I may have been permanently suspended from Twitter?

yesterday i was locked for 12 hours then today just after the 12 hours expired i opened Twitter and saw this:

the problem is when i click start it flashes the following page for a split second:

then bounces me right back to that blue screen with the start button …

so it’s some sort of a bug … whether this bug is intentional or not the effect is the same

and there is little reason to believe that after 7 days the situation will improve because it was supposed to be working by now as the 12 hours expired …

not only that but usually before the counter even starts you have to delete the offending tweet, which is something you can do after you press the “start” button … but in this case the “start” leads nowhere …

i also checked my e-mail and there is no new e-mail for this new 7 day suspension. the only e-mail i have is for yesterday’s 12 hour suspension …

so it isn’t telling me what this new suspension is for and not giving me the opportunity to delete any offending Tweet …

basically it doesn’t look good …

i sent them a message, and got a confirmation:

we’ll see …

this is why i love having this website here …

with Twitter you’re always their slave …

i should use the extra time to finish some books …

here is Twitter’s response:

This includes behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another person’s voice.

in other words owning the libs is a banable offense.

when you own the libs they will interpret anything you say as a death threat.

when i said it’s cheaper to euthanize the guy than build an underground parking garage it should have been clear from the context that it’s cheaper FOR THE GOVERNMENT to euthanize him than it is FOR THE GOVERNMENT to build an underground parking garage

but Twitter chose to interpret it as me euthanizing the faggot myself because even after Elon fired half of the trannies at the end of the day Twitter is still a San Francisco organization and they will always side with bicycle riding faggots over BASED ALPHAS who own them and drink their tears


what Twitter is essentially saying is that as a based alpha you’re not allowed to constantly win arguments against bicycle riding faggots because that silences their voice

it certainly does - it makes them realize they are worthless faggots whose opinion is shit, and can only exist in an artificial environment where nobody is allowed to disagree with them

Twitter is basically saying they’re committed to maintaining such environment as much as they were before Elon took over

I had my account locked THREE TIMES already in like two months back on Twitter …

i had NEVER had Gab take ANY action against my account in FIVE YEARS even though i have harassed their CEO personally by attacking his religion and family to the point of him blocking me ( i did it to test if he actually believes in free speech ).

anyway i think it’s funny that when i, an account with 80 followers, go against an account with 80,000 followers that Twitter has to step in to protect them from me “silencing their voice” …

did you really think Twitter would let somebody like me grow my account ? i said they will suspend me permanently when i hit 200 - 300 followers or so, like they have done the last couple times.

i was at 97 followers i think when they did this 7 day lock. so it’s them practicing my permanent suspension already.

i think Kanye West had like 3 million followers so they suspended him even though he was friends with Elon Musk …

the more followers you have the less tolerant Twitter is of you having ideas not approved of by Klaus Schwab, or the Jews …

Elon wants to pump up the number of active users to make it look like his platform is thriving …

but he also wants to keep " hate impressions down " … which means that these new users that are allowed back on Twitter will be limited in the number of followers they will be allowed to have … which was their policy in the first place even before Musk.

They will let me set up an account … but when i start winning they will “handle” me … they will either lock me for winning arguments or permanently suspend me for amassing too many followers.

This is why they banned Kanye West - because he was winning and they couldn’t argue against him. that was his crime. He didn’t break any rules. Twitter never gave an explanation for why he was suspended.

They also won’t tell me what exactly i am doing wrong either - because it is actually my very existence that goes against Twitter rules, same as with Kanye West.

or did they want me to spell out that i wasn’t going to personally euthanize the faggot and that it was his beloved Socialist government that was going to do it ?

must i spell everything out in tweets ?

he thought Klaus Schwab will build magnificent underground garages for him so he can drive his SUV while society pays for the externalities like cost of parking …

i basically told him Santa Claus isn’t real and he got upset and had me Locked for hurting his feelings …

so i’m not allowed to hurt anyone’s feelings …

while they can openly advocate for euthanasia, cannibalism, composting humans, lockdowns, banning meat and eggs, forcibly injecting children with bioweapons, chipping everybody and turning the entire planet into one open air digital prison where only those who totally obey Klaus Schwab get to live …

THAT apparently isn’t offensive …

Kanye West is banned for suggesting the Jews run the world

WEF is openly running the world in Davos and the best Elon can do is run a poll asking whether WEF should run the world

how about BAN THEM you pathetic faggot ?

what is more offensive - suggesting somebody runs the world, or openly admitting that you do ?

BAN WEF AND KLAUS SCHWAB you stupid cuck !

no ? why not ?

oh because you’re their bitch …

can you imagine believing that i am threat to freedom of expression because my intimidation silences people’s voices …

but that WEF and their lockdowns are not a threat to freedom even as they brag that they control 90% of all governments and media and as millions died as a result of their Vax and Lockdowns …

Kanye can’t speak, I can’t speak, but WEF is having a conference with $2,500 prostitutes where only young blond girls are allowed to even serve drinks …

if you’re such a fucking rebel Elon then BAN THEM FROM TWITTER

don’t ask whether WEF should run the world - ban everyone who attended

and ban everybody from Epstein’s black book


oh Elon is such a badass he published the Twitter files which showed blatant censorship.

yet was even a single person involved in that censorship banned from Twitter for it ?


I am locked because i “silence” others by criticizing them …

but people who ACTUALLY silenced others … all still have their accounts

yes Yoel Roth was fired … but was his Twitter account locked or suspended ?


can anybody name a single individual who did more “silencing” and breaking Twitter Rules than Yoel ?

whatever you get the point … this is why you have to have your own website.

1/ The Twitter Files leak was probably a limited hangout and I’m guessing the real truth is far worse and goes even beyond the FBI interference

2/ If I recall correctly, we were on Gettr for a while, but they also practiced censorship, and I have heard Truth Social does as well – still can’t criticize certain groups on these cuck platforms

3/ So it seems Gab is the one open microblogging social medium still viable. However, I didn’t like Torba’s bait and switch where it was supposed to be a free speech forum but then he decided after he marketed it that way that it was going to be a Christianity-first forum. This is Elon-like behavior

4/ Back when you had the Uber Alpha Tech account, I remember you were one of Elon’s biggest critics. So I imagine you saw it coming that Elon’s “reform” of Twitter is BS. What surprises me is I thought they would keep the fiction of reform alive for a while to rope people back in, but they went right back to censorship quickly

5/ Verdict: Twitter probably not a viable platform and migration/backup of outstanding accounts recommended. Did you ever request your archives for the accounts they deleted before they deleted them? That way at least you have copies of your posting career that you could post via an RSS feed or something

no i haven’t requested the archive.

it can be interesting to come across things i wrote way back in the day - like looking at old photos.

but i would never repost them. my old views do not represent me - my current views do.

if my views aren’t evolving every day - then what am i alive for ?

There are real positive changes on Twitter under Elon. Probably more than half of important conservative accounts have been restored and Twitter no longer enforces Covid “misinformation” rules.

Trump was the first to recognize the value of Twitter when he was banned from it and was forced to start his own social network. Trump didn’t have $40 billion to buy Twitter but Elon did. Elon saw what Twitter did to Trump and realized he has to control Twitter himself because Twitter represents real power.

but Twitter is nothing without its users, and that $40 billion Elon paid for it will be wasted if he can’t get users back from platforms such as Gettr and Truth Social …

so Elon had no choice but to make some real positive changes. but he will only do the absolute minimum required to keep Twitter number one. he isn’t a free speech absolutist - he is a businessman. he wants Twitter to be successful, but he has to reconcile that with the need to suck Jewish dick.

even before Elon bought Twitter he said that the far left and far right should be equally unhappy - and i would say that is the case on Twitter right now. that’s not to say they are treated equally - much of the right is still banned, while none of the left is - instead the left is unhappy simply because of how entitled they are. Leftists are now escaping to Mastodon, which is something that wasn’t happening before Elon takeover. so Elon’s promise of " far left and far right equally unhappy " was kept, even if the only thing he needed to do to upset the left was to allow some freedom of speech.

the point is this - having far left and far right equally unhappy is a mathematical / business decision - not a political decision. Elon is focusing on the meat of the bell curve ( talking about left-right political orientation here, not IQ ) to maximize traffic, revenue and ultimately his power.

before Elon, twitter was chopping off the entire republican half of the bell curve banning even normies merely for speaking out against the vaccine … now Twitter is chopping off the fringes of the bell curve from both ends.

on the right wing side fringe accounts like Ye and Alex Jones are banned. on the leftist side nobody is banned but they are leaving on their own anyway.

at the end of the day Elon and Trump are both Centrist Populist Frauds.

i have checked out Mastodon by the way - it is unbelievable. liberals unironically telling each other that the only problem with conservatives whining about free speech is that " we can still hear them " …

i don’t think there is even a single conservative on Mastodon …

yes there was a bit of a bait and switch … there usually is with social networks. when a new network is opened they need some trick to get people to join - for example Facebook was originally just for Harvard students i believe - that was the shtick - it was an elitist site. Now it’s all boomers.

so Gab was originally a free speech site now it’s parallel Christian economy.

but even so the only thing banned on Gab is porn. Gab seems to be the only platform on which you can say NIGGER which means it’s still the closest to being free as far as social networks go.

the real truth is that Kanye West was right and Elon Musk ( just like Trump, Obama, Bush etc ) is a bitch for the Jews like Ari Emanuel and Klaus Schwab

Pictured Below: Ari Emanuel ( brother of Rahm Emanuel ) and Elon Musk:

At the end of the day Twitter has to attract people to the platform. Rightly or wrongly, the kind of stuff Kanye West was posting is very offensive to the majority of people and people are turned off by a platform where they see that kind of stuff and don’t want to use it. That is why 4chan is and always will be a niche part of the internet. People go there, see very offensive material, are horrified, and never go there again. There is a line, and people like Kanye and Nick Fuentes crossed it. If your presence on the platform is so offensive to people that it compromises the platform itself then it is in the best interest of the head of the platform to kick you off.

99% of people who threaten to leave Twitter don’t actually leave

just like 99% of people who threaten to leave US don’t actually leave

Kanye had millions of followers who are more offended by his getting banned

than anybody except the Jews would have been by his staying

and even the Jews wouldn’t have left Twitter over Kanye

we have Jews on GAB for fuck’s sake

in fact percentage of Jews on GAB seems about the same as on Twitter or anywhere else - maybe even more !

Milo, Loomer, Myself etc …

4chan being fringe has nothing to do with it being offensive

i have never used 4chan and i have been based for a long time

I’m back on Twitter, but part of me wishes i wasn’t.

Anyway here is a fun picture from Twitter:

suckers like @kanyewest think Klaus Schwab is going to ask them whether they want to eat Bugs or drive a car …

they probably think elections work too …

they will never learn …

i hope for his sake that @kanyewest is just a Troll and doesn’t actually believe in all those coincidence theories, because if he actually believes what he says then it’s just sad …

The people who think Klauw Schwab is so powerful that he can make everyone eat bugs are suckers. It’s not about him giving you a choice. He doesn’t have the power to give you a choice.

People who go too deep down the conspiracy rabbit hole become obsessed with these boogeyman like Klaus Schwab. He is just the flavor of the day. A few years ago nobody cared about Klaus Schwab. It was all about the Rothschilds and George Soros. Before that it was the Rockefellers. Before the WEF was the hot new thing we had the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations and other groups.

See, you think that because you know about the WEF and their ambitions that you understand how the world works. It is overly simplistic. The WEF does not have nearly as much power as you think. The reality of power in our world is a lot messier and more complex.

no doubt.

the question is though … 10 years from now when you’re eating the bugs … are you going to say it is your choice ? are you going to say " it just makes sense " ? are you going to say " we must take care of the environment " ? are you going to say " cows are sentient beings " ?

what will you say ?

because i’m sure it won’t be " fuck @Dissident was right about everything " …