Heidi ( 2015 )

i rate this movie “A” for Adorable

this movie is for six year old German girls

or for six year old girls who want to read subtitles

maybe if you’re a senior with dementia this movie might be for you as well

but it’s really too childish for anybody over the age of 10 and it’s girly too

the upside is two fold:

1 - it looks like an absolute fairy tale - every shot is beautiful - extremely well done.
2 - there is no woke shit of any kind at all - no blacks, jews, muslims, homosexuals - none of that shit.

every single person in the movie is white without a single exception.

also refreshing is the depiction of the rich and poor - the rich are depicted as arrogant assholes yet human and NOT evil. the poor are depicted also as assholes LOL. no woke shit.

there is no sexuality or violence at all and the closest the movie gets to abuse is when Heidi is told to stand in the corner for sneaking Clara out of the house.

this is a very mild movie for very small girls - something like Bambi but in German and set in the Swiss Alps.

if you ARE a very small German girl then the movie is great.

what i can’t figure out is - why the fuck did i watch it ?

oh yeah - it’s because Movielens recommended it. i guess it’s because i always give high rating to all German movies and this is a German movie with overall high rating however Movielens failed to realize i never gave a high rating to a “G” ( General Audience ) rated movie, which “Heidi” is.

final note: Heidi’s grandfather in this 2015 movie:

is played by LITERALLY HITLER ( the viral sensation from 2004 movie “Untergang” / “Downfall” ):

he ( actor Bruno Ganz ) died in 2019.

Actors are incredible.
The very musculature in his face is different!

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