I must be Nostradamus!

you know how i been saying they will turn off the gas and we’re all going to freeze to death unless you move south ?

first they were talking about Smog and Ozone Holes and blah blah blah caused by cars now they’re going after your gas stove and how it’s killing your kids !


the same people who injected children with MRNA bioweapons are now worried your children may die if you cook them a decent dinner …

cue @kanyewest saying how he always knew gas stoves were evil and he is totally not just parroting WEF propaganda, and the WEF doesn’t even run anything anyway …

i actually briefly fell for the PSYOP where they were saying that air pollution is causing heart attacks and strokes etc … i mean, breathing toxins could in theory cause an inflammation response leading to a heart attack …

the problem is their “solution” is to pack people to where the smog is - namely into the cities. if they really cared wouldn’t they be suggesting to move out of the city to the suburbs where the air is far cleaner ?

yeah it’s all a PSYOP. only people like @kanyewest fall for shit like this.

his problem ( and that of most people ) is that no matter how much evidence there is that government is trying to kill us all he still keeps believing that the elites are trying to help us. perhaps he never head of Stockholm Syndrome or Battered Wife Syndrome:

my mother kept defending her sadist husband the same way @kanyewest is defending the policies of WEF …

you realize that the vast majority of gas use is for heating, not cooking, right ?

they aren’t really after your stove - they are really after your gas furnace.

they could give a rat’s ass if your kids die - they would kill your kids themselves if they could.

they just want to turn off your gas. anybody who isn’t @kanyewest should be able to figure this out.

now ask yourself - what are you going to do without gas ? the folks in Ukraine right now are learning to live without heat in winter and you’re next.

you think i want to move to Atlanta because i love Niggers or something ?

remember - the " studies " will always " find " whatever WEF pays them to find.

and idiots in the Universities will learn it as " science " …

i remember coming to US and " learning " in " health " class that bread is healthier than meat because it is low in fat while meat is high in cholesterol and i was like - what are these people smoking ? throughout the entire human history every society knew that vitality comes from eating meat and sickness comes from eating grains.

as Orwell said " some ideas are so wrong that only a very intelligent person can believe in them " … maybe @kanyewest is really as intelligent as he says then ? because otherwise it’s hard to imagine how anybody can believe what he believes.

in Soviet Union we didn’t teach kids that meat was bad for them - we simply didn’t have any meat in the first place so there was no need to teach anything about it.

but in America idiots believe everything they’re told - that meat is bad for them, cars are bad for them, and now gas cooking and soon gas heating …

you know it’s funny currently egg prices are going through the roof but instead of the news being about that the news is about how you shouldn’t even cook eggs to begin with because YOUR CHILDREN WILL DIE if you try to fry those eggs that you can’t afford anyway.

and @kanyewest probably be like " so true ! gas is so dangerous ! "

anyway that’s why i have this “survival” category … because they WILL turn off the gas and we have to somehow SURVIVE it even as people like @kanyewest will tell us that in fact 40F is optimum room temperature and so on, and show STUDIES to prove it …

as my physics professor used to say " you don’t need to step out the 10th story window to find out what happens at ground level " … well i don’t, some people will need to read a study about this …

Nah I don’t care about gas stoves. They are fine. There are always local news story saying this or that is dangerous. Academia is a machine that pumps out junk science and this is the kind of stuff that gets released. There are so many worthless studies like this finding correlations between something and cancer or obesity or whatever. It’s not worth a whole lot.

You don’t need junk science to see that car centric cities are making everything suck though. That should be obvious.

One interesting tidbit is that people who think the government is trying to kill them love to talk about the flouride in the water. The flouride is there to dumb us down and turn us into sheep and all of that and they tell us that it’s actually for our teeth. Funny enough, when you look at places that don’t put flouride in the water like England or Japan everyone there has fucked up teeth. They are also retarded sheep like everywhere else. Funny how that works.

Anyway, I don’t believe anything I read at face value. I think I have made that point a number of times. I also don’t read a lot of stuff written by people associated with the WEF or whoever is supposed to be the evil organization plotting our demise. I haven’t been to school in a while. I just use my brain and draw rational conclusions and use introspection to question what I believe so that I don’t go down a rabbit hole that leads me to believe in crazy schizo nonsense.

you will need to define fucked up teeth. crooked ? falling out ? fluoride is specifically only supposed to help with cavities if i remember the propaganda correctly. of course i don’t drink tap water.

if you read anything at all you’re reading stuff written by people associated with the WEF.

in fact it’s pretty simple. anybody in the media who isn’t talking about the WEF is associated with them in some way.

i know you will say that’s my paranoia speaking. but i’m literally not capable of paranoia. i don’t care about anything at all.

there are people who worry about everything and people who don’t care about anything, and i’m the latter.

you’re afraid of losing your mind - that is a valid concern. it definitely happens. but it is more common in people who don’t believe in conspiracies than those who do. though it can happen to anybody.

the difference is when people who don’t believe conspiracy theories lose their mind nobody notices because they keep repeating what everybody says so they appear normal. so when somebody screams about global warming or the pandemic it is simply not recognized as insanity.

on other hand when you start screaming about Aliens or Flat Earth people notice … not because it is nonsense … but because it is nonsense they don’t believe in, whereas Global Warming and the Pandemic is nonsense they believe in.

most conspiracy theories are fake. aliens, reptilians, flat earth, 5G and so on. some of them are popularized by government, which actually OFFICIALLY now claims that Aliens are real, which pretty much proves that they are NOT real.

others like 5G probably just stem from sheer stupidity, or grift.

a person who believes in reptilians is as stupid as a person who thinks that democracy works. both are idiots.

there is really no way to tell what is real and what isn’t unless you are both more intelligent than average and have more time to analyze information than an average person does.

but if you have intelligence and time there is not much mystery. eventually everything crystallizes into a clear picture despite all the efforts by the elites and governments to muddy the waters.

the strategy employed by elites is based on the fact that they it is neither possible nor necessary to fool everybody - they only need to fool the majority. majority are either stupid or busy or distracted - not hard to confuse them.

but there is not much the elites can do about people who are neither stupid, distracted nor stressed for time - they just have to accept that we are going to know exactly what they’re up to - but we won’t be able to do anything about it, because nobody will believe us or even listen to us.

Here we go !

i don’t know what is more amazing that Greta is an expert on climate or that AOC and Hunter Biden are experts on Natural Gas …

is there even one source on this planet that is more reliably accurate when it comes to predicting the future than me ?

i ain’t even mad at @kanyewest for doubting me

i feel sorry for him for not being able to recognize me for the genius that i am

he thinks the stuff i talk about is my wild imagination and crazy conspiracy stuff

well then how come i am always right ? how come things happen exactly as i said they would ?

regular humans are not physically capable of comprehending how it is possible to be as intelligent as i am. they keep thinking it is some kind of a scam. in high school it was rumored that i have sex with all the teachers and get answers to every test beforehand because nobody could believe that it’s possible to simply be right all the time. especially as i slept through every class and never took notes.

oh well …

admittedly i am nowhere near as smart as i used to be then.

i would literally read test questions and psychoanalyze the person who wrote them and guess answers that way with zero knowledge of the subject. i knew the person making the question would try to use my psychology to get me to pick the wrong answer so i reversed it on him and figured out the right answer that way.

then it got even worse in college where i would solve multi-dimensional calculus problems by simply visualizing the solution without having any idea what i was doing … and still get it right.

i am way too old for Matrix shit like this now but i also know 100 times more than i did back then, so i don’t really need to think anymore. i just know stuff by now.

when you have my level of intelligence and knowledge everything is quite boring - watching the news becomes a bit like listening to your grandma repeat the same story for 100th time. you just facepalm and be like " fuck not again LOL "

i’m trying to understand how @kanyewest arrives at his conclusions and my best theory is that he listens to every possible explanation and then simply averages them. he is too scared to make up his own mind on any subject. he calls this " going down the rabbit hole " … he is afraid he might not come back.

in this sense he is exactly like ChatGPT which is also basically an averaging system. ChatGPT doesn’t judge - it aggregates.

whereas my mind uses models and tests them and for every model it computes a score for how likely it is to be right based on how well it matches up to evidence …

i don’t care who believes in what model or whether it means going down the rabbit hole or whatever - all i care about is if the model works or not …

sometimes the model seems to work only because i’m working with a fake dataset provided to me by the jews … i fell into that trap many times.

but if you continue to question your models you will eventually find data that breaks them if the original model was based on fake Jew data …

by pursuing this path you reach a point where you start getting a feeling for when the data is fake, such as when it comes from a cult or from the experts or the Jews and so on …

when you’re testing models / theories on data which is itself no longer taken for granted you are now at such an accuracy level that pretty much anything other people say is just noise by comparison …

your own ideas are now the only thing that matters. i attach ZERO value to opinions of experts and pretty much ALL sources on ANY side of any issue. my own analysis is the ONLY thing that matters.

our friend @kanyewest is simply not on that level. he is still on a level where he attaches weight to opinions of others simply because they are experts or whatever. i was there as well when i was a child.

when you’re a child you have no choice but to treat ideas and opinions of others as if they are somehow inherently valuable. you do this because you don’t have your own intelligence to lean on and must rely on others. overtime and with experience you begin to trust yourself on certain issues, but for most others you still delegate to the “experts” …

well in my case i trust myself on basically all issues now. i am fairly confident whatever i think is more accurate than whatever anybody else says simply because it has been proven to be the case time and time again.

this is why i can be completely alone without ever feeling lonely. lesser humans need interaction because they don’t trust themselves - they can only believe something if other people believe it. they are lemmings. they do not possess functional intelligence. i am completely different. i know what is real and what isn’t without having to discuss it with anybody or even having to leave my room. i can know things just by thinking about them.

they’re going after gas stoves first, then water heaters, then furnaces … to me stuff like that is obvious, i don’t even know how i know it - i understand things like this on a subconscious level already just like you don’t know how food moves through your intestines - your body controls peristalsis automatically.

whereas @kanyewest is absorbing information by passive osmosis … he is from California and everybody in California was telling him how dependence on cars is a bad thing so that’s what he believes …

and of course Christians believe in Christianity and Muslims in Islam and Jews in Judaism and so on … all by passive osmosis from their environment

look … if you believe the same things other people do it means you do no think. PERIOD.

as the only person who actually thinks i can tell you from experience that once you start thinking you will not be able to find common ground with anybody. if you can it means you still haven’t learned how to think.

when you learn how to think you will also stop talking to people because you will recognize their deficiency in every word they utter.

when i hear people talk i don’t hear them at all - i just hear the propaganda they regurgitate.

i don’t read books or watch documentaries for the same reason - it’s all BS.

there are some exceptions like Robert Greene, who is actually a thinker like me.

why do you think i allowed myself to be banned from every website on the internet to be talking to myself on my own website ? because i find it more productive that way !

i do browse twitter all day though because i find it stimulating … it is the kind of noise that my brain needs. without Twitter noise my brain begins to tunnel into solving some obscure problems. Twitter helps me stay closer to humanity. To questions normal people care about, like how to get laid, as opposed to questions i care about - like how to design a perfect sound system that nobody needs.

after a CENTURY of Gas Stove use suddenly out of nowhere in ONE WEEK every single progressive decided that gas stoves have been killing us all this time and must be banned

ME: this is clearly another WEF PSYOP

@kanyewest ( probably ): " you’re going down that rabbit hole again ? "


i wonder if we even needed to rename Seasonal Flu into Covid in order to get the slaves to start screaming about how everybody has to be locked down, masked and injected.

all they really needed to do was publish a “study” that showed that we were all going to die from the same Flu that we have been having since forever …

but they were like no let’s give it a fancy name, make i more scary - “Kraken” variant !

with the gas stoves though they’re like yeah it’s the same exact gas stove you always used, but now we’re going to be scared of it and make it illegal.

and then some bogus figure like 15% of all child asthma caused by gas stoves.

according to FuckCars 18% of ALL DEATHS are caused by air pollution due to cars. LOL

if you’re stupid enough you will believe anything i guess.

one other point i like regarding this is - if my gas stove produces toxins - shouldn’t * I * be the one worried about it ? i mean it’s in MY room, it’s “poisoning” ME. why are YOU trying to ban ME from poisoning MYSELF ?

but of course we tried using the same logic with regards to vaccines, namely if vaccine protects you from sickness why do you care if i protect myself ? why are you so worried about me ? worry about yourself LOL.

the thing is that logic doesn’t work very well on mentally ill boot lickers. they just want to be crusaders and punishers.

they will not stop until you sleep in a pod and eat ze bugs

the experts will determine how much of what you “need”

isn’t that what freedom is about ?

i run dual high capacity assault refrigerators by the way …

the logic goes like this … when you have dual high capacity assault refrigerators like me you will want to go to Costco to fill them up and for that you will want to use a car …

on other hand if we pass some common sense refrigerator control legislation you will only be able to fit one one on-foot trip worth of groceries in there so you will not miss not having a car …


of course the guy is a City Planner

City Planner is a code word for WEF FuckRoach

these people are like the Borg - they all think the same way.

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Get ready…no more gas for New Yorkers!

good find @marlon

and you put it into the right thread too because i did predict exactly this happening

my entire “survival” category of this site has been predicated on the premise that this ban is coming

this is why i was trying to move south - because without fossil fuel heat surviving in the north will be … difficult

reminds me of HAL 9000 telling Dave Bowman that " without a space suit i am afraid you will find it rather difficult " ( surviving in space )

also interesting that they are banning gas for shorter buildings first … thus using it as a lever to increase density ( Urbanism )

yes i realize this ban applies only to new buildings but existing buildings are either in bad neighborhoods or very expensive …

if you want an affordable home in a white neighborhood mostly your options will be new construction …

the window for getting a home in a white neighborhood where you won’t freeze in winter is closing …

when people realize what is happening the prices for homes that have gas will skyrocket …

10 years from now a home with gas heat will be like oceanfront property …