musk’s father !

but in this particular case i agree with you the circumstances are not favorable …

unfortunately being a land whale is fairly common among female vocalists … i haven’t looked into the science but it could be anything from overweight people having higher estrogen / lower testosterone to additional weight physically shifting vocal frequencies up somehow …

if you had to visualize somebody with a really deep masculine voice you would probably imagine a tall, lean smoker …

logically a person with a very feminine voice is likely going to be the opposite …

which is why i said they should have just stuck with the audio and not made the video but how do you tell somebody that they are too fat to be on camera ?

if they were stupid enough to make the video i’m showing it.

Echos - Saints

she wasn’t always fat by the way:

sad to see cute girls turn into cows so quickly, oh well, at least the music is good …

Let’s Eat Grandma - Happy New Year

sad to see cute girls turn into cows so quickly

Maybe that’s why the man left her (Saints song).
Or she ate herself into victory after he left.

being a woman must be horrible.

something i realized recently is that i’m always happy when i’m alone it’s only other people ( including women ) that make me unhappy.

but a woman can never be happy alone. and they are all alone after they turn 40 or so.

all i need to be happy is to have outlet for my creative energy ( dopamine junkie ).

Cats. Kids. Their siblings’ kids. Adopting kids.
Or they go lesbian.
You have a good point.

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