I been out of the EV loop for a while

spent too much time banned from Twitter - missed a lot of developments in Electrified Vehicle space.

for example Rivian is now worth just $11 Billion after being worth $150 billion in 2021. they are losing about $30,000 on every car sold with sales flat year on year.

and Lucid is doing about 5 times worse than Rivian.

basically it seems there was only ever room for one EV startup ( Tesla ) …

it was obvious to me most EV startups would fail but i thought Lucid would make it ( because their CEO designed Tesla Model S in the first place ) and i thought Rivian would make it ( because it was backed by Amazon )

but it seems like nobody is actually going to make it … it’s just going to be Tesla and Legacy and Legacy is adopting Tesla’s charging standard.

what Elon has achieved, for better or worse ( it is for the worse ) is remarkable.

the supercharger network was pure evil genius.

of course he isn’t the first one to try to screw the entire industry with a proprietary standard but Sony failed with their memory sticks and Apple failed with the lightning connector while Tesla Superchargers have actually won ( in USA anyway )

when you’re not on Twitter you definitely begin to fall behind …

i am behind on basically everything not just EVs …

i may have to actually stop trying to get myself banned and just be content with quoting stuff on Twitter, posting it onto NOSTR and letting lose ON THERE

will be hard …

Interesting. I may have to rethink my Twitter hiatus because as you say it’s the best central repository for emerging information. That’s really what its strength has been all along.

You’re right of course that it’s not a place for serious discussion anymore.

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