just received a 2 week ban from AudioScienceReview forum

You have been banned for the following reason: 2 week ban. Hate filled posts and Threads… Your ban will be lifted on …

well it is absolutely true - i did create hate filled posts and threads … but what IS hate anyway ?

hate is a DEFENSE mechanism …

our owners are telling us that Hate is the problem with the world … when actually it is the solution. THEY are the problem.

it is true, of course, that those who are inferior hate those who are superior for no other reason than jealousy and envy … but you can just use those words to describe it then - jealousy and envy.

many people hate me out of jealousy and envy but i don’t need the word “hate” to describe their feelings. i can just say they are jealous and envy me.

on other hand if you were to point out that Blacks while 13% of population commit 90% of violent crime you will be banned for “hate” …

as if YOU are the problem, not the people committing violent crime …

YOU are the problem because you dared to NOTICE the real problem …

you are guilty of “hate” even though you haven’t done anything …

and they are victims of racism even though nothing has been done to them forcing them to stage fake hate crimes against themselves …

the whole rhetoric about “hate” being the problem is nothing more than classical victim blaming …

when Israelis bulldoze a Palestinian’s home and the children ( now homeless ) throw rocks at the bulldozer Israelis say " there will be Peace in Israel when Palestinian mothers stop teaching their children to hate " …

The Palestinians…betrayed by their own leadership…if the powers that be wanted to fix it they would.

Put them all in Alaska, North & South Dakota.
Isn’t the goal to drop wages to compete with China?
Let’s go!! Open the gates.

the goal is not to lower wages to compete with China

but simply to lower standard of living to reduce overall consumption

because consumption equals pollution

So what then?
Covid 2 next summer?
WIth a new and improved jab to render more people infertile?

more fake problems of all sorts - stuck suez ships, hacked pipelines, diseases wiping out livestock and chickens - any excuse to diminish people’s ability to consume …

rationing of gas, electricity, food …

Hate: anything that counters the elite narrative.

The elite say, “violence doesn’t solve anything”.
But they have tons of bodyguards, police, armies etc.

The elite say, “money can’t make you happy”.
But they aren’t giving up their fortunes.

any excuse to diminish people’s ability to consume …

Damn…ZPG here we come.
Full steam ahead!

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there is no other way.

fucking humans can’t control themselves.

i never waste anything because i was brought up that way in Soviet Union.

but all Americans do is waste everything. they have to be stopped and it is not going to look pretty.

in order to stop some Americans from buying five hummers others will have to starve to death.

my neighbor has two identical full size brand new fully loaded pickup trucks - one black and one silver. plus another three cars. all new. how do you stop people like him from just wasting earth resources for nothing ?

he won’t stop by himself …

engineer shortages, inflation etc …

You… Snowpiercer elite… :grinning: you

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i have never ever not once seen a conservative acknowledge the indisputable fact that resources are finite. thus proving that conservatives, and humans in general, are physically incapable of self governance. and they should be slaughtered like cattle, which they in fact are.

i’m sorry. but i have spent years trying to get even one conservative to acknowledge physical reality and they simply will not do it. even ones that seem to be intelligent will not concede this one point.

anybody incapable of acknowledging reality forfeits all the rights ( including the right to life ) that humans are supposed to have by showing itself to be a dumb animal instead.

human animals signed their own death sentence. i tried to save them.

the reason i have this site here to begin with is because i find the level of human stupidity unbearable. i just couldn’t deal with those retards anymore.