Huge Mistake

if you’re a sadistic murderer at 13 you’re always going to be that person - doing 28 years in prison isn’t going to magically turn you into a loving, caring human being …

they should have let him rot in there …

They should have executed him.
It’s not too late.

it shouldn’t be up to government to execute people. if the family of the victim wants to hire somebody to murder him that’s up to them.

the government’s job is merely to quarantine him so to speak.

it’s funny they arrest people for walking alone on the beach but release depraved sadistic murderers so that they can torture more children to death.

but that’s because they see their job as implementing globalist agendas - nothing more or less. it’s only the moron public that think the government’s job is to serve them.

True. Gov’t serves its masters (not the public) and itself.
Rich and connected folk never worry about who is getting into power since their power remains untouched.

As for the scum, I want to be sure that guy is dead.
If the family isn’t up to it, prosecute them, and then execute the guy.

well i guess i don’t really have a problem with him being put to sleep.

guys who cheat on taxes ( or refuse to pay them ) like Peter Schiff’s father are never getting out of prison.

cheating on taxes is about the only way any rich person can ever land in prison.

if you’re rich and you pay taxes you can rape like weinstein or murder like OJ Simpson and it won’t make any difference.