Hi i'm an incel neckbeard i heard i have to neg women to get laid - is this true?

Negging is a scam …

pick up artists are fundamentally sadists - they only wish to bed women as a means of hurting them - however often that is too complicated so they just resort to hurting women directly by negging them

that’s what negging is - it’s not about getting laid - it’s simply to hurt women

because PUAs are addicted to hurting women they can’t stop Negging them so they developed this mythology in which they explain how Negging is a means to get laid … but that’s pure BS !

it doesn’t work.

if you want to get laid lose weight and get rich.

women are attracted to confidence but Negging isn’t a display of confidence - it’s a display of insecurity.

practice narcissism instead. women can’t resist a narcissist like me !

women are driven by jealousy - if they see another woman happily in a relationship they can’t help but try to take her man away … however ! if they see you in love with yourself they can’t help but try and take you away from yourself !

if you’re a narcissist they literally come up to you and start touching you in public or at the very least they bend over in front of you and make eye contact with you from in between their legs and make sad puppy eyes …

negging is not the way - self worship is !

like everybody else women fundamentally only want things they can’t have. they want me because they can’t have me and they can’t have me because as a narcissist only i can have myself. but they will keep trying.

on other hand if you can successfully fake narcissism you could have a woman - until she realizes you are in love with her, then she will dump you or start cheating.

same if you can successfully fake err … success.

if you are ACTUALLY successful your struggle will be how to get rid of women not how to get them.

it is hard to pick up women in a cheap gym but easy to do so in an expensive gym - why ? because women know the guys in a cheap gym are broke and they aren’t interested. on other hand they also know guys don’t pay for an expensive gym unless they are rich and a woman will take ANY rich man so when you train in an expensive gym the girls are all over your dick …

why do you think there are no girls in cheap gyms ? is it because women don’t like free weights ? no it’s because they don’t like broke guys. if guys that train with free weights were rich women would learn to love free weights like they learn to love sucking balls and taking it in the ass.

in an expensive gym half the people are bikini models and every one of them is trying to have sex with you - meanwhile in a cheap gym there may be one tranny in there and you can’t even score that …

please note - i do NOT advocate picking up women in the gym - i was merely making a point about how women only care about status. a man’s game is to inseminate as many women as possible. a woman’s game is to elevate her status as much as possible. this is because a man can inseminate an unlimited amount of women but a woman can only have so many babies, so her goal instead is to maximize each baby with status. this is why men always want sex with curvy young girls but women refuse to put out until you show them your house or at least your car.

and as far as dating girls from the gym my personal rule is never date anybody whom i would ever see again if we broke up - that means no classmates, no coworkers, no friends of a friend, nobody from same gym, same building etc …

you must always have a clean break exit strategy …

when i don’t want to see a girl anymore i just block her number. if you can’t delete somebody from your life like that you shouldn’t let them in your life in the first place.

LOL – Learned this one the hard way.

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