How to choose a portable induction cooker

great read …

TLDR: the author recommends Vollrath based on quality of product and i agree with him Vollrath does make the best product but …

EDIT: Vollrath doesn’t warrantee their products for home use ! ! ! only commercial kitchens can obtain warranty service. that’s a non-starter for me.

interesting discussion of induction physics:

here is the basic primer:

bottom line - the pan, the coil and the switching electronics all work together as one system - so better switching circuitry for example can handle a worse pan and vice versa …

ultimately you could either get a good cooker and pan ( like Vollrath for both for example ) or you can go by trial and error and maybe you will stumble on combinations for 1/10th the price that work …

just spoke to Vollrath on the phone and they do NOT offer warranty for home use ! only commercial use ! this is retarded by they’re not the only ones - Garland is the same.

i also spoke to Hatco who tried to talk me out of getting their induction cooker for home use but said they will replace it under warranty even when used at home because while the products are designed for commercial use there doesn’t seem to be anything in the warranty that says it will be voided by home use whereas Vollrath and Garland explicitly state that it will be.

Hatco wins by DQ.

PRO TIP: before buying anything moderately expensive always call and talk to real people on the phone about it. in many cases nobody will pick up the phone at all and that right there should tell you to walk away. in other cases some arrogant retard will pick up the phone and you should walk away in that case too. on other hand if an intelligent and polite person picks up the phone and answers all your questions that is a positive sign.

i did have an experience once where a sleek gentleman answered all my questions but the business was still a scam … so you’re never really safe. but if you can’t even get anybody to pick up the phone it’s a non starter altogether and most people will not take that simple step to screen the company they’re ordering a product from.

anything over $1,000 if i don’t already know the company i will call and talk to them before ordering.