I am banning religion on this site

i am going back to my roots as a Godless Kike from Soviet Union where Religion was banned because Lenin said that “Religion is Opium for the People”

i always agreed with Lenin on this but at the same time the Nazis had convinced me that Commies like Lenin were the bad guys … which of course is true …

the Logical Fallacy here was that the bad guys must always be wrong or that the enemy of my enemy has to be my friend … neither of those are true …

things simply aren’t that simple.

what this ban means.

you can still discuss religion CRITICALLY and even encouraged to do so.

what you can’t do is claim that any of the world’s religions are true.

to clarify even further - i am not saying that G_d doesn’t exist. he might. or we may be living in a simulation like the Matrix - who knows.

nobody knows. that’s the entire point.

the issue isn’t whether G_d exists or not. the issue is people claiming to have a special relationship with this G_d and intimate knowledge of what this G_d really wants you to do and how he will punish you if you don’t do what these people say and so on …

frankly, i would stuff all these people into the wood chipper if it was up to me.

but it’s not - the best i can do is to gag them on my site.

all religions will be treated equally here - all equally banned.

you can and should still talk about all religions but from the perspective of what their effect is on the world, not " we have to do this because this is what G_d wants us to do ! "

we absolutely MUST discuss religions because for better or worse they control the world.

but anybody speaking of an organized religion as if it was anything but a scam will be banned.

you can still believe in G_d and afterlife and all that - you can believe what you want.

but you can’t promote organized mass-murder, genital mutilation and extortion cults ( which is what religions are ) on my site.

i will make an exception for Paganism because it isn’t an organized religion.

Christianity has the Bible and Churches
Islam has the Koran and Mosques
Judaism has Talmud and Torah and Synagogues and Yeshiva

Paganism doesn’t have anything so it doesn’t fit the definition of organized religion and is thus allowed.

so to clarify even further you can’t say something like " G_d hates fags ! " on here from now on.

you CAN say " i hate fags ! " - that is perfectly OK.

and yes, i realize i’m literally using the words of Yuval Harari here, well, what can i do - as i said evil people and your enemies aren’t always wrong.

again, i am not against G_d, i am against those who try to tell me what G_d wants me to do as if they somehow are privy to that knowledge and i must listen to them and do as they say OR ELSE …

i have a better idea. if you come at me with that shit i will inflict the maximum amount of suffering on you that is within my power.

what would you tell a Liberal who said that “The Science” ( Liberal proxy for G_d ) says you should eat the bugs, wear a mask, be injected and locked down and you can’t dispute any of this because only “The Experts” ( Liberal proxy for Priests ) can speak to “The Science” …

you would stuff that Shit-Lib into the wood chipper and you would be right to do so

well religion is exactly like WEF

only difference is WEF is new so their mind virus afflicts the young while religions are old so their mind virus afflicts primarily Boomertarians and Rednecks ( who, due to isolation, were only exposed to mind virus of their parents but not the latest mind virus )

at some point i simply realized my life was too short to waste time on debating retards

not everybody is worth your time. most people simply need to be flushed down.