Hypernormalization ( 2016 )

2 stars.

this film is hit and miss but mostly miss.

it’s a highly disjointed affair which i can best describe as progressive BBC propaganda lightly sprinkled with some thought provoking material.

i watched it because when i was younger i enjoyed Adam Curtis films such as “the century of the self” ( 2002 )

now i realize it must have been equally hit and miss but i was a beginner then and was quite impressed …

in essence i have simply outgrown Adam Curtis … he makes documentaries for BBC that seem mind blowing to teenagers but to a seasoned veteran of information warfare like myself are mostly laughable but with occasional sparks of insight …

these occasional sparks is why i give it 2 stars and not 0 stars, but there aren’t enough of them to make it worth watching or recommending …

also ironically even though “century of the self” is 20 years old it’s less dated than “hypernormalization” which is only 6 years old … because Hypernormalization is partially about Trump yet most of the Trump’s history was written AFTER this film came out … all in all it’s just a clusterfuck.

do not bother watching. i do not recommend this film. 2 stars is being generous for old time’s sake when i actually enjoyed his films.