a few days ago i got a 7 day lock on my Twitter when i used the words “filthy skank” …

and a few years ago i lost an entire account to permanent suspension when i used the words “whore shit hoes do” …

neither of these were attacks on any particular woman, but statements about women in general, so i wasn’t locked / suspended for attacking a person but for general “hate” …

even after the first incident i already knew what was really going on, but foolishly believed that censorship under Musk has eased … and i stepped on the same exact rake again.

essentially you cannot speak of female promiscuity in a derogatory way - you cannot attach stigma to it.

words like “whore” and “skank” when applied to promiscuous women if you think about it are somewhat like the N-Word when applied to low-impulse-control black men. but we don’t typically think of it this way because the N-Word is off-limits so to speak while words like “Whore” and “Skank” are generally more acceptable … or are they ?

not on Twitter …

furthermore it seems you don’t even need to have your tweet reported - Twitter seems to automatically scan for words such as “whore”, “skank”, “thot” etc. and hand out locks and suspensions.

so why is this a big deal ? well it has to do with “hyperpromiscuity”

the late, great Alan Watt:

used to talk about it on his radio show all the time.

essentially what the Elites are doing is they are trying to sexualize children to the point where they are turned into soul-less sex toys before they even reach puberty. they are seeking to destroy any ability of men and women to pair bond by using an overload of sex to desensitize them.

men of course have traditionally been able to have as much sex as they were able to financially afford by using prostitutes, but women had to remain chaste and virtuous in order to have any value for potential husband …

this is squarely what the behavioral scientists and the elites have set out to change with the sex revolution starting with the roaring 20s …

feminists first taught women to smoke and drink then to do drugs and engage in casual sex and now we are finally at a point where children in school get drag queen story hour where they are taught how to use butt plugs …

this is serious business - the globalists aren’t fucking around - they know the way to break humanity is to break the family ( and destroy G_d, but that’s a story for another day ) - and the way to break the family is obvious - unleash female sexuality which was historically restrained precisely to make family and by extension civilization possible …

so when you use a word like “whore” or “skank” on Twitter and a few minutes later you are on vacation from the platform - this is not a mistake.

even as Elon is pretending to fight pedophiles and groomers he is still working for the very same people who are grooming those kids with the goal of destroying their ability to pair bond and seriously consider marriage and family …

i will also add that whenever i made what i felt like completely inappropriate comments to successful, high class women on social media such as “nice ass” i have never gotten anything but likes in return from those women ( and pathetic bitching from beta orbiters telling me it was inappropriate ).

but when a girl on Instagram complained she was getting dirty looks from old people simply because she went grocery shopping in a bikini … and i suggested that maybe she can go easy on the boomers by wearing something more modest - she instantly blocked me.

women never object to genuine compliments no matter how vulgar and inappropriate … but they are vicious when you make the slightest effort to curb their sexuality in any way, such as by suggesting that maybe it is not necessary to grocery shop in a bikini.

also i have been involved in swimming my whole life ( swim on regular basis, usually in the same facility where swimming teams practice ) and the swimsuits worn by 12 year old girls today are cut the same way as what pinup models would wear in photoshoots when i was a kid … if that wasn’t inappropriate enough i have seen a coach slap these girls on the ass right in front of their parents.

reality is it’s all part of an agenda going back at least 100 years. all civilizations were built on restraining female sexuality, which the Jewish Globalists correctly identified as the key to destroying humanity.

these kids who are dressed like whores and taught to use butt plugs at age 12 and to put their careers first and freeze their eggs etc - will never get married or have kids of their own. in fact many of them will commit suicides.

ironically the above statement ( that these kids are being set up for suicide ) also got me sent on a Twitter vacation on a separate occasion - they said i can’t wish harm on others - which of course i wasn’t.

what they really meant is i can’t talk about their agenda to destroy the family by destroying children with hyperpromiscuity …

and of course girls in college are literally encouraged to go into sex work and taught that it is “empowering” … Arianna Huffington ( owner of Huffington Post ) has personally encouraged young girls to become prostitutes … i suppose an average person would have a hard time believing this stuff, but when you know the agenda it makes perfect sense.

i actually knew an escort who went on to graduate from an Ivy League University and she kept babbling about how her work was “empowering” … this is really the “education” these girls get in college …

so as Alan Watt would say ( he didn’t use these words ) Agenda is everything - the rest is all fluff.

needless to say the girl in question was unable to form a single relationship, lived with her cats, has been hospitalized for mental illness, and at one point was even stabbed ( in the leg ) by her ( divorced ) mother … she told me her first orgasm was when her father spanked her … she was also vegan and by the time she was 29 her health has deteriorated to the point where she cried out in pain when i touched her … at which point i stopped talking to her.

she really does perfectly embody the product of the system. and she should be about 35 by now, which means kids today have it much, much worse. nobody has taught this girl how to use butt plugs in grade school. kids growing up today will be so fucked it will make your head spin.

all by design.

What an insightful post from someone who openly talks about jacking off to BBC porn three times a day lol

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but it’s a bit hypocritical to say that women should be chaste and pure while you’re at home busting nuts all the time. Men give into their sexual temptations by looking at porn and masturbating, and women give into their sexual temptations by saying yes to men who want to fuck them.

I miss the good old days on Twitter when you could @ President Obama and call him a nigger. He might have read it and you may not have gotten banned. Nowadays you get insta banned the moment you say something mean. It’s really gay. Bullying is a healthy thing to a certain extent. One of the reasons good people behave well is because the bad behavior was bullied and shamed out of them. If there were still shame attached to being a slut then women would think twice about it.

a woman has a much higher investment in children than a man does - the man isn’t the one who gets pregnant.

men and women aren’t the same. a man can impregnate a different woman every day. a woman can only get pregnant once a month and can’t get pregnant again while already pregnant. there are alpha males and beta males whereas women can be young or post-menopausal.

so the way it used to work is men were always trying to have sex because it has little cost to them while women’s task was to refuse it because on their side the cost of pregnancy was high.

then birth control came but human nature and tradition remained so whoring was still looked down upon …

but now they are literally trying to teach women to be men … and they say this is about “equality” but that’s not what it’s about …

trying to turn women into men is not equality - it is abuse. they are destroying women in order to destroy the family.

if i remember correctly some of the original research carried out on trying to get children to have pre-pubertal sex actually ended up in the subjects committing suicide. they pretty much know this is what they are doing to these kids and they don’t care.

I’m just saying that sexual morality goes both ways. You cannot expect women to behave themselves while men are giving into every temptation. Slutty women and porn addicted men are both products of a degenerate society.

yes Pornography is also a tool for destroying society.

but men can largely cope with being alone as as they get older while women can not.

when family is destroyed women are more impacted.

women are by their nature more family oriented.

i accept that i will always be alone - i pretty much always was, as it is.

but women have no idea what’s coming when they hit the wall ( menopause ) and nobody talks to them anymore and they have no kids …

Still hyperpromiscuity goes both ways, for women it’s exactly like you’ve described but for boys and men the equivalent is the availability of pornography which equally damages the other gender - it’s an attack on both sides of the equation, and you gotta own up to falling for it (this is why AT LEAST PARTIALLY you are alone, not because of your high IQ but because you masturbate the need of seeking and being with a partner out on daily basis).

“If you want to destroy any nation without war, make adultery or nudity common in the young generation.”
― Saladin (1137 – 1193 AD)

Overall excellent write up and I completely agree with you.

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Before you point out that it’s 70F in Miami right now and 30F in NJ - Have you learned to speak Spanish yet ?

all we Jews know is how to destroy a nation and move on to the next nation host …

but what happens when we run out of nations to destroy …

maybe the Elites are smart and know what they’re doing …

or maybe they have been successful for so long that they have lost the ability to self doubt …

Im stuck in NY right now :wink: Going back in January. In regards to elites I cannot figure it out myself because they are IMPLODING US and Western EU right now, once thats over there is no where to go, aside from Asia? But they cant assimilate with the asians so I dont really see a good end game here for the elites.

The only thing I think they are doing now is pivoting a little to the right of the spectrum thus telling Musk to purchase twitter and put some republican in the office in 2024 to pullback from full on retardation and create an illusion that there is some semblance of sanity being restored but its all by design as the long term trajectory remains the same.

And lastly, regarding the running out of hosts, again, if there are still pockets that they do not control lets say Russia and China, then why would RU and China participate and play along with the Covid Hoax ? And if all participated in the Covid Hoax globally then they probably do have a complete control already and that means its game over pretty much…The only logical explanation I see for RU and China participating if they are not under western elites control is them benefitting by furthermore expanding their control for their populace but then again they already had it…

Switzerland, Monaco, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Epstein Island :slight_smile:

they will just fly their private jets from one island or city-state to the other while everybody else enjoys their 15 minute cities where everything is within reach on a bicycle so long as you don’t get mugged on your way, don’t slip on ice and healthy enough to cycle in the first place. but no worries - if you aren’t fit enough to ride a bicycle they will euthanize you for free.

i laugh at all those “car free” propaganda videos showing happy people cycling to work … somehow there are no old people in those videos. it’s almost like they have a solution for the old people. it’s almost like it has been outlined in anything from Brave New World to Soylent Green. it’s almost like it’s currently being implemented in Canada. Alan Watt warned about it way back.

probably 90% of children born today will die by euthanasia and it will only be nominally a choice. in reality their other option will be to starve and freeze to death and euthanasia will be deemed the only “responsible” solution.

that’s a good question - how are they going to handle Asia - i have no idea.

under republican Trump the decline has accelerated to record speed.

only one who would make a real difference is Kanye West but he won’t win.

DeSantis might win but he only differs from Trump on Vaccines and Lockdowns and by 2024 that may be less of an issue and if it is still an issue he may simply declare that he changed his mind and now supports Vax and Lockdowns, or simply do what Trump did - which is nothing. Just sit back and “monitor the situation” while the country is destroyed.

every nation went along with 9-11 psyop even though it must have been obvious to the intelligence communities that it was Netanyahu not Bin Laden who was the real mastermind behind 9-11.

but Covid is different because they aren’t just doing lip service to the narrative - they are actually destroying their nations to play along.

not every nation of course. most poor black nations have ignored this so-called “pandemic” completely and even Sweden has largely ignored it. but Russia played along, and China turned it into a complete circus.

we have to consider, of course, that maybe there is no such a thing as nation. that there is government and people and they have nothing in common except color on the map. what does a government care if the people suffer ? they don’t. they aren’t locking THEMSELVES down.

maybe it isn’t so binary. maybe it is more shades of gray type of situation. maybe they cooperate on some issues and disagree on others. for example Bill Gates and Elon Musk have a huge beef because Bill Gates shorted Tesla and drives a Taycan … but on most issues they are still aligned.

i don’t necessarily see how tyrannizing population for no reason with lockdowns increases government control, but on other hand starting a war certainly does.

Zelensky now has pretty much has absolute power. If i was Zelensky i would wish this war never ended !

It’s a stretch to assume that the elites currently wrecking the world have some master plan and this will all make sense in the end. It’s also a stretch to assume that they all agree on a plan. They are just obscenely wealthy psychopaths who obsess about power and fantasize about how they can flex it and control the future of humanity. There is still a lot of disagreement among this coalition of supervillains about what they will do. There are also different organizations of supervillains in competition with each other like the WEF, Bilderberg Group, CFR, etc. They aren’t necessarily in unison with eachother.

It’s important to emphasize how inept they are as well. Klaus Schwab for example is painted as some kind of mastermind, but in reality he is a clown.

These people come from generations of wealth and power and are completely removed from reality. They aren’t evil geniuses so much as they are inbred dysgenic freaks who live in such insulated bubbles of their own delusions that they think trying to implement the science fiction fantasies they cook up is a worthwhile and attainable endeavor.

For example, the COVID thing did not go according to plan at all and it ended up being scrapped entirely. This was a plan Bill Gates and his buddies at the WEF had been cooking up for years. He genuinely believed that everyone would get in line and go along with the pandemic narrative from beginning to end and be willing to reinvent society as the technocratic utopia he envisioned with vaccine passports and the like. They were surprised by how much pushback there was and that a large segment of the population didn’t warmly welcome their new technocratic overlords.

They think humanity will accept this new future by choice and pushback isn’t a part of the plan.

The communists also thought everyone would accept communism by choice. They don’t. That’s why communists eventually took to murdering large segments of their population and ruling over the surviving population with extreme tyranny to try to get them to accept the Jewish lie of communism. In the Soviet Union this still didn’t work and the tyrannical hell state that called itself communism ended up collapsing under its own weight.

Maybe the globalists will use the same brutalist approach to force their vision on the world. Maybe they won’t though. I don’t think they are clever or all-powerful enough to do it for long. This isn’t the 20th century anymore.

You are absolutely correct about communists and USSR, and thats why I dont understand the endgame because they are essentially driving the West towards the same outcome, implosion from within and also becoming and ever easy target to be taken over by outsiders, say muslims (see Western EU). For example they might not care for EU but once US falls then where will they go ? Sure they can do city states, but what good will it be to sit in Switzerland when you are surrounded by hordes of muslims in 50 years time who will just come and take everything at some point as they lose control over rabid pitbulls.

Wanted to add in regards to jerking off and all that, Ive recently been experimenting with abstaining for weeks at a time … still failing but its funny how all religious texts talked against the act itself, meaning even barely out of cave people knew its not a good idea.

Well they are normalizing a new norm :slight_smile: Getting you used to things to come little by little.

Overall what we are seeing is a repeat of early 20th century with debauchery in Berlin in roaring 20s and jewish elites peddling same shit as Hollywood today, except today their stranglehold is x100.

Yup. A woman’s sex appeal is basically all she has nowadays.
Can’t bond with a woman long term who has nothing else.

but what happens when we run out of nations to destroy …

maybe the Elites are smart and know what they’re doing …

or maybe they have been successful for so long that they have lost the ability to self doubt …

You’ve already run out of nations to destroy.
There is an economist on Unz, Michael Hudson, who says there are two systems of capitalism: Finance capitalism (making money using the market) and Industrial capitalism (making money using stuff).

The West has moved from Industrial to Financial capitalism…and China is going there too.

The elite will dwell in wealthy enclaves among a sea of their lessers just as they do now. The enclaves may be in the mountains, hills, the coasts or private islands but they will be fine.

Still hyperpromiscuity goes both ways, for women it’s exactly like you’ve described but for boys and men the equivalent is the availability of pornography which equally damages the other gender - it’s an attack on both sides of the equation

Men and boys turn to porn for lack of the real thing.
Women get burnt out on too much of the real thing.

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women are expensive and porn is cheap.

realistically we’re talking $20 / month for a decent porn site. about $2,000 / month for a GF and probably about $5,000 / month for wife and kids.

and the more you spend the less you get. i mean for that $20 / month i get 2 - 3 orgasms per day. with a GF i would have sex 2 - 3 times a week and with a wife probably none at all.

it’s just a bad deal.

for women it seems like a good deal because they get tons of sex AND tons of gifts, plus they can make money on OnlyFans etc.

so it’s great for women until one day they wake up and they are 40 and it’s time to kill themselves.

this is a feature though, not a bug.

fewer useless eaters.

remember when Cuomo sent Covid positive patients to Nursing homes ?

the elites aren’t keen on letting you find out how long your biological clock can keep on ticking.

they want to use you and discard like a condom.

or maybe not even use you - just kill you - preferably in the womb, if not then by suicide as a teen, if not then by suicide later in life and if not then by some medical intervention …

at the end of the day they just want you gone.