I feel the urge to dunk on Christianity

my entire life my mother defended my father telling me that my father loves me and so on

eventually she was forced to admit that my father is a sadist and said the reason she never told me is because she thought it was obvious

now as absurd as that argument is actually that’s why i never dunked on Christianity - it’s because it was always such an obvious joke to me that i didn’t want to lower myself to the level of people pointing out what a joke it is …

i mean, do you really want to be the guy shaking crying children, screaming " don’t you understand ??? santa claus isn’t real ! ! ! "

i simply didn’t want to be that guy …

i had other, more interesting things to say, such that Israel did 9-11 so i focused on those …

somehow though my path has taken me to GAB where i ended up being surrounded by Christians on all sides, even so, i continued to endure their stupidity …

i continued to endure it when they were yapping about how trans women are not women and how god hates fags and so on …

but when they started talking about tossing pedophiles into the wood chipper is when they crossed the line.

reality is there is no definition of what makes somebody a pedophile. age of consent in Mexico is 12 and in Japan was 14 until very recently. if you fuck a 15 year old and point out that she would have been legal in Japan a few years ago - would it convince these Christian Crusaders not to stuff you into the wood chipper ? i doubt it, because they have no brains so you would be talking to a wall.

the final blow was when Lauren Witzke ( who has 100,000 followers on GAB ) said on Twitter that " we have to tell children the truth, that if they have gay sex they will go to hell for all eternity " …

now i know this is what the Bible says and probably what preachers say in the Church ( obviously i don’t go to church so i wouldn’t know ) but to hear it come out of the mouth of one of the leaders of " our movement " … was kind of shocking …

this is child abuse plain and simple, and i will not tolerate it.

i am done with Christians. it’s time to wipe them off the face of the earth. they had a good run.

Christianity is one of the worst things that ever happened to humanity.

Yes Islam and Judaism are even worse. I am not saying they are not.

But i am not the type of person who worships Trump and Putin simply because Biden doesn’t like them.

Yes the Jews spit on Christians in the street in Israel and yes the Jews are responsible for most of the world’s problems. That does NOT make Christians the good guys, however.

as i explained previously if a Latin American Drug lord is a bad guy that doesn’t make his worst enemy a good guy. in fact there is a close to 100% chance his worst enemy is another Latin American Drug Lord exactly like him.

yes Judaism, Communism and Islam may be worse than Christianity. but Christianity is not far behind when it comes to the sheer amount of suffering it has caused.

or rather the sheer amount of pleasure that Christianity has denied to people.

to summarize i always thought Christians were retards, but i never attacked them before because i didn’t think attacking Christians was edgy enough for an edgelord like me. for me to attack Christians would be like for Bill Gates to personally code the “hello world” app. it was just way, way beneath my level of qualification.

however this isn’t about being edgy anymore. when i hear these scumfucks say things like " we need to ban porn " or " we need to stuff pedophiles into the woodchipper " or " we need to tell children the truth that they will burn in hell for all eternity " … it is war.

i am sorry that you chose death but it is what you chose.

get fucked.

this is a beginning of a long conversation.

i guess the real reason i am finally “coming out” as Anti-Christian is NOSTR

GAB being Explicitly Christian is what kept me in the closet all this time …

but i spoke to the top Nostr developer who was also the top Twitter developer and he said he was a “Militant Atheist” ( he’s also gay )

well shit, i was reliably informed on GAB that all “militant atheists” were drooling retards …

i was informed of this by Christian Plumbers, Carpenters and Farmers who all believe they are more intelligent than Software Engineers …

prior to the conversation i was under false impression that Porn is against the rules on Nostr yet the dude who basically created both Twitter and Nostr told me he wants to see hardcore gay porn on Nostr … and it was actually the Christian developer of the Coracle client who banned porn on the client … and even that ban has been rescinded …

essentially there is no longer a need for me to keep pretending that Christianity is anything other than SHIT

it’s one of those “choose your battles wisely” things. i have been choosing not to fight this battle my entire life. and now i am choosing to fight it. probably because it has already been won, which is again, consistent with the rules of the Art of War.

what is falling should also be pushed. time to finish Christianity once and for all.

we’re not going to ban it - we are going to ridicule it. when you ban something it just gets stronger - but nothing can survive ridicule.

this is going to hurt but the good news is you can’t feel pain when you’re dead and your run is coming to an end.

you have been warned. teach your children Christianity and i will have them spit on you when you’re old the same as Christians are spat on in Israel.

my positions on Judaism and Islam remain unchanged.

we will also have to talk about Paganism as well.

but now it’s time to play Fortnite.

Christians have been ridiculed and persecuted relentless basically since the time of Christ. Nero killed them every chance he got. It just made them stronger.

As a matter of fact, there are very few extrabiblical records of Jesus, but there are accounts from the Romans afterwards about how much they didn’t like Christians.

Christians went underground and had to practice their religion in secret for centuries.

Eventually the Romans took a liking to Christianity and it became the official religion of Rome under Constantine.

Most of the known world adopted it at some point, and they did so voluntarily for the most part. Not to say that Christians didn’t impose their religion on anyone at various points, but most simply chose to practice it.

Islam on the other hand… Muhammed said to be peaceful and nonviolent in the Quran and broke that rule before the ink was even dry. Muslims spread their religion through conquest and subjugation and fear. They have never been peaceful at any point in their history. They have also never produced anything of value. They are cockroaches.

Judaism is hardly even what I would call a religion. Orthodox Jews seem to practice a weird form of debate class that involves using wordplay to skirt dumb rules that they made up. I have no idea what they even do. Generations of inbreeding have turned them into a highly neurotic and confused people.

Anyway, good luck with your crusade. I don’t see Christianity going anywhere any time soon, but we will see.

Personally, I like the message of Christ, but I’m not sure about the rest. I don’t buy the miracles. The stories in the gospels are dubious at best. Jesus sounds like some combination of a philosopher and a street magician. Since we have no unbiased accounts of his life and ministry, we don’t know what the guy actually did and said. We are left with writings that came from the cult worshiping him, and it’s hard to take these zealots seriously when they say he was born from a virgin and brought people back from the dead and what not.

I want Christians back on their knees where they belong.

my 1st GF once took me to meet her parents and her pops ( who incidentally was at the time the same age i am now ) started talking shit about America ( they were off-the-boat Ukrainians ) and how it was founded by Puritans who were religious nut-jobs …

i never thought of it that way and in fact it did not make sense to me then when he put it that way …

but that’s how i see it now. America is a mental health asylum founded by the lunatics.

i also remember when Romney was asked ( because he was a Mormon ) during presidential debates whether the Bible is a word of G_d ? and he replied with conviction " absolutely ! "

and i was like … are these people ( Republicans ) for real with this shit ? LOL

we need to go back to the good old days of the Ancient Greeks. we used to fuck boys all the time back then and none of them ended up trans or killing themselves - in fact they became warriors. it isn’t Pedophiles that are turning kids trans today but the chemicals in the food and water, and the mentally ill virtue signaling parents and the puberty blockers these poor kids are given.

i don’t even want to fuck boys - i just want to be able to have a conversation about sex that doesn’t cite the Bible as a source of anything.

SHOVE YOUR FAGGOT BIBLE UP YOUR FUCKNIG ASS ( same for Koran, Torah, Talmud etc. )

it’s literally the same how Liberals tried to use Harry Potter to derive morality from until J. K. Rowling ( who wrote it ) came out against trannies.

The Bible = Harry Potter

same shit

but this is nothing new

what is new is have had enough of it

Where are the ancient Greeks today?

all we need to do to save the west is 2 things:

1 - require English exam and IQ test for anybody entering the country. anybody trying to jump the fence is shot on sight and buried in a mass grave.

2 - women are paid by government to have children for the first 18 years of the child’s life. fathers are not responsible for child support even in case of rape.

the Christian argument is that we need Christianity to have family and we need family to have children.

and yet Christians fail to oppose 3rd world immigration.

these cucks need to decide - either we’re having our own kids or we’re importing the 3rd world. they can’t make up their mind about this.

i can.

and we don’t need family to have children. we simply need an understanding that without white children society will collapse and instead of sending money to Israel and Ukraine we should be paying girls to get pregnant.

that’s what Hitler did. Soviet Union did this too. any society that isn’t in the process of committing suicide like the west does this. this isn’t rocket science.

there has never been a society without white children that was worth living in.

and never will be.

these filthy cockroach Christians tell us that we need them in order to have children ( without them everyone will be gay )

yet they literally ban sex until the age of 18 by which time the average girl is no longer able to bond with a man due to having had 20 different partners and 3 abortions

i dare these cocksuckers to explain how the age of consent helps girls have more babies to prevent the demographic holocaust we are facing

most girls can start pumping out babies at age 12 … so what if half of them end up fatherless ? for Niggers it’s 80% of them who are fatherless so if fatherless children are the problem then we should ban Niggers not sex.

Christianity is a mental illness. Mental illness is never a strength or an asset.

and yes Christianity is Jewish.

White people were pagans and were forced to convert.

Christianity is shit and has no leg to stand on.

it is pure garbage that has no value and serves no purpose.

maybe the only good part of the Bible: