How do I get a Ukrainian girl?

They are perfect. They are the hottest girls on the planet. I swear the average Ukrainian girl is like a 9/10.

So how do I get one?

Do I have to have a lot of money? Do I have to be tall and muscular? Do I have to have a big penis? Do I have to have a good job? Do I have to make her laugh? I heard Russians and Ukrainians have dark senses of humor. Should I joke about the Holodomor?

Well I do have a lot of money, I am muscular but not on steroids, I do have a big fat penis, and I do tell good Holodomor jokes.

Let’s say I land a 9 and bring her to the States. We get married.

Will she dump me for a Sergei or a Tyrone as soon as she gets her green card? I want her to love me too and give me beautiful children that we will raise into happy adults. There can’t be any divorses or side Sergei’s involved. I need to know that she will be my faithful wife dill death do we depart.

So how do I get a Ukrainian girl?

i’m not an expert on marriage issues - but my perspective is that it’s better to marry an average looking girl that has lots of money and cheat on her with hookers from Ukraine or whatever …

or have a prenup ?

i had a rich and muscular ( haven’t checked his penis, sorry ) friend back in the day who married a Russian woman - she divorced him and sued the living shit out of him on the divorce settlement …

on other hand Cernovich actually got millions from his wife in a divorce settlement because his wife was fucking rich …

if your wife can make bank by divorcing you it will always be in the back of her head and you will know about it and always be her slave …

on other hand if divorcing you she will actually lose money and will never find anybody better than you because she’s average looking then she’s the one who has to worry about you leaving her which means you are free to do what you want and she will just tell herself that you aren’t really cheating on her …

so my advice is there is nothing wrong with Ukrainian women but don’t marry a woman that has less money than you. better to marry an average looking one that is rich than a beautiful one that is broke.

or have a prenup ?

you can marry a Ukrainian girl if you want but she has to be rich. i don’t know how realistic it is to find a rich girl in Ukraine but you could try.

or have a prenup ?

Ironically you would be treated better than me in Ukraine even though i was born there. Because i speak Russian so i would be the enemy there, whereas you speak American so you would be an ally.

I am fluent in Russian but can’t speak Ukrainian worth a shit, and when i speak English it is with a Russian accent. They would fucking kill me over there. But you would probably be fine. Since you have money you would at least have a good time fucking prostitutes there though you might get robbed.

basically talk to a divorce lawyer about this. do not marry a woman that would be able to screw you on the divorce. maybe if you can have a prenup like Trump then you have nothing to worry about ? again - talk to a divorce lawyer.

but definitely don’t marry a beautiful broke girl without a prenup. Trump has a lot of experience with Eastern European model wives and his words are " YOU GOTTA HAVE A PRENUP " …

if a Lawyer can make sure she won’t get JACK SHIT if she divorces you then i guess she won’t really be all that motivated to divorce. if you can knock out 2 or 3 kids before she becomes financially independent here it will probably be too late for her to leave.

women from Eastern Europe value themselves fairly low, but this will change once she’s here. you would need a good prenup and tie her down with a bunch of kids ASAP.

here is a movie on a related subject:

Okay. Why are Russian and Ukrainian girls so hot?

because there is no feminism in Russia and Ukraine.

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